Black Out

Jason Lee Scott

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Level 1
Jul 31, 2018
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Weeks passed as Jason traveled through the jungles of Kraw. The river he had been following had come to an end, so he followed the nearest trail he could find. That only lead to another river with another end, and the cycle repeated itself. This went on for some time, but the breath of fresh air during the process was his meetings with various travelers he shared the road with. He’d encountered mostly hunters who had guided him along the way, and he knew he was getting closer to New Abraxas. He also knew that he was getting much closer to the other Rangers, as he’d encountered more tales of brilliantly colored lights descending into different parts of the jungle weeks ago.

One that stood out to people was a streak of black light that had landed nearest to his path. People had a hard time describing it, as it was both a dark void yet bright as day at the same time. For as much as it confounded the travelers Jason encountered, he knew it was his close friend Zack Taylor’s teleportation beam. It had taken all the Rangers a bit of time to wrap their heads around the fact that they could simply turn into beams of light for fast travel, but the Black Ranger’s energy signature had been the most difficult to wrap their minds around, especially to the brainiac of the group, Billy.

It was a blessing, now, though, as it was leading Jason closer and closer to his friend. New Abraxas could wait if it meant he was able to recover a Ranger. He wondered if Zack would be sealed away like he had been, or if he’d managed to make a lucky escape too? It certainly wasn’t the best thought if all the Rangers had been dropped right into the same dire straits as he had.

It led him to another temple. This time he was on the outskirts instead of the heart, and the layers of defenses he would have to infiltrate were apparent enough, but the real problem was the armed mercenaries milling about the outside of the place. He recognized a similar dress and appearance to Jericho, the man he’d battled upon his arrival and who was apparently the leader of this faction of insurgents. In his travels he’d heard tales of a man trying to raise an army to stand against Indiana Jones. Jason hadn’t quite appreciated meeting the leader in the moment when he’d broken his wrist, bashed his head into rocks, and thrown him in the river. He didn’t believe Jericho was dead, though, and seeing his people mill about like nothing was wrong was enough of a clue that his guess was accurate.

He didn’t like the situation, mostly because he knew that if he had his power coin, he could easily take the whole crowd in a straight fight as the fully powered Red Ranger. As it were, he was just a regular man, unarmed in the middle of a heavily militarized camp. He didn’t have any other choice than to deal with it, though, because Zack was in there and needed help one way or another. The invading memories from earlier rang in his head though. Even if he could save everyone, he would need to find a way to get their actual powers back if they were going to have a chance against this Darkseid character. Or Zedd, for that matter.

Jason crouched low and quietly slipped between the boxes of equipment and machinery that littered the courtyard. All the clutter made it easier to sneak in and still manage to overhear useful information.

“Whole damn thing is pitch black inside,” one of the mercenaries commented to another, within the Ranger’s earshot. “We’re getting the lights installed now so we can search the place.”

“Must be because the natives abandoned this temple,” the other replied. “Weird that they would do that. They’ve been territorial of all the others.”

“Must be a shrine to some god they don’t like anymore,” the original man laughed. “Come on, help me carry this.”

The two men hoisted a crate up and moved away, while Jason kept moving as he noted that bit of information. Luckily there were flashlights scattered all over the place, so he snatched two and kept moving. His sights were set on the front door on the temple, but there was too much foot traffic going in and out to make it through the doorway. Instead, he was going to have to find a smaller entrance not in use.

He surveyed the area, and there didn’t look to be any deliberate side doors. Looking up gave him a new idea. A building in disrepair probably had plenty of holes in the roof. If he could manage to sneak up there, then maybe he could find a way in from above.

It wasn’t the best plan, but he was more than used to working with what he had instead of what was ideal. Why should that change now? Chuckling to himself with amusement at his fortune, the Ranger began to quietly work his way up the fallen debris beside the temple.