6. Dynamic and Static Quests


Level 1
Sep 28, 2019

The Shardworld’s quest system operates on ‘Static Quests’ which are available for everyone (these quests can be given out in the Community Quests thread for Multerra or maybe have their own thread if the Shardworld is big enough) and ‘Dynamic Quests’ which can pop up pretty much at random with no warning.

Dynamic quests are not registered on any list and pretty much anyone can make their quest happen whenever they feel like it. This is an example way to give your characters Skill points. They award only ingame goodies. Dynamic Quests could be things like a sudden robbery occuring, an NPC getting injured fighting against wild animals and needing help, the appearance of a rare animal worth hunting, a killer trying to eliminate their quarry in broad daylight, a bulletin board with posted requests, and so on.

Static quests can be things belonging to the game’s ingame story, or ‘meta’ content along the lines of SAO or similar where a player died in the ‘real’ multerran world after having done something in the Shardworld, and other players investigate. These can award multerran Coin, just like other Community Quests.

Story Quests are a type of Static Quest that when completed will advance the Shardworld’s ingame story based on player decisions. This will typically happen in poll format: players are given options at the end of a story quest, and the decision that has been most picked will be used as the 'canonical' story progression.

Static Quests are posted along with their respective areas.