Darkness Awakens


Level 1
Beyond the atmosphere of the planet Ede Nona, a black mass drifts freely in space toward the planet filling with life. The rings around the planet move gracefully in orbit at ten mph. Hundreds of miles away, the black mass moves closer toward Ede Nona at a fast speed. Soon after, it flies past the moon and over the rings of the planet. The gravitational pull gets a hold of the black threatening unknown mass, making it fall toward the atmosphere. Suddenly, it picks up speed even more than before. The mass starts to burn up as it enters the planet, just like an asteroid. This object wasn't big enough to cause catastrophic devastation to the life of the Ede Nona on impact. Currently were the darkened mass was falling at, it is currently daylight.

Where the object is going to land is far away from the kingdom of Arcadia. It's falling into the Hinterlands instead. Anyone that day near the area could look up at the sky and think as if an asteroid is about to smash on Ede Nona. The black mass is hard to see with it burning up from flying at mock speeds into the atmosphere, now becoming a bright object. A young merchantman is riding in his wooden covered wagon with his trusty mule down a trail in the middle of the woods. Suddenly, the man can see the asteroid looking object coming towards him. He looks up and is fearing from this rare encounter of a flying object coming from the sky. His mule is startled by the presence too and starts to run fast. The merchant holds on tightly while the wagon speeds up with the mule running. While they move, the object from space flew over them and lands into the ground.

It lands south from them but as the wagon moved over the trail quickly, they hit a big rock which causes the merchant to fall off his transportation. He hit the ground hard which takes a few seconds for him to realize his wagon was getting away. The man whistled at his donkey to get the animal's attention even screaming at the poor thing. Only stubbornness is the response of the traveling jackass that fled the scene in a hurry. Now the merchant was all alone in this wild forest with no one around. He shifted off the ground and back onto his feet. On his mind, the task is to control the wagon again, but curiosity struck him on what landed away from here.

Not whole lot of things fall from the sky here and maybe he can make a great discovery. Wherever that thing hit the ground at is causing smoke to rise in the air, making it easy to find. The merchant starts to make his first steps toward the smoke. It took about eight minutes to get where this alien thing is at, and he finally can have a good gaze upon this rare event. A crater was made by the impact and all the ground around is cracking. In the center of this crater, is a black melted puddle that's hard to describe what is it. Still, curiosity filled the merchant's mind and he continues to walk closer to this strange liquid. As the closer he gets, his ears can hear the ooze noises that the puddle is making. Now, the man stands in front of this unnatural liquid substance and thinks of its existence.

Is this a life form from the outer space? When he stood there long enough coming up with more questions and thinking about touching it, activity springs from the puddle. It's a large tree that sprouts within it and rises high. Once it reaches a certain point, the blackened tree stopped. Branches from the top start to form and move upwards. The limb continues to grow into actual two long arms. Above the arms, two bigger branches on both sides sprout into sharp pincer shapes. Six smaller branches migrate to the top of the tree. While this process happened before his eyes, fear and amazement came over him that freezes his body. Hands started to form on the two arms that were just made. At the same time, two fiery flaming spheres appeared at the top of the tree. A green demonic face rises out of the black surface to connect with the flaming brows. The last thing that the tree makes is a red long beard that has the same color along with the eyebrows. This being's eyes remain closed during this process but once everything was made, the black eyelids open with white and black round pupils. More panic rises inside the merchant from the sight of this huge being.

The blackened creature starts to stretch his limbs out and open his wicked sharp fingers. Once his eyes understand the environment around him, this supernatural force looks down upon the mortal.

"Ahhhh." was the first thing uttered from this dark living thing that was filled with relief.

The merchant still facing this figure with horror across his face of this abomination. It was too late for the young man go running since the dark creature's eyes catch him.

"YOU, THANK YOU FOR REVIVING ME" the being's words booming around the area, making the merchant even more scared.

"Please don't eat me!" the merchant screamed in shock and backs away quickly but falls onto his back from his heels hitting a rock.

