Welcome to the Multerra


Hello and welcome to Multerra, our lovely little crossover play-by-post RPG. Let’s get you adjusted, Friend.

As an inhabitant of ‘the Crossroads’, you wake up one day. Something’s different. You can’t quite figure it out, but you know that you’re not exactly the same.

Or perhaps you are a foreigner to this strange collection of Worlds. Something happens. One moment, you are where you should be, and the next, you wake up on the strange realm. Perhaps you were banished by a rival. Perhaps a journey through time or space went awry. Perhaps you were chosen by forces beyond your control to help stave off the ongoing disaster in this little region of space. Either way, you find yourself in a foreign realm, with the strange feeling that you’re not entirely alone.

Either way, you are now in the Crossroads. Where are the Crossroads? A dark corner of the Milky Way? A parallel plane or alternate universe? Some twisted segment of the afterlife? None can be quite certain. The vast space that surrounds the Crossroads is filled with many dangers, although there seem to be no worlds other than the eight. Travel out in one direction at full speed, but despite your vessel or your own powers, you can’t seem to ‘escape’. Duress to your ship (or your body, you superhuman, you), keeps you from traveling too far, although you can spot other cosmic bodies in the distance.

So why you?

Stories speak of the Arbiters. Eight powerful, nearly god-like entities that created the Crossroads from sheer will. Rumors say that they can change form, or that they can grant wishes. Maybe it's true, maybe not. But these ultimate beings are very real, and each World in the Crossroads knows their Arbiter well.

What you don’t know, is that, as you sit listening to these stories, the Arbiters are watching you. Maybe you are a badass. Maybe you’re just a popular guy. Even if you don’t think you're special, that doesn’t mean the Arbiters don’t. Perhaps you just have a lot of unspoken potential.

As you set out, it’s possible that you’re not by yourself, even if there’s only one set of footprints behind you. The Arbiters watch. Rumors say that the Arbiter’s focus can influence the flow of time around an individual. No one knows the limits of their power, but if you believe the rumors, the eyes on you might be doing more than just watching. Subtle manipulations. Maybe that bullet missed, when it should have punched a hole through your skull. Maybe your vehicle had enough fuel fumes to get you to safety.

This is all just as well, because not too long ago, an old, forgotten Arbiter of dark intentions made his presence known once more with the destruction and corruption of one of the eight Worlds of the Crossroads. This force, known locally as The Unmaking, now spreads to other Worlds. It threatens to dissolve the known cosmos into chaos and nothingness.

The Unmaking and its fiendish monsters cannot be allied, bargained or reasoned with...but they can be fought and resisted. But hey, perhaps that's someone else's problem. It's up to you to decide how you make your life in the Crossroads.

Just always remember that no matter where you go or what you do, you're never alone…

Our Mission Statement

Multerra is an online play-by-post (PbP) roleplaying game with crossover elements.

It’s an RPG where you write solo or cooperative stories, and your character gains various points/currencies that you’ll use to further develop them.

Multerra is a unique setting that consists of a collection of worlds observed and influenced by the mysterious Arbiters. You’ll find all sorts of bizarre places to explore, each with unique settings and civilizations. If you like the allure of the cosmos, you can buy a ship and take to the void of space, all while pursuing the mysteries of Multerra. Through it all, you -- the writers -- will be able to help develop and decorate the various worlds.

Just remember that every journey has an end. How will your character’s journey end? Death? The Hall of Legends? We look forward to the end of their story.

Here in Multerra, all characters will have Profiles that detail their appearance, history, behavior, Abilities, and all you could ever help to learn about them. Writing gains you Essence, which can be used to further enhance your character by adding Abilities or Master Skills. Completing Quests or even unlocking other rewards will earn you ‘Coin’, which can be used to purchase a whole hoard of goodies like powerful consumable items, bases, ships, and minions!

We had three goals we wanted to accomplish with Multerra. One was to foster an immersive, breathing world, and another was to leverage our members into the lore-making process. Members are free to submit in-character content they have developed on the various worlds to the Wiki. Bogged down in a slow storyline? Well, members may craft and write as NPCs to help breathe life into less-loved parts of the setting. We also have a system of Community Questing and cooperative stories to uncover hidden treasures. Every so often, staff will also run Crawl Mode events, where a staff member will ‘GM’ you and your party through a series of random encounters, either in space or on one of our many Worlds. Crawls are often used to provide a deeper delve into the existing story of Multerra, as well as offering the potential for great prizes.

Our last goal was to create a very freeform ‘Rules system’ that would maximize what you can accomplish as a writer while minimizing the need for rampant moderator oversight or hyper-granular balancing. We pride ourselves as a community for writers with RPG game elements, so we will react negatively if we see someone trying to ‘game’ the system in such a way to make the experience unpleasant for others. If you have an urge to min-max, there are plenty of MMOs out there.

If any of this interests you, we recommend you take a look at the rest of our rules and see if it’s the right fit for you. You can take any questions you may have to the Help Forum.

Once you understand the process, you can submit your character to the Join Forum.

While you may be eager, we ask that you give staff at least 48 hours to process updates. We’re all old and this is a hobby for us as much as it is for you!

Welcome to Multerra!