Worlds of Multerra

We’re all Loremasters

The eight worlds here were designed to provide only the most basic of scaffolds. We laid out the environment, created a few landmarks, mentioned some important characters, and that’s about it. The goal was to allow the members to ‘breathe life’ into our world and to feel like they had direct agency in shaping the world.

As you write your stories, feel free to submit your information to our Wiki, using the Wiki Submission thread. Now, naturally, we don’t need you to submit every street you walk down or every book you read, but if you fashion a neat village with a neat, intricate backstory, you should share that. Naturally, this content becomes available to everyone, and overtime, older content may be ‘phased out’ to prevent the dreaded disease of accretion.

Writing Personal Stories

In personal story lines that exist outside of Quests, Staff Events and Conflicts, you can bend the rules about what your character(s) can and cannot do to make an interesting story.

You can include abilities, characters, objects, and other narrative devices in your personal stories, so long as they are presented as narratively circumstantial, temporary, or otherwise “non-permanent.”

If an ability, character, object, place of residence, or other narrative device becomes an everyday part of your character’s narrative identity, or if you’d like to bring them along with you during Quests, Events and Conflicts, it’s probably a good idea to ‘purchase’ them.

For example: if you want to have a storyline where your character eats the hottest pepper in the multiverse and temporarily shoots flames out of their mouths, then you wouldn’t need to purchase a “spitting fire” Ability. If you started carrying around that pepper with you in your adventures, or you’d like to use it during Quests, Events or Conflicts, then you should purchase it as a Consumable or an Ability.

Another example: if you meet Penny the Dragon, a teller at your local fantasy bank, and want to take her on a journey before she goes back on shift, you don’t have to purchase her as a Minion or as a Summon. However, if you and Penny should want to make this a more permanent arrangement where she joins you on adventures regularly, and perhaps would do a Quest with you, it’s probably a better idea to just snag her as a Minion or a Summon.

A Collaborative World

So we’re basically making a collaborative world between everyone and everything here on the site. Other characters can, and likely will, brush against your creations or want to use them as cameos in their stories. Simple cameos where people might see something, hear a rumor about something, or notice them across the road are things that will just happen, and everyone should be prepared for that. If you don’t want your creations to exist in the world, put them in secret, private places where nobody will ever glimpse them. You can’t bogart public spaces or claim that the denizens of an entire area are your custom creations and are beyond reproach.

However if anyone wants to more substantially use any of your specific creations in depth, such as having long conversations or adventures be with characters, use some of the unique items, or even things like spying on the inside of your apartment, they should ask first. There’s a difference between “casual contact” and “narrative control”, and we ask that you interpret that concept generously and with your fellow writers in mind. If you’re not sure, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you’d like to officially say, “Hey! Use this cool thing I made in your stories!” submit a wiki article! We’ll do our best as a community to ensure that the spirit of the thing you made remains. Make sure that your wiki includes the important details, and as always, understand that people won’t get them perfectly right.

Final Words on NPCs

You can write as NPCs in personal storylines or even write stand-alone stories with them. You can’t bring these characters into an Event or any “official” thing, unless they are Minions or Summons.

Likewise, no one can write as these characters without your consent. However, if you submit these characters or content to the Wiki, they become available to the community as a whole. While we don’t intend to micro-manage every NPC in your own stories, please be aware that we don’t expect you to randomly have Superman or Goku as your sidekick. Writing with and as NPCs is a privilege that can be taken away if abused.

Worlds of the Crossroads

Following this link will take you to the Wiki page containing all our Worlds.

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