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Jul 27, 2021
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City of Markov Update Patch 2022

The Theme Music for this Update

Since the Siege of Markov, the Pilots Union has been working overtime to recover from the heavy toll the battle took on the city and its infrastructure. The Union has expanded its engineer corp and taken on the arduous task of restoring city infrastructure to a working state. This includes power, running water, housing, and city defenses. Mechanics and engineers alike are putting in heroic work and effort to bring the city back to normal operational status.

State of the City

The majority of the damage caused by the siege has been repaired. The city’s defenses are back up and running. The section of the wall that was damaged has been repaired and reinforced with new triple mounted eighteen inch cannon batteries. They’re automated and auto targeting. Each section of the wall has gotten this upgrade. With the victory comes the spoils. Newly reclaimed sections of the city have been opened up and the protective barrier expanded upon to include such areas. While migration to the new quarter is slow, one of the positives is that it houses the newly developed apartment housing for the ever increasing refugees and citizens in need who flee to Markov to escape the Unmaking. However, with increased population and civil outreach programs enacted by King Dulmare, the city's factories work non stop to produce everything one might need in day to day life. Morale is at an all time high among the standing army and the population. New recruits are inducted daily from those willing to fight back against Darkseid.


King Dulmare has been hard at work with each of the faction heads formulating a strike plan that would bring the Fade to ruin. They have a general idea of where it is. More information is needed. They want to be sure that when they strike, they bring it down. It’s time for Markov to get serious. Those seeking to fight the Fade should work with the unified leadership under King Dulmare and work towards planning and executing an assault using everything Markov has to bear.

Supreme Commander of Allied Forces - General Claudius Dulmare
Pilots Union Head - Colonel Jericho Silvis
Cytokine Industries - Aria T’Loak
The Guild - Thelonious Rex and Palaxia
SDF 1 Commanding Officer - Admiral Rick Hunter


Thelonious Rex has gotten fed up with sharing his space with the Mages and with Cytokine Industries. He has his sights set on a mighty trade city with a fortress at the center. Controlling 85% of the planet's wealth comes with perks. Thelonious Rex is hiring soldiers, pioneers, settlers, engineers, and pretty much anyone with a skill set to strike ground inside a nearby ruined city named Cyrene. Using advanced machinery and building sized construction equipment, Thelonious Rex intends to pave over the ruins and construct a brand new settlement. Cyrene sits on a peninsula to the west of Markov, leaving only one route for zoids to enter from. Nothing has been left to chance. The best automated defenses have been acquired to protect this new settlement.

Logistics, Support, and Military

On Cevanti keeping a city fed, clothed, and powered requires raw materials gained from zoid corpses and resources extracted from various ruins and planetary deposits left untouched by the previous civilization. The Pilot’s Union has struggled for decades to meet the quota set by Cytokine Industries for raw materials. Until now. General Claudius Dulmare and Aria T’Loak have completed an airborne carrier named the Super Dimensional Fortress 1 or SDF-1. Along with this carrier comes Veritech fighters, a new baseline mech that the Pilot’s Union will be adopting. A Veritech fighter has three modes for combat and, in testing, has proven to be easier to pilot and far more capable than anything the Union fields to date. A portion of Markov’s ruined districts have been converted into a landing pad for the SDF-1 and an airfield for launching and keeping an air group stationed within the city. With this new upgrade to Union forces the offensive capabilities of the army grew tenfold, now capable of calling in close air support for ground operations and providing air superiority over areas of conflict.

The SDF 1 is a mobile fortress capable of deploying to anywhere on the planet, including offworld. King Dulmare green lit the project as a way for Markov to provide military support to the other planets in the Crossroads and to finally give the armed forces of Cevanti a desperately needed upgrade. Pilots who wish to obtain a Veritech fighter of their own must complete a training quest and prove to General Dulmare and top officials that they're capable.

