Brooke Stryker

Brooke Stryker

Livin' on a Prayer
Level 1
Sep 12, 2018
Mesa Roja
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Brooke Stryker
Race: Human
Character Source: Original, Non Native

Spent Essence: 1550
Base Fund: 0

Physical Tendencies:
Power(P): 20%
Toughness(T): 10%
Quickness(Q): 20%
Skill(S): 50%

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression(A): 15%
Cunning(C): 30%
Diplomacy(D): 25%
Support(S): 30%

Physical Description:

Brooke is a woman in her early to mid-twenties, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a physique toned by the amount of traveling she has done. Her attire changes as needed, but her favored outfit is blue jeans, a black sleeveless shirt, and brown boots. She wears a typical leather belt through her jeans, but on top of that she has a much thicker belt with many pouches for various tools and trinkets, but most importantly it has a holster with her revolver in it on her right hip.

Character History:

Before she became the unfortunate victim of reality hopping gods, Brooke grew up in a fairly normal world and lived a basic, unexciting life. She grew up on the shores of a beachside city, and attended college not far away from home, staying close with her friends and family. One day, however, she suddenly woke up in a realm filled with warriors and kingdoms of all sorts of varied powers and skills. She was forced to quickly adapt to the fantastic landscape and the super powered beings that walked it, while having to deal with no abilities being bestowed upon her by the powers of the land. She quickly established herself as a bounty hunter and a mercenary, doing what was needed and trekking to some of the most dangerous reaches of the land in order to get paid.

Eventually she crossed paths with a hulking Goron named Baldur, and and recruited him due to his thirst for adventure. With Brooke as the brains and Baldur as the brawn, they enjoyed a great deal of success, but their refusal to ally themselves with any particular faction from the land left them existing on the outskirts.

While returning to visit Baldur's people, they were swept away by an unseen force. The duo awoke on Mesa Roja, unsure of anything about their situation except for one simple fact: they had moved on to the next world.


Brooke is a little rough around the edges due to her odd life. She'd seen many places and all sorts of fantastic powers, while being granted none of her own. This has made her a little bitter and grumpy, but also highly skilled with unconventional means of surviving in the world at large. She is a shrewd talker and negotiator, although a little sarcastic. Despite all she's seen, there are many, many unnatural sights that she has yet to experience, but even those she takes in stride after the initial shock.

In combat Brooke prefers to stay at range with her revolver, supporting Baldur or any teammates with covering fire or whatever other means are available. If forced into a melee, Brooke is a completely untrained, normal strength human female, yet she manages to be fairly scrappy and a decent brawler. There is no form or grace to her combat up close, unlike a lot of what she plays off in any other situation.

Brooke is just a normal person making the best of extraordinary circumstances. She is well aware that she's only survived by not being important enough in the grand scheme, and does her best to keep it that way, for both her and Baldur's sakes.


Damage - Rank 3 (300)
Modifiers: Ranged (+150) Removable (-150), Finite (-150)
Total Cost: 150
A black revolver with wooden grips that Brooke keeps in a leather holster on her right hip. The gun can hold six rounds, and she keeps spare ammunition in one of the pouches on her belt, each which must be individually placed in the cylinder.

Communicator (Brooke)
Communication - Rank 1 (100)
Modifiers: Removable (-50)
Total Cost: 50
Brooke has a small phone for contact with other team members. It comes with a wireless earpiece that allows her to talk discreetly if needed.

Summon - Rank 1 (300)
Modifiers: None
Total Cost: 300
Towering at almost nine feet tall, Baldur is a hulking, fit Goron that serves as Brooke's muscle. He is incredibly naive about the world as a whole, which is why he sticks closer to his human companion. He wears no shirt or shoes, but his waist to his knees are typically encased in iron armor.

Goron Physique (Baldur)
Damage - Rank 3 (300)
Modifiers: None
Cost: 300

Move Object - Rank 2 (200)
Modifiers: None
Cost: 200

Protection - Rank 2 (200)
Modifiers: Ongoing (+200)
Cost: 400

Endurance - Rank 1 (100)
Modifiers: None
Cost: 100

Total Cost: 1000
Gorons are a naturally resilient species, and Baldur is a fighter that has harnessed his natural advantages.

Communicator (Baldur)
Communication - Rank 1 (100)
Modifiers: Removable (-50)
Total Cost: 50
Baldur has a wireless earpiece he can use to communicate remotely with primarily Brooke, but also any members of his team as needed.

Character Source: Legend of Zelda Original Character, Non Native

Physical Tendencies:
Power(P): 30%
Toughness(T): 30%
Quickness(Q): 20%
Skill(S): 20%

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression(A): 45%
Cunning(C): 30%
Diplomacy(D): 10%
Support(S): 10%

Physical Description:

Baldur is nearly nine feet tall, with skin that appears to be solid rock, in the typical tan tint of a Goron. A few grey rocks on his head give the impression of a short mohawk. He wears steel armor from the waist down but stopping at his knees, keeping the majority of his body free for movement. Most Gorons appear to have something of a beer belly, but Baldur is extremely fit from his repeated training.

Character History:

Baldur was raised in a Goron Village in a land known as the Ashen Steppes. He constantly longed for adventure and excitement, but instead made due with keeping the dragon minions of Volvagia at bay. He was one of the protectors of the Goron home, but always found his role redundant among the well equipped and prepared Gorons.

One day he encountered Brooke stumbling through Death Mountain, and rescued her from exhaustion. She quickly recruited him to join with her, promising him the adventure he desired so much. The two traveled the world together, becoming a dangerous duo in the bounty hunting and adventuring world. Baldur, however, always saw the safety net of being able to return to his home if things ever turned bleak, until one day when he awoke in the Crossroads.


Baldur is naive and friendly in any sort of social situation, having been raised among the brotherly Goron tribe. He often misses social cues and can be easily manipulated or tricked by unscrupulous types. As a result, he tends to stay back and leave the talking to Brooke in many encounters, voicing any thoughts to her privately. He has an upstanding moral code, having a true desire to help and be the good guy in any encounter, and will quickly voice his thoughts on shadier plans.

Once in combat, Baldur is an entirely different being. He is an unarmed, highly trained fighter that would be a lethal martial artist even if he weren't a towering rock monster. He is faster and more agile than one would guess with his massive size, but exactly as strong as one would think. He is a fierce and confident warrior, knowing the limits of his abilities and strength and always looking to push them further and grow as a fighter

Baldur is comfortable and confident with his role as the muscle of their duo, and quickly loses his cool when required to do anything different.
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