4. Character sheet & Example character creation


Level 1
Sep 28, 2019
Shardworld Character Sheet

Name (Character name, can be Nameless)
Race / (Subrace) (Race and if the character has one, subrace)
Classes (Classes the character has acquired and what level they are)
Gender (Your gender - male, female, other, with “other” covering all non-binary genders, genderless, amorphous blobs that split in two etc. Some races have pre-set genders)

Skill List
(All skills should have their name and level, and what class they belong to. You can also include a short description of what that skill does here, or further down)

(Important items that your character has on them, e.g. Stratum Lord coins. Loot, materials, trinkets and other odds and ends do not need to be listed)

(Weapons, armor, accessories etc. that are currently being wielded)

(Any noteworthy things that you want to record can go here, such as membership and rank in a guild, reputation with an NPC faction, housing owned somewhere, etc)

Example character creation

A new player, John, is making their Shardworld character and is presented with the options. After picking a name comes the time to pick a race. Now John being an edgy 15 year old wants to make a ‘cool’ character so he opts for a strong lion-styled beastman. He goes for a Leo, a lion-like beastman, and makes him a male so that he can have a cool bushy mane!

Now his character sheet so far is like so:

Name: Mufasa
Race: Leo
Classes: Leo
Gender: Male

Next, he’s prompted to pick a background which will affect his skills, inventory, equipment and so on. John chooses “I pretend to work as a guard for a group of human traveling merchants. They are secretely vampires who have turned me into one of them” because this gives him access to free transportation (depending on where the merchants go), a repeatable quest to make some ingame money by protecting the merchant NPCs, and of course the Vampire Sub-Race along with the Gifted skill. Because a lion vampire is hella cool!

Speaking of skills, as a Leo Mufasa gets some racial skills like Fang and Claw for melee combat and Roar, which inflicts an ‘intimidation’ debuff on his opponents. And since he’s picked the vampire background he has the Gifted skill. Other than that, he gets Swordsmanship, Bowmanship and Medium Armor, all necessary skills for a sellsword like him. All skills start at level 1. Between the lot of them Mufasa is given the classes Leo and Vampire for his race and sub-race, Fighter for Swordsmanship and Archer for Bowmanship and Medium Armor.

After choosing his background, John’s character’s sheet looks like so:

Name: Mufasa
Race: Leo / Vampire
Classes: Leo (2), Vampire (1), Fighter (1), Archer (2)
Gender: Male

Skill List
Fang and Claw (1) (Leo)
Roar (1) (Leo)
Gifted (1) (Vampire)
Swordsmanship (1) (Fighter)
Bowmanship (1) (Archer)
Medium Armor (1) (Archer)


Leather armor (hands, chest, legs, feet)
Iron longsword
Maple shortbow

Merchants of Sidonia (Group): Member / Trusted
The Daybreak Hunters (Guild): None / Enemy

Besides his race, his sub-race as a vampire is now listed. John could also choose to do a quest to purge his vampire-ness and become a regular Leo. But of course the vampire thing is precisely why he picked that background so why would he do that!

His skills list what class they belong to, except the Gifted one since it already points out that Mufasa has the vampire-type Gifted skill. Their levels add up to his class levels.

His Unlocks show that he is a member of the merchant group and in fairly good standing. However, picking that background and making himself a vampire also made him an enemy of the Daybreak Hunters, a group that hunts vampires, werewolves, zombies and the likewise. No big surprise there.

After confirming his choices, Mufasa wakes up on the back of one of the carriages, protected from the blistering sun by a black tarp. He is now ready to start adventuring - right after completing the tutorial quest where the vampires need some help fending off some highwaymen that foolishly want to steal their wares, that is!