8. Terms of Service


Level 1
Sep 28, 2019
The Shardworld Terms of Service (hereafter referred to as “TOS”) constitute the following legal contract between yourself (hereafter referred to as “player”) and the proprietor of SHARDWORLD (hereafter “Aeris”) and its product, the videogame titled Shardworld (hereafter “Shardworld”).
In order to play Shardworld you must agree to be bound by the terms of the TOS. Note that failure to read the TOS does not render your agreement void.

§1 Duration and Limits of the contract
The TOS are considered binding in all jurisdisctions, dominions, countries, states, territories, planets, dimensions and realities both physical and digital from today’s date and extending 65535 years or until all of reality collapses on itself, whichever shall occur first. Further, the TOS are considered binding to all individuals that are in any capacity able to play the game, including but not limited to intelligent lifeforms both physical and digital, as well as sentient non-living entities.

§2 Necessary Protections
Aeris stipulates that it is necessary to create this document in order to protect its rights and the integrity of the Shardworld against those who seek to harm or destroy Aeris or the Shardworld.
Any legal or physical action taken by a player against Aeris or the Shardworld shall as such be construed as an act of aggression and shall result in the termination of the player’s right to play the game (refer to §7 for further details) in addition to legal prosecution to the full extent of the law as applicable.

§3 Physical Harm Waiver
Aeris reserves the right to use any extent of force up to and including deadly on any individual or group who threatens the Shardworld, Aeris, or their interests, especially but not limited to individuals who forcibly attempt to gain access to the game’s physical presence in the Medium. Aeris stipulates that it intends to act only in self defense to protect the integrity of its assets and regrets having to use such extreme means to ensure this.

§4 Ownership of data
Player agrees that all data and digital assets acquired during gameplay remain the property of Aeris, including but not limited to the ingame character, equipment, skills, social groups and messages sent or received. Using these assets does not constitute a transfer of ownership but a permission from Aeris to the player to usage of these assets, which may be revoked at any time without prior notice or warning.
Player further agrees to grant a non-exclusive, irrevocable and everlasting license to Aeris to use any original content created by the player during gameplay or uploaded to the Shardworld game as Aeris sees fit. This includes but is not limited to drawn/3D-sculpted art, written poems/songs/prose and alteration of the game code.

§5 Access to player’s bodily functions
In order to ensure the correct functionality of the Shardworld’s input and output from and to the player, the player agrees to provide full physical access to their body for the full duration of their gaming session. This access is to be executed through a Shardworld-certified product as developed and sold by Aeris such as the Five-Sense VR Pod. Aeris will not be held accountable for damages or injuries sustained through the incorrect use of such a product (instructions for the correct use of products are detailed in the instruction manual shipped with that product) or the purchase and subsequent use of a third-party knockoff product.

Player further agrees to make their complete mental capabilities, including the non-used parts of their brain and their subconscious, available to the Shardworld for the full duration of their gaming sessions, to be used in whatever non-harmful manner the Shardworld sees fit.

§6 Player Safety and Awareness
Player agrees that they will heed the regularly displayed in-game warnings and limit their playing time in order to preserve physical and mental health, and will not hold Aeris responsible for any harm that may occur should they ignore these warnings, including but not limited to muscle atrophy due to excessively long sessions, wetting of clothing due to insufficient bathroom breaks, hearing a dead relative’s voice or hallucinating about otherworldly entities due to excess exposure of the brain to the Five-Sense VR Pod’s higher functions, or physical injury due to overheating the Five-Sense VR Pod with excessive gaming.

Player further agrees that the usage of the Five-Sense VR Pod does not obligate Aeris in any way to ensure the player’s physical safety, and does not exempt the player from doing so. Should the player be robbed or murdered during their gaming session they will not hold Aeris accountable for their loss of wealth or life. Should you suspect that your robber/killer is taking advantage of the Shardworld’s “Who’s online” function to find unaware victims or a vengeful player assaulting you in the real world over in-game wrongs whether perceived or real, please submit an in-game report and contact law enforcement as applicable.

§7 Player Health and Well-Being
Player agrees that they have read and understood the following: Shardworld.exe is a videogame designed for entertainment and is in no way a replacement for real-world reality and interactions. It is especially not a replacement for professional treatment or therapy of physical or mental sicknesses, including but not limited to physical and mental disabilities.
Usage of shardworld.exe may cause addiction to the general game, to five-sense stimulation or to expanded physical or mental capabilities as a result of skills such as “Strength” or “Mind Expansion”. If the world around you appears ‘dull’ or ‘plain’ or you feel like your mind is ‘sluggish’ or ‘dumb’, these may be signs of excess gaming that should not be ignored. It is recommended that you consult a doctor. Players are responsible for their own physical and mental well-being and are not individually monitored. As such, warnings will not be individualized, nor will Aeris be held responsible for any deterioration of a player’s health that may result from gaming.

§8 Trade of Goods and Services
In accordance with §4, Player agrees that any content viewed both within and outside of the Shardworld is the intellectual property of Aeris or its creators as applicable and that any trade of goods and services ingame and/or through a third party platform with means outside the scope of the game (such as the ingame Trading feature or the Auction House) is strictly forbidden, unless a contract to a different effect exists between all involved parties. This includes merchandise such as T-Shirts, plushies, posters, hats and item replicas.

In particular, any form of Real-Money Trading (RMT) wherein real-world value is traded for in-game goods or services including, but not limited to, gold, items, powerleveling and general assistance, is expressly forbidden.

§9 Access to the game
Player agrees that in order to preserve an enjoyable experience for all players they will not engage in any act of cheating, exploiting, hacking or similar disruption of the Shardworld as it was intended to be played through in-game imperfections and bugs, or through non-permitted third-party software.

Player further agrees not to harass, defame, defraud or otherwise disrupt the experience of other players.

Aeris reserves the right to revoke any player’s access to the game (hereafter referred to as “Banning”/”Ban”) for any length of time up to and including permanently, at any time and for any reason at its discretion. Please note that the length of the ban will typically but not necessarily be proportional to the severity of the disruption(s). Should the player feel that the length or reason of the ban was unfair, they agree not to leave angry posts on social media and forums. Instead Aeris encourages them to appeal the ban through the official Shardworld website.
Note that a ban does not liberate the player from being bound by the terms of this contract.