Challenges & Death

Challenging other Players (PvP)

Here at Multerra, there comes a time when you may want to ‘challenge’ someone in some manner. Perhaps your characters never quite got along, and you want to prove supremacy. Maybe someone posted some garbage online that said they were a better chef than you, and you need to go prove them wrong.

Whatever the cause, you have the option to issue an official ‘Challenge’ to another member.

Initiating a Challenge

As mentioned, ‘a Challenge’ can be virtually any type of contest between two characters. What makes it ‘a challenge’ is that you’ll have a third party review the content and determine which of the two writers ‘won’ the Challenge.

To initiate a Challenge, you have a few steps:

  1. Have a valid IC reason (don’t try and use your characters to settle some random OOC beef, we’re not children)
  2. Have consent (unless your pursuing a Bounty or within an Event that permits Challenges). Remember, if you have a Bounty, you can be Challenged by other players, but you can always try to escape.
  3. Settle on the format of the Challenge (how it will be written) and select a Judge.
  4. Post your Challenge Format into the Crossroads Discussion forum

Challenge Formatting

You should be able to fill out the following form when it comes to your official Challenge:

  1. Participants involved
  2. Reason for the Challenge/Type of Challenge
  3. Any specific ‘rules’ you both agree on (Number of posts each, deadlines, word counts, possibility of death, etc)
  4. A Judge and how they’ll ‘judge’


A ‘Judge’ is the person who will determine the winner of a Challenge. Make sure that everyone agrees on a rubric/scoring standards, even if it’s just as simple as “Who wrote better, Judge?” This has to be settled ahead of time. In a Challenge where Death is possible, a Judge should be extra considerate of any extenuating in-character circumstances.

A Judge’s call is binding. If you and your rival just want to write your characters having a cook off, drag race, boxing match, and you have the outcome in mind for the sake of the overall plot, you don’t need a Judge (nor is that a Challenge!).

Judging a Challenge awards 3 Tokens.


The best stories always have an end. Death is inevitable.

Or is it?

In the event that your character perishes under any circumstance, you have a few options at your disposal.

  1. - Die. You may write up a eulogy for your character and design a new one, as if you were changing characters
  2. - You have the option of accepting a "resurrection" quest with a word count requirement (5,000 words), where you take an NPC and write out how your character was brought back to life. Technology, magic, a good doctor? It’s up to you, just make sure you fulfil the requirements. You can even write your character escaping from some representation of the afterlife in the Medium.
  3. - Pre-purchase a consumable like a "digital backup" or "guardian angel enchantment" that revives you instantly. This costs 2000 Coin. These ‘insurance policies’ do not expire.
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    Jul 23, 2018
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