[21] Rogue

Karl Jak

Level 1
Apr 24, 2019
  • Appearance
  • Personality – Rogue is an isolated brawler. Her mutant power renders her unable to touch others without causing significant harm to them. Despite her naturally gregarious, self-described "southern belle" personality, she keeps people at a distance for fear of the danger her powers pose. Rogue's insecurity is hidden behind her general confidence and direct means of interaction, but she is extremely fearful of her powers while also relying on them to achieve her goals. The wonder of new opportunities her powers provide her and the curse of isolation they impose upon her form a difficult balance for her to manage at times, but she does not hold any illusions of being able to ignore them and "live a normal life" so she finds purpose in what she is. Rogue is an unapologetic warrior when fighting starts, able to take and give punches even before factoring in her mutant abilities. She does not like to be pushed around or manipulated, and will deliver her thoughts on a matter with a fist. She adapts well to different combat situations, able to change her fighting style to accommodate any abilities she might have stolen from the other combatants. She is capable of approaching a situation tactically when required but will tend to favor direct attacks over complicated strategies.
  • Possible Reactions – Rogue doesn't frighten easily, and has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She's joined Dante's abyss to prove she's one of the toughest people around, and is perfectly willing to back that up with her fists if necessary. She isn't stupid, but she's quite confident in her powers, and that can lead to her acting a bit more carelessly than is wise in a situation like DA. If people are more friendly, Rogue will tend to joke and lightly flirt with people pretty easily, but tends to keep anyone from getting too close for fear of her power's effects on them.
  • Relationships – None at present, though growing up in the Hinterlands, she has a rather low opinion of those who extoll Arcadia too strongly.
  • ‘Combat’ Style – Rogue is no stranger to a good fight, even before she discovered her mutant powers. She hasn't killed anyone before, so the brutality of DA may eventually get to her, but she's not afraid to take and give a few lumps. Rogue looks forwards to seeing how well her powers match up to the other contestants. If she sees an interesting display of powers from them, Rogue might act somewhat rashly in order to get a chance to try them for herself. She isn't particularly interested in hurting innocents, but similarly she isn't likely to sacrifice herself to save them without good reason. While Rogue will rarely back down from a challenge, she isn't going to stubbornly fight a battle she's clearly going to lose either. She might hold a grudge though.
  • Eligible Abilities
  • Power Absorption:
    Mimic - Rank 5 (2000)
    -- Ongoing (500)
    -- Indiscriminate (-250)
    -- Limited (Requires physical touch) (-250)
    -- Side Effect (Mental feedback) (-250)
    -- Weakness (does not affect synthetic/inorganic beings) (-125)
    -- Weakness (Does not copy equipment) (-0)
    Debuff (Fatigue) - Rank 5 (500)
    -- Ongoing (500)
    -- Indiscriminate (-250)
    -- Limited (Requires physical touch) (-250)
    -- Side Effects (Mental feedback) (-250)
    -- Weakness (does not affect synthetic/inorganic beings) (-0)
    Total Cost: 1875

    Description: Rogue's Mutant power is the ability to involuntarily absorb the powers, energies, memories, knowledge, talents, personality, physical abilities, and psyche of any living person she touches. This power works for both superhuman abilities, and for more mundane skills, such as driving a racecar or cooking like a gourmet chef. Rogue does not have any control over the activation of this power, absorbing the abilities and sometimes aspects of the personality or physical appearance of anyone she comes into skin-to-skin contact with. This process can be difficult for Rogue, and is incredibly draining for her target, rendering most ordinary people unconscious, though particularly noteworthy individuals have been able to endure and maintain consciousness in the past.
    Rogue retains the abilities she has stolen for roughly one minute for each second of contact, though this is more of a guideline than a reliable timer, so there are likely other metrics affecting the precise length of time. Though Rogue is generally able to control her new powers with the training she has stolen from her target, particularly powerful abilities can sometimes prove difficult for her to manage or control. Similarly, the elements of borrowed personality can at times break through when they have particularly strong emotional responses to the situation. It is unlikely that any of these personas could completely overrule Rogue's own, but they can affect her decisions and actions at times. After a length of time, Rogue's stolen abilities will fade, though the aspects of her stolen personalities can linger for longer, and occasionally show up unbidden when she is under sufficient emotional distress.

    ARC Trainee:
    Riding (Chocobo): 3 (150)
    Total Cost: 150

    Description: A childhood in a Hinterlands farming village, combined with a crash course in Chocobo Equestrian tactics is quickly turning Rogue into a relatively effective rider, able to guide a chocobo in high-stress situations, and best capitalize on the bird's natural talents.
  • Extra – She speaks with a somewhat pronounced southern draw. Nothing too extreme, but it does tend to flavor her speech noticeably. She's got a penchant for one-liners as well when she's doing well in a fight.
  • Quotes – "Hey, Sugah. Mind if Ah take a swing?"
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