"HA HA HA! FOOLISH MORTAL I'M NOT GOING TO EAT YOU!" the huge creature laughs with hilarity from the poor human's scream.

"FOR YOU SEE, I AM AKU. THE SHOGUN OF SORROW, THE DELIVERER OF DARKNESS, AND I AM YOUR NEW MASTER!" Aku booms once more with introducing himself while looking down at the human.

"M-master?" the merchant confuse with this situation on how this monster isn't going to eat him.


"You're going to let me free right?" The merchant requested in favor for his life.

"BWAHAHAHAHA AS LONG YOU BOW TO MY PRESENCE AND SPREAD THE WORD OF AKU" Aku laughed at the cowering human who was still on his back after falling.

"Oh yes Lord Aku, I won't forget you! I'll let my customers know about you!" The merchant shifts quickly to a bowing stance and repeating it over.

"NOW BEGONE TINY INSECT!" Aku demanded in high authority at the merchant.

The young man got back on his feet and ran away as far as he can. After the human left, Aku looks down at himself and realizing how smaller his full form is now compared to before.

"I really need to start exercising more," Aku mentions to himself, concerning about his shape.


Level 1
For minutes, Aku tries to shapeshift into his forms and other powers. Such defeat falls upon him on how he can't control his abilities during this moment. For a long time, the controlling on his skill were such a breeze to do but since appearing on this planet somehow has depleted his previous powers. Agitation spread across him with already a twitching face and his eyes becoming grumpy from the fact that this happened. With all his frustration, he let out a scream of anger from the temper that builds up inside of him.

"SAMURAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Aku screams incredibly loud with anger across him, causing an echo throughout the land and making the birds fly out of the trees in a frightening manner.

His face is still stuck with a grumpy expression while slouching a little in his huge form after the outburst. Muttering is coming out of Aku's mouth from letting out his frustration about his powers.

"Of course, that samurai fool must've cursed me with that cheating sword. However, will I get my old self back together? Hmmmmm?" Aku talked to himself with calmness while stroking his fiery red beard in the middle of the quiet forest and thinking for his plan.

A light bulb goes off inside Aku's mind, following along with a snap of his fingers.

"Maybe I can regain my powers. I mean, after all, I must be out of touch from that battle." Aku gaining back his self-esteem with a little positive expression across his face.

"Yessssssss, that's it. I just need to cause destruction and make my evil known. After that, I could become more invincible than now," the master of darkness face slowly curled into a mischievous wide smile.

Samurai Jack comes across his mind from fearing he might show up and kill him all over again. His smile vanished into a worrying expression with the bad thought coming to realization.

"Grrrrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhh… Maybe the Samurai doesn't exist in this world or anything to destroy me. I'm sensing everything around me and it feels like new. Nothing like earth." Aku talks to himself while pondering the many possibilities this world has.

Suddenly, he starts laughing manically with the daydream he's having that shows him destroying civilization, enslaving anyone who opposes him and creating a world of evil that is under his rule.


His genuine loud evil laugh made a big smile come across his face while it echoes throughout the land, terrifying any living thing that stands close by. The shogun of sorrow begins making his way through the forest in his smaller form. Aku stands at 7'2 at his height when reducing to a similar human form. His head, arms, and shoulders weren't changed during the process, but he now has two legs to walk on from the waist down. The hands still had those long-wicked fingers that are sharpened with claws. This supernatural being walked through the brush of the clam forest while still agitated he can't shapeshift yet into an easy way of traveling.


Level 1
It was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining and the airstream resulting from our fast flight brushed over my skin. Behind me were the other clones, all twenty-five of them, flying thanks to my psychic powers. I needed not see them to feel their presence. And beside me was Mew. It was acting as the guide, yet I knew just as much where we were headed even though I had never been there before. Now I know that it is the memories of the ancient Mew whose genetic material served to create me, passed on to me through the millenia.

