Consumables, Bases, and Minions


Consumables are completely custom crafted by the player that purchases it. You simply select a number of Effects as you normally would for your character, and then pay for it with your accrued Coin instead of Essence, at the same cost. The Rank Cap for Consumables is your Effect Rank Cap + 5 for all characters, allowing you to pull out some extreme tricks. Consumables can look like anything, just like normal Abilities, but they should always be represented by an exterior item that your character uses, and must make some sort of narrative sense (even if you have to “MacGyver” it). For example, it wouldn’t make sense for you to fire a bullet Consumable from a bow, but you could lash it to the tip of an arrow to make it work.

You may choose to build and buy consumables without Coin narratively changing hands. For example if your character needed a healing Consumable but was out in the woods and there wasn't a shopkeeper in front of them, they might narratively find a healing root. You as a player would still need to pay the OOC Coin, but your character wouldn't need to literally take Coins out of their pocket and pay somebody.

You can create special ammunition, potent combat drugs, power armor with a short charge, vehicles with limited fuel, or even temporary power ups or transformations by combining the correct effects.

Generally speaking, a Consumable should only last until the end of the scene. If you are in an Event or Conflict, what the “end of a scene” means must be dictated before things start, usually as part of a Conflict prenegotiation or detailed within the Event info.

You may trade Consumables with other players for Coin, which can be useful for those that can craft items at a discount or if you want to make a cool item for a friend. Record this change of hands in your personal logs at the bottom of your profile, and remember that we’ve included this feature in good faith that you will not abuse it to horde goods, hide money, or otherwise exploit the system.


    Hellfire Round
  • Damage 5 (100)
  • Modifiers: Ranged (+250); Affects Multiple I (+250), Finite (-250)
  • Cost: 750 Coins
  • Descriptor: A single bullet etched with daemonic energies that explodes upon impact, ripping most people limb from limb.

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A base is basically anything that you can fit into and has permanent features in it that you can upgrade over time. A traditional castle or compound is a base, but so is a sailing ship, a kitted out car, a mecha, or a spacefaring dreadnaught. These are intended to be large expenditures, and getting them will be a process that will take a lot of time, effort, and Coin.

You build your Base as though it were a character, adding Abilities as you go along. Any of the Abilities that you apply to the base work in a general “does that make sense” way, because obviously not every Ability converts directly into a city or a sailing ship. Protection would apply to the thickness of the walls, Damage would apply to the lasers mounted on the outside, etc.

You purchase every aspect of a Base with Coin. However, due to the generally massive scale and cost of a Base, you do not have to buy it all at once.

All Abilities purchased for your Base are capped at your Level's rank cap (EX: Rank 5 at Level 1), with an absolute maximum rank of 10, or 15 via Consumables. If you’d like your base to have a temporarily more powerful Ability, you can purchase a Consumable, such as buying large, destructive cannon shots which are more powerful than the Cap allows.

If you’d like to add a new Effect, change the Size, or add in any way to your Base, you may simply pay the difference. If you’d like to remove something from your Base you may do so, but you will not be refunded the difference.

There are a few more factors that come up when you are making a Base:

Base Cost: In order to build a base of any kind, you must pay an upfront cost of 1000 Coin.

Speed: Speed: A Base can either be moving (like a vehicle) or stationary (like a house). Moving Bases start out moving at a normal person's running pace, then you may purchase the Flight and/or Speed Abilities as standard.

Size: Every Base has a native size which multiplies the overall price, including the 1000 Coin Base Cost. If it is a moving Base, you measure its size in cubic feet (width x length x height). If it is a stationary Base, you measure its size in square feet (length x width).

  • No extra charge: 50 sq feet | 4.6 sq meters (Shack)
  • x2: 500 sq feet | 46 sq meters (Apartment)
  • x3: 5,000 sq feet | 464 sq meters (House and yard)
  • x4: 50,000 sq feet | 4,645 sq meters (Mansion)
  • x5: 500,000 sq feet | 46,451 sq meters (Full-size sports arena)
  • x6: 5,000,000 sq feet | 464,515 sq meters (Theme Park)
  • x7: 50,000,000 sq feet | 4,645,152 sq meters (Small village)
  • x8: 500,000,000 sq feet | 46,451,520 sq meters (Town)
  • x9: 5,000,000,000 sq feet | 464,515,200 sq meters (!!HUGE!!)
  • No extra charge: 50 cu feet | 1.4 cu meters (Motorcycle)
  • x2: 500 cu feet | 14 cu meters (Car)
  • x3: 5,000 cu feet | 142 cu meters (Semi truck)
  • x4: 50,000 cu feet | 1,416 cu meters (Sailing Ship)
  • x5: 500,000 cu feet | 14,158 cu meters (Luxury Cruise Liner)
  • x6: 5,000,000 cu feet | 141,584 cu meters (SSV Normandy)
  • x7: 50,000,000 cu feet | 1,415,842 cu meters (TOS Enterprise)
  • x8: 500,000,000 cu feet | 14,158,423 cu meters (Gladiator Class Star Destroyer)
  • x9: 5,000,000,000 cu feet | 141,584,233 cu meters (!!HUGE!!)

