Caelus Aurelius


The King of Heroes
Level 1
Jul 31, 2018
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Character Name: Caelus Aurelius
Character Source: Mass Effect (OC)

Profession: Mercenary

Spent Essence: 1400
Base Fund: 0

Physical Tendencies (Total should be 100%, only multiples of 5% please)
Power(P): 60%
Toughness(T): 10%
Quickness(Q): 0%
Skill(S): 30%

Caelus is an all or nothing man. He doesn't half-ass anything and commits everything to the mission. He is the type to run in first, guns blazing using his biotics to support his aggressive fighting style. This doesn't mean he is stupid, for he can assess priority targets and use his biotics to try and debilitate those first.

Personality Tendencies (Total should be 100%, only multiples of 5% please)
Aggression(A): 80%
Cunning(C): 0%
Diplomacy(D): 0%
Support(S): 20%

Caelus doesn't have a filter and will let people know what he's thinking. He isn't afraid to confront people and gets easily angered. With those he is more comfortable with, he gets very sarcastic and will berate them in a humorous way.

Items: (Bases, Minions, Consumables)


Phaeston (400)
Damage (100) Rank 4
Modifiers: Ranged (+50), Removable (-50)

The Phaeston is the general assault rifle for the standard Turian light-infantry assault rifle. It has an excellent rate of fire and accuracy with subpar bullet penetration. It's very lightweight and there is an inherent dampener reducing the effect of recoil against the user making it a very friendly firearm.

Move Object (100) Rank 4
Modifiers: Ranged (+50), Finite (-50)

Caelus extends his hand and tosses an enemy or an object in the air with a biotic blast, throwing them across the room. This move doesn't inherently do any damage but ma deliver some minor damage from hitting a wall or other objects. If used in succession on the same target, the force gets weaker and weaker until the target feels nothing more than a weak shove.


Move Object (100) Rank 3
Modifiers: Ranged (+50), Ongoing (+100), Concentration (-50), Side Effect (-50), Limited (-50)

Debuff(100) Rank 3
Modifiers: Ranged (+50), Ongoing (+100), Concentration (-50), Side Effect (-50), Limited (-50)

Caelus forms a fist and pulls a person (or object) towards him. The person stops and then floats in the air as if they were bound by thick rope. This requires constant concentration and Caelus has to maintain his hand as a fist. He can't use any other biotics during this duration. The person remains bound for about thirty seconds. They can struggle and break free and when broken free, it causes a mental backlash on Caelus giving him a large migraine.

Master Skills:

Physical Description:

About 6'4 feet tall, 160 pounds. 23 years old.

Character History:

Caelus was born on the main Turian planet of Palaven and lived his life constantly getting into trouble. He would roughhouse with all of the children during his time during schooling and as a result, he would be sent from school to school. His parents weren't in the picture much, as they were traditional Turians serving the army. The onset of his biotics didn't help either as they only allowed him to get into more trouble. The social structure of the schoolyard always bothered him. The bullies and thugs that thrived gave him an upset stomach, he couldn't stand their tyrannical rule over the other kids. He spent his short time at each school, dethroning each of the "kings" of the schoolyard followed shortly by a suspension.

When he finally graduated from school, there was no question of where he was to go. Without hesitation, he enlisted in the army but he couldn't endure the procedures he needed to follow to get the job done. On a mission, he directly disobeyed a direct order from his superior officer, going out on his own, assassinating an enemy commander and delivering a heavy blow to the opposition. He was then discharged from the military immediately and was sent back to the private sector. He has since worked as a mercenary until he was pulled into the crossroads.