I casted a glance over at the one next to me, wondering how many generations had come and gone between it and my genetic parent. Could it be one and the same? Mew raised its head to return my look with its big, innocent eyes and I saw an amused glimmer in them. Then it turned its focus forward again. I doubt I’ll ever get an answer to that question and I’ve given up on trying to Mind Read its thoughts: our minds are too evenly matched for either of us to see anything, even though it seems like Mew could tell what I was thinking often times. Besides, it is a matter of trust and good manners not to invade another’s thoughts.

Our destination was still a ways off but I felt impatient. Maintaining my concentration to keep everyone flying in the air was keeping me from formulating deeper thoughts yet at the same time left me enough that I grew bored. But I refused to distract myself as I needed to be careful not to loosen my grip on any of the others, even if Mew could probably catch them if I dropped one by accident.

I called out to Mew with conversational telepathy. Unlike mind reading which could be equated to breaking down a door or sneaking in through a window, this is like ringing the doorbell - an invitation from outside, not an attempt to force your way in. It answered promptly. What is it, Mewtwo?

I would like to land and take a short break. To maintain everyone in the air is taxing. I also sent an image of a beach below us that looked untouched by humans, instead of pointing it out by hand.

Good idea. Gyarados, Blastoise and the others could use a soak.

I thus began our collective descent while announcing our intent to everyone. Gyarados replied with a happy wriggle which drew a smile from me. However, that was not the time for pleasantries: I had to keep an eye on our surroundings and ensure that no human witnessed our presence. A group of nearly thirty Pokémon would no doubt draw their attention.

I was the first to touch down, digging my toes into the sand and checking that it was safe. Outside of a handful of Kingler and Tentacruel swimming near the shore everything looked fine, so I lowered the others onto the ground as well. A pair of Woopers scurried off but otherwise the local Pokémon did not particularly note our presence, even when Dewgong used its tail to catapult itself into the deep water and made a huge splash. Much like myself these clones had been born fully developed without experiencing evolution, and the first hour of their existence had been to be thrown into combat. Now they had a chance to behave the way they should: like the children they really were.

Mew formed a pinkish bubble in the air and laid down while I turned away from the group and peered into the forest. Venusaur was befriending a couple of Caterpie that were seemingly curious about the flower on its back, but that was all. I could sense no threat far and wide, but that was not to say that there was none. However, my attention was soon taken when I felt fur brushing against my leg. Meowthtwo had come up and was asking for rubs.

“You should relax too”, it said as I squatted next to it and rubbed behind its ears with my nubby fingers.

"I can’t let my guard down. I’m responsible for our group", I responded.

“Just ask Mew to keep watch for a bit. You shouldn’t be the only one that doesn’t get to enjoy themselves.” When I did not respond it turned its head to look up at me and caught a direct ray of sunlight with the coin on its forehead, reflecting it into my face. I involuntarily squinted, but then turned my head to look into the sky. It was a beautiful day indeed.

"Can I trust you to keep Mew from dozing off for a few minutes, say ten?"

“Just ten though. The sun’s making me lazy too.” As if to confirm that statement it yawned and stretched its arms with the claws extending.

"Very well. I will not be away overlong." I relayed the message to Mew, who acknowledged me with a short glance from a half-open eye and didn’t move from its ‘bed’ atop the bubble, not even to pat Meowthtwo when it came to lay down next to it. Perhaps I should come back after five minutes after all.

Again I turned my eyes skywards and gathered my concentration. Then I pushed myself into the air at maximum speed, blasting off so fast that I kicked a small crater into the sand below me. Within moments I had reached the lower-hanging clouds - the tiny ones that hung around in the otherwise blue-colored sky - but I kept going. Beneath me the world shrunk down as I rose away from it, the beach I had stood on turned into a yellow strip along the edge of a far larger landmass and the clone Pokémon became tiny dots.

When I stopped I knew that I was higher than where humans flew their commercial planes. If it was a rainy day I would be above the raincloud layer now. I stretched my arms, legs and tail and filled my lungs with the thin air. I wouldn’t be able to stay this high for long before starting to have problems, but a minute or two would be fine.

