A New Path


Level 1
Aug 7, 2020
Bloodhound gazed between the félagi fighters that made up their latest squad for the Apex Games. They’d fought alongside them before and a strategy had been formulated in advance, courtesy of the doctor; Caustic. The final companion, Lifeline, fiddled with her healing drone as the jumpmaster, Caustic, piped up.

“I’ll go over the strategy once more, so we are all clear.” He began. The hunter fiddled with the straps of their mask, making certain that nothing would come loose during the descent, “We are to drop into Fragment East..” Bloodhound recoiled slightly, the Epicenter held harsh memories, “Bloodhound you will be our point… man. Once we acquire weapons, we will take position in the tallest building, overlooking the surrounding area. I will provide variables to slow down any and all incursions our position. Miss Che will provide support and medical aid, should it be required.”

“You got it.” Lifeline chimed in, barely dragging her attention from D.O.C.

"Ahead, we taka victory and slátra." Bloodhound stood, thumping a fist to their chest, as the ship’s alarm blared. The trio made their way to the rear of the ship as it opened, revealing the torn landscape of the World’s Edge arena. Wind whipped up and ravaged the inside of the ship, drowned out only by the Hunter’s heartbeat resounding in their ears. Adrenaline coursed through their veins. Little could hope to match the rush the Games provided. The Jumpmaster was the first to step out from the ship, flanked by his compatriots.

“Dropzone ahead. Prepare for certain death!” The Doctor’s voice rang through their earpiece, calm as ever, though a hint of excitement belied his true feelings.

The trio careened for Fragment East, the remnants of Capitol City, torn asunder by a molten ravine. Lifeline’s voice crackled through their earpieces next.

“We ain’t alone, two other squads droppin’. Might be headed west.”

The ground quickly approached, their jump packs responding autonomously, slowing their descent enough for them all to land on their feet.

“Remember the strategy...” The good doctor’s voice cracked and wavered as they touched down. Bloodhound hesitated, taking another step forward as a branch snapped underfoot.

This was not Capitol City.

They glanced around, taking in what was laid out before them; a lush jungle had replaced the towering buildings of Fragment East, skyscrapers replaced with their natural counterparts. Trees, the tips of which were obscured by a low hanging canopy. The odd break in the canopy revealed the true height of the trees the hunter found themselves sheltered under. A few were taller than they could see, the tips shrouded by clouds. Bloodhound planted a hand on the nearest of the gargantuan trees, reaffirming that this was in fact not some kind of illusion. The air was almost heavy, a wispy fog wafted through the immediate area, carried by the slightest of breezes. All manner of creatures called out into the jungle, either warding potential predators away or calling others of their kind to them. The hunter sighed heavily and punched a few buttons on the wrist mounted HUD, sending out a wave of sonar into the immediate area.

“Allfather, give me sight!”

A second passed before *No Threats Detected* flashed through their goggles. Good. At least He’d given them some time to gather their wits about them. A brief twinge of concern rocked the hunter. What became of his companions? Were they forced to face the Apex Games a man down? That would spell certain death. Bloodhound quickly dismissed the feeling and turned their attention to the matter at hand. Shelter was their primary concern. The area they’d found themselves in was far from familiar, a new arena perhaps?

“Félagi fighters, where are we? The arena has changed..”

No response. In fact, their earpiece had been removed completely.

A familiar cawing from the canopy above broke the silence and wrenched Bloodhound back into the present. They glanced upwards and caught sight of Artur, perched on a branch some 30 foot above them.

“Artur! The Allfather graces me this day.” The hunter called out, stretching an arm outward for the raven to land upon. “Come, my friend, we have much to accomplish.”

As they set to move, they paused. There was a familiar weight on their back and hip. While they were without the earpiece, they’d been gifted with a trio of weapons. Bloodhound tugged at the strap across their chest, swinging the Kraber to their front. They snorted a wry laugh. They glanced down and saw the R-301 and Raven’s Bite that hung at their hip. Bloodhound nodded, satisfied. At least they were well equipped for whatever He threw in their path.