1. Welcome to the Shardworld! The Basics


Level 1
Sep 28, 2019
The Shardworld is a large MMORPG set in the Medium. It boasts a great playerbase that can access and play the game from any planet in Multerra with just a connection to the Medium and an easily-acquired piece of hardware. Advertised as providing a highly immersive experience offering immense player freedom, extensive customization options, and a focus on exploration and discovery, it is rapidly spreading across the multerran worlds with an ever-increasing number of people participating.

Players need to rely on wiki sites made by other players, forums and their own noggins rather than the sparse breadcrumbs left by the update announcements, to uncover the game’s secrets and lore. While there are bound to be some bad apples spreading false info for the giggles, the community usually ends up pooling their efforts to work towards making real progress.

Note: When viewed from outside as an object in the Medium, the Shardworld takes the shape of an enormous multi-layer structure, spanning from the Deep Web into the upper reaches of the Dreamscape. It was designed and built by the artificial intelligence Aeris and is constantly improved and bettered to offer its players the best possible experience.


To play the game players only need a Five-Senses VR Pod, a piece of hardware which looks a lot like a dentist chair straight out of a science fiction laboratory. After installing it it will automatically establish a connection to the Medium. The game can be played anywhere on all worlds, and even on a mobile base if you're looking to kill some time while transiting between worlds.
In larger cities you may even come across Arcade-like stores that have VR Pods for you to borrow, if you don't have a place to set your own up.


The setting revolves around a high-fantasy world with mostly medieval tech plus magic. Magitechnology further boosts tech to modern-day levels similar to what would be found on Erde Nona - there’s communication orbs instead of smartphones, magic-propelled vehicles etc.

The game world is (currently) fairly small for an MMORPG: there’s only one megadungeon and one town for all your equipment buying/selling, housing and other niceties. You can explore the surroundings to see some big fields with crops, some forests and similar nature, but there’s nothing of actual importance. Beyond a certain point outside of the village the world seems to cut off, with cliffs dropping into what looks like an endless sea of clouds. While players can jump off, there’s nothing to be found beyond that - they’ll just get a “[Character] fell out of the world” message and die, needing to respawn.
This is, of course, only the beginning. Indications have been made that new expansions will be added regularly.


Players make up their character and decide on a background in the character creator, which decides how and where they start the game. They’re given a basic “How does the game work” tutorial to get familiarized, other than that they’re pretty much tossed into the cold water.

Note: Please make sure you have read everything in the "Important Reading" section before getting started. After that you can put your character into the "Characters" subforum, like you would for your multerran character roster. Enjoy!
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