Then I noticed that I was still rising. Was this the momentum of my ascent? No, I was certain that I’d stopped myself. Nontheless I applied some downward force with my psychic power to nudge myself in the right direction. I’d just let myself drop and slow my descent once I reached a good height for breathing. But I did not start descending. I continued to ascend, at breakneck speed.

Weird, I thought to myself as I saw the last of the clouds zoom past me. Above me the sky was darkening as if it was turning to nighttime. I’m not feeling afraid at all. I consciously knew that I should be panicking as my body gasped for air and the blue and green planet below me turned dark. It felt surreal, but the pain in my chest was not.

The last thought I had before I passed out was that Earth seen from this far away looked beautiful.


Where… what…

What’s happening?

This feels… familiar. I remember this place.

This is… where I was born.

Have I died? Is this what it’s like?

Bubbles rise around me in the dark. I cannot see them, but I can hear them. This is just like back then. Dr. Fuji’s laboratory. The tank I was born… that I was created in. It is where I dreamt of Mew’s life. Of the river that it swam through and the jungle it flew over. It is where I met Ambertwo. I remember that I then opened my eyes and saw the scientists behind the glass.

I remember shattering that glass. Is that what will happen next?

Nothing happens… but am really just a spectator that re-watches my life? Could it be that…

I opened my eyes, slowly and carefully. But I was not met with the expected humans in coats beyond the glass. Instead there was darkness, and a single large green and blue world in it. I realized that it could not be Earth because it had rings around it like the planet Saturn.

I felt confusion well up inside me and reached my hand out towards the planet, only to find it stopped a short distance away from me, by an unyielding cold surface. Glass.

Is this a tank again? Am I inside a laboratory again? But why do I see this image of outer space? Is it a trick to confuse me? Could there be a screen beyond the glass displaying fake images?

… should I try to break the glass and escape?

I decided against that. If it was indeed a trick then they would eventually slip up. And if it was not and for whatever reason I was indeed in space, the glass protected me. No matter how powerful I am, not even I cannot defy nature. I would freeze or suffocate instantly.

On the other hand I couldn’t just accept that I was floating in space above an unknown planet, stuck inside a glass tank. The only thing that remotely made sense was that I was in space, since I had flown skywards and then, for some reason, been dragged further up against my will.

I then realized that the planet was slowly coming closer. No, not slowly, it had to be immensely fast if I could see it grow with my naked eye. A quick calculation in my head said that if this planet was the size of Earth I had to be about as far away as the moon right now. To approach it at this speed… I would be reaching the ground in a minute. And if my estimate about my distance was correct, that meant I was approaching at almost a fiftieth of the speed of light.

There was no way a flimsy glass tank could protect me from anything at this speed. If I did not want to end my life torn apart by the friction of entering the atmosphere or as a crater I would need to act, and fast.

The pod became surrounded in blue flames as I exercised my psychic power on it. I applied all my force in the opposite direction and, when I realized I wasn’t slowing down in the slightest, I attempted to redirect the pod to a high orbit. This worked better, as fortunately I wasn’t descending at a vertical angle. Even so I knew that I was still approaching the planet rapidly. Already I was entering distances where Earth would have satellites in high orbit.

It was only much later, when the planet beneath me filled out my field of view, that I was able to stabilize the tank and, with relatively little effort, keep it from falling further so that I was suspended above the planet which slowly continued to rotate beneath. Six thousand kilometers per second approaching Earth, four hundred times the top speed of a human-made rocket, slowed down to zero in less than a minute. I felt a little impressed with myself. And yet, realistically this made no sense. My psychic powers were powerful to be sure, but to decelerate myself at… say a hundred and fifty kilometers every second was ludicrous, even in outer space. If this was indeed a trick, it was an immensely elaborate one to simulate all this and react to my psychic power usage - and I had felt the exertion of slowing myself down. I concluded that this could not be a trick, then.

