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Level 1
Oct 24, 2018
Mesa Roja
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Are you spending 50 Tokens? Yes

Has it been at least 6 months since your last switch? Yes

How much essence will this new character have? 3103

New Character Name: Apra

Is this character an OC or a Canon character? Original Character

Starting Location? Mesa Roja

Physical Tendencies:
Power (P): 20%
Toughness (T): 10%
Quickness (Q): 30%
Skill (S): 40%

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression (A): 30%
Cunning (C): 20%
Diplomacy (D): 30%
Support (S): 20%

Physical Description:

Apra is a bipedal humanoid with a birdlike appearance, his body being mostly covered in brightly coloured feathers. His height is 6’4” and he weighs in at a whopping 18g. He possesses three pairs of wings and scaly skin (mostly purple in colour). The only article of clothing he wears is an ornate mask (which adds 6” to his height and 6g to his weight), beneath which his face consists of a featureless plate of black keratin, two holes for ears, and a huge mouth. Lastly, he is completely lacking in any form of reproductive organs.

Character History:

Once upon a time, hundreds of titanic eggs hung in space, somewhere between galaxies. When they eventually hatched, rather than having one huge animal per egg, it was revealed that there were actually several million roughly human-sized creatures in each.

Some time after hatching, the birdlike beings decided to use intricately carved shards of their own eggshells as masks. They wanted masks because unlike the rest of their bodies, their faces were pretty bland-looking. And they used eggshells because those were literally the only materials available within billions of lightyears.

That done, and after figuring out how to use magic for faster than light communication (so they could keep in touch), they set off to explore the universe, splitting their population into hundreds of separate flocks, each of which would head to a different galaxy.

Some number of billions of years later, the flocks began arriving at their destinations, one by one, and started their explorations in earnest. They found many planets with life, and a surprisingly high proportion of those on which said life was intelligent.

And then they promptly declared themselves gods and began underhandedly manipulating the so-called “mortals” for their own amusement. They looked down on the short-lived races for being able to die of old age, and tried to convince themselves that they weren’t totally jealous of the mortals’ ability to reproduce.

One of the gods, a normal, unexceptional fellow, was Apra of Sengik Flock. As did all of his kind, on each planet with sapient life which he came across, he used his magic (which he referred to as “miracles”) to trick the world’s denizens into thinking he was all powerful, before proceeding to start at least one major religion dedicated to himself.

But one day, his ordinary, average life of being literally worshipped as a god changed forever when he discovered a mysterious portal to another dimension. A portal which, as it transpired, was exclusively one-way.


Interplanetary Entity [750]
Adaptation: Space (300)
Adaptation: Need to Breathe (200)
Adaptation: Radioactive Environments (50)
Adaptation: Incredible Heat Environments (100)
Adaptation: Incredible Cold Environments (100)

As a deity hatched into the cold vacuum of space, Apra is naturally immune to the harsh conditions found there, which would be lethal to lesser beings.

Tireless Being [600]
Endurance 5 (500)
Adaptation: Need for Sleep (50)
Adaptation: Starvation and Thirst (50)

In all the billions of years he has lived, Apra has never had to so much as take a nap. His body contains vastly more energy than the average mortal’s, and his stamina is replenished constantly, without any need for sustenance.

Featherweight [50]
Adaptation: Falling (100)
--Side-Effect (low mass) (-50)

Though Apra's body is as durable as the average mortal's, his density is vastly lower, as is that of his mask. On the plus side, this means that his terminal velocity in almost any atmosphere is nowhere near enough to injure him. Unfortunately, it also makes it extremely easy for others to toss him around, as he is near-weightless.

Six Wings of God [300]
Flight 1 (200)
--Ongoing (100)

Apra’s body includes three pairs of wings, though he is not actually required to flap them in order to fly, as an innate ability allows him to produce (and/or negate) kinetic energy from them at will. In the Beyond, his rate of acceleration can match that of any spacecraft, but in atmosphere, air resistance hinders him tremendously.

Note: This Ability is Apra’s means of travelling between worlds in the Crossroads, hence why he can keep up with spaceships.

Farcical Anatomy [550]
Adaptation: Nonbiological Anatomy (300)
Adaptation: Immune to Pain (200)
--Side-Effect (can’t feel) (-50)
Adaptation: Chemical or Toxic Environments (50)
Adaptation: Disease (50)

Beneath the skin, Apra’s body looks much like that of most mortals, with muscle, bone, nerves, blood, and guts. This is mostly for show, however, for none of his miscellaneous organs actually does anything, he does not experience sensation through his nerves, and he cannot die of blood loss. Only broken bones and torn muscles can actually stop him.

S3 Magicka [450]
Sense (extrasensory) 3 (300)
--Ongoing (300)
--Side-Effect (mana beacon) (-150)

Apra’s senses work differently from those of most living things, in that he lacks almost all of them. Instead, replacing his senses of sight, sound and smell, he has the innate ability to constantly emit weak waves of mana from his body, which then bounce back at the speed of light and can be picked up by his ears.

Unlike standard echolocation, this sense also allows him to detect colours and even smells. And, more importantly (considering his natural habitat), it functions flawlessly in outer space. The only real downside is that anyone with any experience using magic at all can easily pinpoint his exact location through the mana emissions, even if they lack a Sense Ability of their own.

Note: It is up to individual writers whether or not their characters can sense Apra’s mana, though the minimum requirement for being able to do so it to have at least one Ability which specifies in its description that it is magical in some way.

Taste Test [200]
Sense (taste) 2 (200)

The only one of the five basic senses which Apra actually has is taste, and it’s a really effective one. Not only can he taste what is in his mouth, but like a snake he can dart his tongue out to taste the air around him. Sadly, this sense is almost completely redundant, as his S3 Magicka does much the same thing, only better; as tasting the air does not work in a vacuum; and as Apra does not eat.

Talons [100]
Damage 1 (100)

For all his divine powers, Apra’s best current means of actually slaying anyone who should attempt to do him harm is simply to scratch them with the sharp talons on his hands and feet.

Essence Spent: 3000/3103


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Aug 2, 2018
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