Backdoors in Reality

Tenshi Hinanawi

Disastrous Girl of Heaven
Level 1
Sep 10, 2018
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A celestial floated through the endless, monotone space before her.

The Land of the Backdoors. The hidden abode of a secret god, its myriad hovering doors are actually portals to every place in existence, or so it is said. There’s nothing special, apart from that. Which is why its lone passenger was a lot more irritated by the fact that her allies would just abandon her in the middle of nowhere, with no clues or directions of where to even go. The nerve!

They’re probably goners without my help, Tenshi thought to herself. If they really were that confident, then she’ll just ignore their pleas for assistance when do they need her, making them regret leaving her behind. She decided this was a well-deserved punishment — actually, would’ve decided. Though there was little tolerance of such a thing as deserting her (seriously, who would do that?!), the celestial wouldn’t wish that on Shion. So instead, there was a different conclusion: checking on the team. Her eyes looked for ways out of this void. There’s more than enough of those, luckily.

Tenshi stopped before one of the green wooden doors. “If there’s more of these stupid doors all over the place,” she said, “then I just need to find the right one!” Her right hand placed itself right where the two halves would part.

Then, it moved. The door revealed the reality on the other side. It was a pure blue sky, with a swath of forest visible underneath. It strongly contrasted with the ashy, metallic feel of the world she first found herself in. A wonderful place, but not the one she was looking for. Tenshi vocalized this with a simple “nope”, before moving on to open the next door.

Except... this door really didn’t want to let go. Air started to be sucked in. It was almost like the world on the other side was the vacuum of space itself, and it was dragging the celestial along for the ride.

“Whoa, wha-”

It wasn’t long before she saw Ushirodo-no-Kuni being pulled away, where the infinite dim backdrop morphed into a finite speck flanked on all sides by clear blue.

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