For a brief moment the memory of the Pokémon reviving the petrified human, Ash Ketchum, flashed through my head. A miracle. Had I performed one such miracle myself just now? Had some divine creature decided to intervene? A week ago I would have dismissed these thoughts as laughable wishful thinking. Now I was not so sure.

What am I thinking? Now isn’t the time to philosophize about the supernatural. I have a more pressing matter at hand.

Namely the remainder of my descent. I was suspended above the unknown planet but I could not stay here, obviously. I had to descend. Far beneath me were clouds obscuring my vision of the surface, but between the gray and white layers I caught glimpses of an extensive structure. A human city, perhaps? Yet none of the landmasses looked even remotely like Earth’s, which confirmed my prior observation that this was not Earth, unless I had somehow traveled through time to when the continents were different. Either way I would have to throw out my prejudices. It may be that this world was inhabited by wholly different species. With that in mind, I began to allow myself to fall.

I opted to let myself drop at a slight angle. As luck would have it I had the sun behind me so I needed not to circle around the planet to land in an area with daylight, but a straight descent was harder to control. At these speeds however, maintaining a steady descent was feasible, I only needed to be careful. Soon I felt the friction of air form around the tank, until it was encased in flames. Being wary of heating the cold glass too fast and cracking it I encased it in a Barrier, then allowed myself to accelerate as gravity’s pull drew me in with increasing force.


Meanwhile somewhere in Arcadia a few people looked up to the sky as they witnessed yet another unidentified object leaving a blazing trail behind it descending upon their planet. “That’s the third time this week”, an older man remarked with a concerned frown. “First that black blob, then the naked woman, now one that leaves a blue trail.”

“Why are people falling from the sky? Is this some kind of sign from above?” a woman asked in a frightened tone.

“Probably just a spacecraft that exploded in low orbit”, a younger girl pointed out. “The debris are burning up as they fall down.”

“Those filthy otherworldlers squatting in orbit better stop dumping their trash onto our city!” an aged senior pointed out as he shook his fist at the sky.

These and many more impressions were shared throughout the city and even inside the palace, but the matter was soon forgotten about by the general population.


As I descended more and more details came into view. In hindsight I have come to the conclusion that the nutritional liquid must have been laced with some sort of sense-enhancing drug because I was able to see the world beneath me in breathtaking detail that day, but lost that super-sensitive vision soon after my landing. But that day I wondered if this was what a deity saw the world like: the big picture all around me, yet everything in more detail than even my enhanced brain could process. I had descended past the cloud layer into a drizzling afternoon and was just beneath the highest rainclouds, yet I could see the single leaves on the trees beneath me. I could see Caterpie-like creatures munching on some of them and I could see weirdly colored Pidgeys and Spearows nesting in the trees.

I focused my vision onto where I estimated my landing to be, and found myself surprised. There was a dark bog of some kind - no, not dark, completely black - surrounded by trees that looked singed. Has something exploded or released a heat wave of some kind?

I decided to find stabler ground to land on and settled for a clearing not far from the bog. Once I was only about a hundred meters above the treetops I manoeuvered myself to fly above it and from there hovered downwards and landed my makeshift spacecraft. With its purpose served, I released a Psywave around me that blasted the glass apart and spreaded shards and the nutritional fluid I had been suspended in all over the clearing. The shattering noise caused a few Pidgeys to fly up and away from the trees. I followed them with my eyes. No, those weren’t Pidgeys, those were… what? New Pokémon? The longer I looked at them, the fewer details I was able to make out. I blinked and looked down at my hands. My sight was returning to normal. Resigned, I stepped out of the destroyed tank, still wet with the liquid.

That was when, with the remainder of my sharpened vision, I noticed a big pair of eyes watching me. “You there”, I called out using broadcasted telepathy. “I know you’re there. Show yourself!”

The figure that appeared between the trees was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was somewhat taller than me, human in shape and with a body as black as the night. Its big eyes had flames burning above them and the green-lipped mouth opened to reveal a wide, toothy grin.