With this renewed vigor and upgraded Veritech squadrons the Pilot’s Union has been able to exceed the required material quota for Cytokine Industries, leading to surplus and driving the cost of living and the cost of going to war down. With this newly acquired surplus King Dulmare has enacted various outreach programs. Cevanti is capable of taking refugees from any planet and housing them within the city limits and within the safety of the wall. Food, water, clothing, and basic essentials are rationed via distribution centers that operate on a delivery service. You order what you need within a set limit per week and the items are delivered straight to your door all courtesy of Cytokine Industries.

Working for SDF 1 and the Pilot’s Union

Going forward, if you don’t provide a mech of your own, when you join the Pilot’s Union and complete the entry quest you will be assigned a Veritech fighter of your very own. You may roleplay this however you want. Be it part of a solo act or part of a squadron. Most missions will require your mech as you’ll be facing targets like zoids or zoids that have been corrupted by the unmaking. Your assignment to the SDF 1 means you get room and board in both the city and on board the fortress itself. If and whenever the SDF 1 is deployed you’ll be given a choice. You can participate in its mission and earn a reward which includes faction influence, or do your own thing. This includes off world deployment. If the SDF 1 were to be deployed off world you would have the choice of following or staying on Cevanti. You have the option of purchasing your Veritech fighter as a base. You can use the stock version provided or build and price out one with different armaments.

The Veritech Fighter

The Veritech Fighter has 3 modes. Fighter, Guardian, and Battleoid.


In Fighter mode the Veritech resembles an F14 Tomcat. Twin engines and twin tail fins compliment a large wing span capable of adjusting based on speed. The cockpit fits one person and the main armament is a laser cannon mounted on the belly of the fighter. Missiles are an optional, but available feature.

In Guardian mode the Veritech retains its fighter appearance, but both of the thrusters give way and form legs. A pair of arms jut out from the bottom allowing for grappling and the use of the now detached laser cannon.

In Battleoid mode the entire Veritech changes into a humanoid form. The laser cannon is now a rifle that can be slung. This allows for use of the arms and legs in scenarios which would require a more delicate touch, such as the ground defense of a city.

Veritech Fighter
Primary Specifications
Endurance 5 (500)
Protection 6 (600)
Ongoing (600)

The Veritech Valkyrie, or VTF-1, is a long standing and reliable variable geometry aerial and ground superiority vehicle. At full height, wingspan, and length, it averages at about 60 feet. It has fairly solid construction, and is well armored for its mobility.

Avionics Suite
Sense: Radar 10 (1000)
Concentration (-500)
Communication: Radio (100)

The VTF-1 has a fairly sophisticated radar system, and can find targeting solutions on almost anything within a kilometer across all operation modes. It is also equipped with a general bandwidth radio that can be tuned to secure frequencies.

Mode Shift
Shapeshift: (1500)
Limited: Fighter, Guardian, or Battleoid (-50)
Concentration (-50)

The VTF-1 is a variable geometry vehicle capable of shifting between three operating configurations. These are known respectively as Fighter, Guardian and Battleoid modes. Each has its own applications and drawbacks, and certain functionalities of each mode cannot be used in other configurations. By default, the Valkyrie is hangered and begins operations in Fighter Mode.

Shifting between modes is easy, and fairly fluid, but the pilot must pay attention to the current combat situation to make sure that their VTF-1 can safely change modes. Generally speaking, shifting modes cannot be done during intense maneuvers or weapons fire.

Fighter Mode
Flight 8 (1,600)
Ongoing (800)
Side Effect: Slow on Ground (-400)
Finite: Five Hour Fuel Time (-400)
Limited: Minimum Airspeed (-400)
Activation: 30 sec (-800)
Flight 12 (2,400)
Side Effect: Fuel Burn (-600)
Limited: Already Airborne (-600)
Concentration (-600)

In Fighter Mode, the VTF-1 is at its fastest and deadliest. It can sustain flight speeds of up to 360 miles per hour for general purpose operations, but does have an internal fuel supply that generally limits its flight time to five hours.

