V M A Lost Hope[Quest]


Holographic Trickster
Level 2
Nov 18, 2020
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Mirage pulled back his glass from the cheer that he, him, and himself had joined together for.

“Hey Renee, look. I can drink three times as fast. Think I would be able to out drink Ramya if she ever showed up?”

Wraith finished the last few reps of training on the pull-up bar before dropping down and giving a few stretches. “No, then all three of you would lose. How much longer are you going to show off your new holo-tech? This better not be like before when I found out you had a titan.”

“Who, Coyote? I told you we can probably go get you one too! I’m a hype man, right, me?” He fist bumped one of his drinking selves and gave an embarrassing finger waggle as he drew his hand away.

“Elliot, have you been keeping up with this whole thing with the Unmade?”

The trickster squinted in disgust, “Those weird things we fought back in that war game? What about them, they were gross.” His face then lit up again, “speaking of games though, did you hear that there’s something coming up soon about another one of those soon?”

Wraith waved away the idea as she sat down. “Mirage focus, that was a lot more serious than you think. On another one of the worlds here, Opealon. They took down a section of an entire city. Thousands of people lost their lives there.”

“Wait like lost, lost, not like the ones on the comet? I still feel kind of weird about that one too.” His tone wavered at the end of his comment.

“Look, I am just saying, this is a big deal. We need to be careful with them. They have a presence in every world here.”

“Well, why don’t we just go fight them, we’re heroes right?”

“Mirage, I don’t think I have the best track record on the battlefield right now.” The thought seemed to hit a nerve. “I’m not you, and this won’t be a game. If I mess up out there and I get taken out, I don’t know if there is any coming back. I don’t know how it works out there with that type of technology and I am not willing to put it on the line like I did before.”

Mirage softened as he sat beside her. “Hey look, I died in that last one too from that Karl guy. Not even I am lucky all the time, but we gotta do something if it really is that serious, right?” He gave a grin.

“Elliot, you aren’t taking this seriously.” She abruptly stood and began to walk away from the bar, Mirage following suit as he tried to reason with her.

“Woah, hey, I can be serious.” He tried to hold his ground as he popped in front of her.

She continued around him, not responding.

“Hey,” he exclaimed as he grabbed her by the shoulder, causing her to snap to him with a disgruntled look.

“I can be serious.”

She relaxed a bit, motioning for him to plead his case.

“The games are cool and alI, but we really can be heroes to everyone out there. We still fought them at the temple and got a taste of what they are like. Maybe we can do something about it.”

Wraith sighed softly as she looked away from the trickster.

“I still barely hear the voices. Still don’t know why either.” Her tone held a sense of anxiety and frustration.

Mirage motioned towards himself as he tried to lean into her vision. “Well, you have me! Besides, I’m sure they’ll-”

“-come back eventually. I appreciate the reassurance. I just-”

“Hey, you don’t need all one million versions of yourself to be a badass. I don’t even want to talk about our sparring score.” The trickster crossed his arms.

Wraith smirked a bit, she did whoop his ass more often than not when training. After a moment of silence, she spoke again, “You have Coyote, and yes, I get that I can use him too if I need to, but what do we do when we both need help?”

Mirage waved his hand dismissively. “Renee, that’s an easy one. They have a Pilot’s Union here, we could just go buy you a Titan or something. How much could they cost?”

“Oh, I don't know, dozens of years of research and who knows how much funding.” She snapped at him.

An interjection came over the comms, “Pilot, may I recommend directly communicating with the Pilot’s Union? I can recognize that she has great potential as a pilot, and it seems she may have already undergone training before.”

“See, Coyote agrees! Look, let’s just go check it out, I’ll drive the Voy’age down to the city and we can go take a look.”

Wraith cast him a glance. “I’ll drive, you go find out what we need to do to get into the Pilot’s Union. Coyote, double check his work.”

“Of course.”

Mirage grumbled as she left to head to the controls of the ship. “It was like at least a couple years ago since the last time I crashed, and it wasn’t even my fault!”

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