“YOUUUU!” the figure shouted, responding with a masculine voice. So it was a ‘he’... an unknown Dark-type Pokémon that could speak? I was immediately wary. A Dark-type was the worst possible matchup for me. “IS IT YOU WHO FELL FROM THE SKY INTO MY DOMAIN?” as he asked this, he accusingly pointed a claw-like finger at me.

“Yes”, I responded plainly. “What is this place, and who are you?”

The stranger’s face shifted from that big, grimacing smile into a surprised expression. It was almost comical. “You mean… YOU MEAN YOU DO NOT KNOW OF ME, AKU THE MASTER OF DARKNESS?”

Did his voice just slip a bit? Is this Aku really shouting at me all this time? He was probably trying to sound imposing but after that slip-up I had a harder time taking him seriously. “I have never heard that as a name”, I responded honestly, “but I believe that some humans refer to the Dark type as ‘Aku’.” Which translates to evil. A dark-type Pokémon named ‘Evil’... could he be a legendary Pokémon, an embodiment of darkness of some kind? I had better be wary.

“So this really is a new world”, Aku murmured to himself. Then he turned to me again and put on his wide-grin grimace. “VERY WELL! I SHALL FORGIVE YOU FOR INTRUDING UPON MY DOMAIN THIS ONCE, WORM. YOU MAY LIVE SO THAT YOU CAN TELL OTHERS OF ME! NOW TELL ME, MY CURIOUS-LOOKING SERVANT, WHAT IS YOUR NAME?”

Worm? I felt tempted to wipe that grin from his face with a Dynamicpunch, but to take on an opponent like this was risky. To proclaim himself sovereign over this territory and title himself ‘Master of Darkness’ he had to have at least some strength - unless he was blowing his ego. He was also a Dark-type and looked to be completely fit, while I was shaky on my legs after my flight through space. I did not gauge my chances of winning high… I would just have to play along for now.

“I am called Mewtwo, the genetic Pokémon.”

“Mew-two?” Aku repeated, looking a little puzzled. Then his eyes narrowed and his mouth shifted into an amused smile. “Mew and two?” he asked, holding up two fingers.

He had to notice, didn’t he? I grunted and nodded. “Yes. I was made based on the genetic template of Mew. My creators were not very… creative regarding my name.”

“Mew-two… hehehe…”

That was when I discovered that I could not use Dynamicpunch - my body refused to gather the required energy in my fist. So I resigned myself to letting him laugh for now, and mentally picturing my fist wiping that toothy grin from his face. Maybe one day.


Level 1
A funny name that belongs to the second person that Aku met in this world. Snickering from the humorous thought of the strange name comes out of Aku's tooth-filled grin for a brief time but snaps himself back into seriousness along with his face straightening out. The word "Pokémon" is foreign to Aku and figures that's the name of the species that Mewtwo belongs too. Also, this genetic being is giving off a familiar scent that the master of darkness could smell, similar to his own anatomy but different. Mortal didn't fit Mewtwo that Aku can tell but light and pure goodness are absent from it.

Strange that a genetic experiment of a Pokémon is almost quite alike the shogun of sorrow. The more he thinks about the topic, the more wicked ideas fill Aku's mind. Then he forms the same smile and eyes as before but with his brain hopped up on the evil plans that can work. The genetic legendary Pokémon didn't have any different thoughts towards Aku's first appearance.

"SO MEWTWO, I SENSE YOUR PRESENCE IS GREATER THAN A DULL MORTAL'S," Aku stats with a mighty expression about the genetically made Pokémon that stands in front of the lord of darkness.

"My DNA came from a mythical legendary Pokémon as I said before named Mew," The legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo communicates with Aku as his permanently angry eyes focus onward at him.

Aku's face shifts to a curious and questionable look when Mewtwo mentioned "Pokémon" since that's the first time anyone mentions that single word.

"Pokémon?" Aku questions with his authority as his arms crossed while thinking about the funny word.

Interesting, so this embodiment of darkness is no Pokémon, the thought comes across Mewtwo after Aku never heard Pokémon.