In Fighter mode, the Valkyrie must maintain a minimum airspeed of 120 mph or risk stalling. Furthermore, during taxi and ground movement, it is very slow and cumbersome. The process of takeoff is a highly coordinated and meticulous affair, and activating the VTF-1 for combat work takes at least thirty seconds.

During flight, the VTF can accelerate well past Mach 1, but flying at these speeds takes intense concentration on the part of the pilot, and also puts a serious strain on the systems. Overuse of the afterburner will severely shorten the Valkyrie’s operating time and fuel reserves.

Hardpoint DE-7 Laser Cannon
Damage 10 (1,000)
Ranged (500)
Limited: Boresight (-500)

The DE-7 Cannon is the primary armament that comes standard on all models of the Veritech Fighter. In Fighter mode, the cannon is clamped and secured beneath the airframe and connected to the primary VTF power systems. This allows for a drastic increase in firepower, but limits the weapon to firing along the vehicle’s flight path, thus requiring careful maneuvers for a firing solution.

Guardian Mode
Flight 5 (1,000)
Ongoing (500)
Side Effect: Mode Lockout (-250)
Finite: Five Hour Fuel Time (-250)
Limited: Altitude 500 feet (-250)
Agility 3 (600)
Side Effect: Mode Lockout (-150)

When shifting to Guardian mode, the VTF-1 maintains the primary airframe characteristics of flight mode, while deploying its battleoid legs and armature. The flight characteristics of Guardian Mode are not as fast as Fighter mode, but it does obtain the ability to hover and rotate on the spot. This allows the VTF-1 to evade and maneuver with surprising agility that is not available in Fighter Mode.

Hovering in this manner does, however, still use the internal fuel reserves.

Slung DE-7 Laser Cannon
Damage 7 (700)
Ranged (350)
Limited: Battleoid or Guardian Mode (-350)
Removable (-350)

When deployed during Guardian or Battleoid mode, the DE-7 Laser Cannon loses some of its stopping power in exchange for a more versatile firing mode. Since the Valkyrie is more maneuverable, and can use its armature in these modes, obtaining firing solutions becomes much more intuitive.

Battleoid Mode
Flight 5 (1,000)
Side Effect: Mode Lockout (-250)
Limited: Must Have Fuel (-250)
Agility 5 (1,000)
Concentration (-250)
Side Effect: Mode Lockout (-250)
Speed 3 (600)
Ongoing (300)
Side Effect: Mode Lockout (-150)

In Battleoid mode, the VTF-1 is able to traverse and navigate ground terrain with ease. It loses the ability to sustain flight, but can still use its vernier boosters to make short jumps around the area of engagement – provided it still has fuel available. The VTF-1 can run at speeds of up to 45 mph in this mode, and adept pilots can pull off surprising feats of agility and traversal as long as they are focused on the task.


Standing Army - Dulmare’s Legionary Forces

For years King Dulmare has used Cytokine Industries, The Guild, and the Pilot’s Union as its armed forces. All three organizations would come together to pool resources and fight on a unified front. However, with the Fade still at large and with Governmorne gone and other planets suffering the effects of the Unmaking, King Dulmare has greenlit the formation of an active duty legion that answers directly to him and his commanders. In the time since the siege soldiers have been undergoing accelerated training. Dulmare’s Legionary Forces consist of three infantry regiments, two armored divisions, and one artillery regiment. Members are welcome to join and take up roles within the Legion as they desire.

The Siege of Markov Follow-up

If you were a participant in the Siege of Markov, you have been personally requested by General Dulmare to join the war effort and planning of the assault on Fade. You will be given access to the necessary data, facilities, weapons, and anything you might need to do your job. You are considered a cut above the rest of the soldiers and those that did not defend Markov.

What’s next?

The next update I have planned for Cevanti is an in-depth look at all of the factions. How they operate internally, their history, internal leadership, more quest NPCs and contacts. Including a bunch of premade items and consumables for people to use if they want to incorporate Cevanti tech into their characters lives. Stay tuned!
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