Environmental Protection: Assume Bases give you the required Immunities to survive in the environments they were designed for while you are inside of them. If the hull is penetrated or something else narrative happens, this may be compromised.

Internal Targeting: Your base may target anything inside of itself (within the walls, boundaries, etc) without having to add Ranged, Affects Multiple, or other such targeting modifiers to it. This allows you to add all kinds of weird internal Effects to your base without having to worry about how you’re meant to make everything within a several kilometer radius be affected. If your Base targets something outside of itself it must follow the normal targeting rules.

Bases & Damage

If you use your Base in an Event, PvP Challenges, or some World Quests, it will take damage and require repair before it can be used again. Damage is dealt as a percentage of the Base’s total cost, meaning if you had a 1,000 Coin cost base that had 20% damage, you’d need to spend 200 Coin before it would be operational again. The maximum Damage a base can take 50%.

Within the confines of an Event or World Quest, the event runner may decide that only parts of your base are damaged in the conflict and thus can still be used (perhaps absent a few Abilities or what have you), but this is entirely at the discretion of the event runner. If you enter one of these scenarios, it is your job to know what may or may not happen to your base in terms of Damage and make a decision about whether or not you’d like to participate.

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These are special Base Abilities that offer unique Effects or bend the limits of existing Effects. Unless noted, these modules require at least a Size 5 Base. Unless noted, you only pay the flat cost for the Module, and they are not affected by your Base's Size cost multiplier. Please note that the Treasury Module is required for any additional Base Modules.

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Minions are essentially the “base” equivalent of the Summon Ability. You spend Coin to purchase followers or goons or a hoard of drones that do your bidding.

You create Minions in the exact same way that you create helpers with the Summon Ability, the base cost being 300 Coins. You add on more Effects and Abilities for the same cost as usual, using Coins instead of Essence.

Minions have their own rank cap. The only way they can exceed this rank cap is through the use of consumables. No essence ability can increase them above their natural rank cap.

  • Character Level: 1-3 => Minion Rank Cap 3
  • Character Level: 4-7 => Minion Rank Cap 4
  • Character Level: 8-9 => Minion Rank Cap 5
  • Character Level: 10 => Minion Rank Cap 6

One additional thing you can do with Minions is use the Mob Modifier. The Mob Modifier allows you to purchase many more Minions much more cheaply than you could buying them one at a time.

The Mob Modifier multiples the total cost of your minion group per size increase, just like Size multiples the total cost in Bases.

  • Total x2: 2 Minions
  • Total x3: 5 Minions
  • Total x4: 10 Minions
  • Total x5: 25 Minions
  • Total x6: 50 Minions
  • Total x7: 100 Minions

If you'd like to purchase more than 100 Minions, you'll have to purchase them as separate batches going through the scaling costs again.

All of the Minions purchased using the Mob Modifier have the exact same Ability set. If you’d like to have Minions with varying Ability sets, you must purchase them separately.


Much like Bases, when you use Minions in an Event, PvP conflicts, or some World Quests, they will take Casualties. You minions need not be literally killed if they become casualties, but they can be taken out of service. Each time a group of Minions takes Casualties, you take a percentage loss from their total from their total cost, just like with Bases. That percentage of your Minions are no longer useable, but unlike Bases, you can use the remainder of your Minions even if you haven’t paid back the cost to heal your Casualties until you hit 0%.


The use of Consumables, Bases, and Minions in a Conflicts and Events must ALWAYS be approved, even in the case of bounties.

This means that an Event will always specify if you can bring any of these things along, and if even if they do allow them they may put special restrictions (such as a maximum Coin value of a Base, a number or maximum value of Consumables, or a number of Minions).

It also means that you must pre-negotiate if and how Consumables, Bases and Minions can be used within a Conflict. Just like everything else in a Conflict, you can decide exactly what the rules are how you want things to go down, including Damage and Casualties. This must always be negotiated, even in the event of a bounty.

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