"That is what I am. The term Pokémon refers to a broad range of non-human lifeforms that make up half of the world's life where I come from. The other half is humans who coexist with Pokémon: weak creatures that rely on tech and Pokémon that they capture and train, yet they mistake that strength for their own,” Mewtwo explains more about his origin before arriving here, Erde Nona.

This is perfect, Mewtwo is similar toward Aku about humanity as he long ago ruled over mankind of Earth and made them pay tributes to his greatness.

"Hehehehehehehe" Aku snickering about the idea of Mewtwo helping his plans fall into place of this world.

It thinks that Aku is laughing about the origins of the legendary Pokémon species and really wants to teach the embodiment of evil a lesson or two with his power.

The master of darkness clears his throat after snickering and becomes serious again for the moment to not act like a joker too much to this new suppose ally, Mewtwo.


His face awaits with seriousness and authority for Mewtwo's response toward Aku's offer.


Level 1
As Aku spoke, I did not let the time pass unused: I tried my way through the list of techniques that I used to be able to draw on, both for combat and utility. I was repeatedly disappointed: not even the Psywave I had earlier used to break out of my pod worked anymore. Had I lost something when leaving the liquid? Was it the presence of Aku before me? … no, that could not be it. His body would merely be unaffected by an attack, it would not prevent its execution altogether.

What was most annoying was that my telepathy only worked one way. I could not read his mind - not that I needed to, given that his face showed his thoughts so outrageously that it was almost comical. I wondered if he did it on purpose, making grimaces for some reason.

Just as he addressed me again, making that dubious offer, I found that I was able to use Shadow Ball - not my preferred move, but a helpful one nonetheless. I closed my fingers around it to hide it from Aku’s view while I reabsorbed the energy into myself and formulated a response to his offer, but Aku was impatient.

“WELL?” Aku asked, his voice booming loudly once more.

“Before I accept: what is your intent for humanity?” I asked as I went through the offer again. Though Aku had first worded it as ‘working together’ everything else sounded like he wanted me as his underling. I did not doubt that if I refused he would attack me, however.


If I had eyebrows I would have raised one. “Entertainment? Like what?”

“Like… LIKE DESTROYING THEIR VILLAGES OF COURSE! OR THROWING THEM IN GLADIATOR ARENAS! THAT SORT OF THING!” replied Aku. Again his expression read like a book. No doubt he was wondering what I would have done with them.

“Isn’t it wasteful to keep the weaklings alive for cheap entertainment?”, I pointed out.

To that, the shogun of sorrow fraternally put his huge hand on my shoulder. “You’re not thinking BIG enough, my friend”, he said, thankfully in his quieter voice as he was right next to me. “What fun is there in wiping them all? I shall leave enough alive to live in fear of me, to build new towns for me to burn down and maybe even mount an occasional rebellion to crush!”

“A long-term plan to squeeze the most enjoyment out of them that you can… very cunning.”

“THANK YOU! I LEARNED FROM THE BEST… THAT BEING MYSELF, HAHAHA!” he said, laughing, as he bowed theatrically. Then he looked at me again and asked: “DO YOU ACCEPT, THEN?”

“... very well. Let us join forces.”

“EXCELLENT!” He clapped his hands, making a sound so loud that it startled a few more Flying-types from the nearby trees. “THEN TELL ME, MEWTWO, WHAT CAN YOU CONTRIBUTE TO OUR JOINT EFFORTS?”

“In Kanto I was known as the most powerful Pokémon. I am a capable fighter with-”

“A FIGHTER? WITH ARMS LIKE THESE?” he interrupted me while leaning in a bit.

“... with psychic powers”, I finished my sentence as I glared at him. “Where a Machamp could lift an Onix or bend a beam of steel with its physical strength, I can do the same with a simple thought.”

“Well that is a weird power. Why an onyx of all things?”

“What do you… no! I mean the Pokémon, not the gem.” Seeing that Aku still looked confused I opted to instead send a mental image of the giant rock snake Pokémon to his mind, side by side with a human to show what he meant.

