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Little Ghost

Smol Ghost!
Level 1
Sep 10, 2018
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So I have this idea to make Little Ghost able to switch between a short teen forme and hueg adult forme. I call it Age of Kings because of, well, reasons <.<

Name: Age of Kings
Growth - Rank 1 (200)
Ongoing - (50)
Activation - Full (-100)
Total Cost: 150
Description - Accessing his own self through all possible timelines, bridging the gap through the King's Brand upon his brow, Little Ghost grows into the form of his adult self. Leaving his "teenaged" form behind, Little Ghost grows to a staggering 8 feet in height, his horns growing to a 17 inches in length. Growing proportionally this more than doubles the reach of his Pure Nail as the weapon grows at the same rate with Little Ghost. The end result being, as far as the Pure Nail is concerned, that the weapon acquires a blade length of 5 feet, and an additional reach of 3.5 feet due to his arms, making its total reach 8.5 feet while Little Ghost is in his Adult Form due to Age of Kings.

Growing to his adult form is a permanent shift and it takes 1 minute of concentrated effort. Reverting to his "teenaged" form is an equal 1 minute process. Due to this being a permanent shift until reversed, all posts should be tagged with Adult Form whenever Age of Kings is active.


Level 2
Oct 5, 2018
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I am having trouble figuring out how to represent how the Spartans helmet works, since I do plan to have some other NPC Spartan-III summons. This is what I came up with, I don't know how correct it is within the system and need little help with it.

SPI Mark 2 Operator Helmet
Communication (Squad/Teamcom) (100)
-Removable (-50)
-Ongoing (100)
Total: 150

Sense 5 (500) (VISR)
-Removable (-250)
-Activation (-250)
Total: 50

Sense 3 (Hud/Fiber Optic Cable) (300)
-Indirect (+300)
-Removable (-150)
-Limited (-150) (Only allows the user to view the camera footage of others on the SquadComm they are connected with.)
Total: 300

Sense 1 (100) (Motion Tracking)
-Indirect (+100)
-Removeable (-50)
-Weakness (-25) Moving slowly does not activate the Motion Tracker
Total: 125
Total: 625

SPI Mark 2 Experimental Operator Helmet has a built in Heads up Display (HUD) to assist Spartan-III’s constant communication. With IFF tags built into the armor it marks out relative locations of allies and linked squad mates. A built in radio suite allows them to verbally communicate over long distances. It also has a built in suite for Taccom/Squadcom/Teamcom (Squad Communication) that allows them to view what their allies see via their armor built in Fiber Optic cameras (These cameras can be extended out to allow them to peak around corners) over short ranges. The HUD also allows them to mark mission objectives as well as points of interest. Built into all helmets are also non-verbal communicators allowing spartans to communicate via blinking red, yellow and green lights.

Within all HUD systems contain a motion tracker that mark out all enemy movements in an 80 foot radius as well as allies, squadmates and civilians as long as they have been properly tagged. The motion tracker tracks all motion surrounding the user. It is used in conjunction with the VISR which outlines enemy, ally, environment, equipment so that it is easier for the user to see. The VISR located in the SPI Mark 2 Helmets are experimental allowing it to also outline units with active camouflage, requiring a button press on the outside of the helmet and a little extra boot time.

The HUD also displays a variety of other information, such as ammo count, Energy/shield gauge, The wearers and squads vital signs, zoom functionality, a targeting reticle that assists users aim. The SPI Mark 2 helmet is all controllable via the users eye movements that allow quick easy access to any of its systems.