7. Frequently asked Questions


Level 1
Sep 28, 2019
Q: Are there any prerequisites before I’m allowed to access the Shardworld?
A: You must have access to a Shardworld VR Pod. This could be your character owning one for their home, a friend letting them use theirs or some sort of VR gaming arcade. Flavor it however you like.

Q: I want to play with my character on the go, how can I do that?
A: Either outfit your mobile base with a VR Pod, or flavor it in some other manner (a VR headset and a smartphone, for instance).

Q: Do I need a ‘Swordfighting’ skill to use a sword? What about bows/guns/etc.?
A: No. Swordfighting/Bowmanship/Gun-wielding skills are passive skills expressing how proficient you are with that particular item. Without a Swordfighting skill you can still wave a sword around, you just won’t be very good at it.

Q: I saw that someone has a skill named ‘Sword Mastery’ skill that does the same thing as my ‘Swordfighting’ skill. Do I have to rename my skill?
A: You can name your skills whatever you like. This also applies to classes, by the way.

Q: I saw that someone has combined their classes in a different way than I did. Is there any ‘standard’ that we have to follow?
A: There is no standard to follow, you can name and combine your classes however you want regardless of what other people do.

Q: I want a skill with this non-standard effect that’s not under the notable skills/that can’t be ported from the multerran system! What do I do?
A: Feel free to gauge for yourself how to make your skill balanced. If you have a cool idea for a skill or a skill archetype you can make a suggestion and we may have it added to the Notable Skill list!

Q: I want a non-combat utility skill that doesn’t fall under any described jobs. Can I do that?
A: Sure! For non-combat skills your levels describe your proficiency that craft, from 1 (Beginner) to 10 (Grandmaster).

Q: I feel like I’m advancing my skills too fast / too slow! Are there any recommended paces for leveling up?
A: There is no standard because every player on the site is wildly different and a character will level up at different speeds depending on what they do. If you feel like your progress isn’t paced well you can change it at any time.
For those who insist on hard numbers, let’s say 400-500 words of skill-related writing is the recommended minimum between two level ups, emphasis on ‘recommended’. It’s not a rule.

Q: Can I battle other players in the Shardworld?
A: As a rule of thumb, no: the Shardworld’s freeform system isn’t balanced for PvP combat like the Multerra ability system. As such players cannot force others into battling one another. On the other hand, nobody’s going to stop you if all participants agree on it.

Q: Can I have more than one Shardworld character on one Multerra account?
A: No.

Q: Can I transfer ownership of my Shardworld character between my characters / upon character swap?
A: No.

Q: Must my character be the owner of my Shardworld character? Can I instead be a rogue program stumbling into the game/some random gamer unrelated to my main one/someone who wakes up in the game thinking this is the real world?
A: You can flavor your character however you like and have them be played by whoever you like, it doesn’t have to be your multerran character. Keep in mind that if you swap characters you’ll lose your Shardworld character regardless of how you flavored them.

Q: I don’t like this skill, can I make my character forget it? / Can I ‘reset’ my Shardworld character and start fresh?
A: There’s no real reason why you should remove skills or reset your character since there’s no cost or limit and changing a character’s appearance can be done at any time, but if you want to, go ahead!

Q: Can I consolidate multiple skills into one, e.g. bow, crossbow and rifle masteries into Ranged mastery, to de-clutter my character Status?
A: Yes, within reason. Merging two level 1 skills and a level 10 skill shouldn’t give you a combined level 8 skill. Either go for the average ([1 + 1 + 10] / 3 = 4) or the lowest.

Q: How do I uncover secrets/hidden lore/etc.?
A: The “Aeris” account handles revealing secrets and lore or offering clues towards uncovering a mystery. If you want to pursue something shoot a PM to that account.

Q: Given that the Shardworld is a physical space, can I have my multerran character (not my Shardworld character) enter the space? If so, what happens?
A: It’s possible but in-universe it’s forbidden - refer to §§2-3 of the TOS. If you go in you’ll see raw code, vanishing textures, developer comments and the like - think Neo in the Matrix, or using 'Inspect element' in your browser. You can still interact with objects like you could in any other physical space. Keep in mind that you’ll be treated as a hacker, virus or otherwise unwelcome intruder by the security systems, so be careful.

Q: Speaking of, what are the TOS? Are they a real contract that I must agree to?
A: The TOS are an in-universe thing and are not legally binding you, the player, to anything. Think of it as a mixture of in-universe flavoring with a little humor with a lot of legalese. There is no actual punishment imposed on you on the Multerra forums if you break the TOS-related rules.