“Ohhhh. So you can lift heavy things and bend steel… hmmmm…” The way his lips curled and his eyes narrowed to form a cunning smile made me figure that he had some idea. He leant in again. “You could bend steel items too, then? Say, a sword?”


“Yeeees, very good…” He stroked his chin, maintaining that smile. I wondered what he was speaking about. Sword-type moves were Steel type, not Fighting, which he would be weak to - was he thinking of a specific Pokémon that was giving him trouble? I could not think of any, much less a legendary one, that would have a sword at their disposal.


Level 1
The wind blows across the hinterlands that lightly shakes the branches of trees while the duo started their travel through this foreign land. Aku walks on his makeshift blackened legs of darkness while Mewtwo levitates off the ground by 3 feet and hovers smoothly over it in a slow manner. The master of darkness is leading in front while the legendary unnatural Pokémon follows him from behind. They go through shrubbery and any plant life that stood in their way. Having no powers still bothering Aku greatly since in this situation a bird transformation is a great fit.

Witnessing the Pokémon's levitation power gives Aku a thought that Mewtwo is capable to fly too. It's a relief for Aku since when the time comes for fast traveling, he wouldn't have to figure a way for the Pokémon to hitch a ride. Silence fills the air all over the forest as they still travel. Nearby, a stream of running clean water flows peacefully down the creek with a couple big rocks exposed from the surface of the natural water. They stand near the side of the creek that wasn't deep to cross. The scenery around them is beautiful and natural to witness in person. Silence breaks off from something rustling in the shrubbery across them. Mewtwo isn't startled but Aku waits for any so-called "threat" to reveal itself.

A doe comes out of the shrubs extremely cautiously toward the source of water. Her hooves step softly with precise quietness to not let any predators know she is there. The animal notices the two strange alien beings to this world that's Aku and Mewtwo. For survival, water is necessary due to her natural instincts kicking in, so she continues to move toward the creek in the same manner as before. Mewtwo observes this creature and tries to think what this mammal Pokémon is called.

Aku rolls his eyes in disappointment that there was no native conscious being to spread his greatness with fear. The doe bows her head toward the water from the creek being thirsty. Her mouth moves in pattern to drink the clean water. Curiosity got the betterment of Mewtwo and he tries to communicate to what he thinks this is a Pokémon.

"Hello, can you understand me?" it speaks with calmness and gracefully to the native doe.

The doe looks up in a panic motion as she's startled by Mewtwo's talking that connecting to her brain. She prances away quickly from the stream and back into the dense forest with her instincts alerting about a possible predator.

"What? You never have seen a weakling coward doe before?" Aku questions with shoulders shrugging about Mewtwo's knowledge of an earthling animal.

"It was worth trying out, to get the better knowledge of this world," Mewtwo replies looking to its left side where Aku stands at.

"Anything that is harmless, or frail deserve none of my time, well most of the time I wipe out weakling mortals that always deserve it." Aku pronounces about his look on certain living creatures but Mewtwo doesn't have a concerned comment about it.

The legendary Pokémon levitates across the creek as Aku walks over it. They continue their hike through the wilderness. While traveling Aku is making strange noises with his mouth such as grunting, sighs, and humming. This concerns the legendary Pokémon and question about Aku's noises while they walk. It is agitated a little from how annoying his sounds are.

"What are you doing?" Mewtwo is being curious about Aku's behavior.

The master of darkness is embarrassed to admit he didn't have most of his extraordinary powers and he still needs to have Mewtwo convinced that he's superior. If spilling his secrets all over the place, that would make him become weaker then now. He had to come up with some sort of explanation.

"I'm meditating. Yeah meditating that's what I'm doing. It helps me more to rule this world with an iron fist." Aku lies with his toothy grin showing while his eyes sort of squint with his wide grin.

Mewtwo is concern about Aku but focuses more about their path ahead of them. They stumble upon a clear big patch in the forest of a place that once had civilization. Stone ruins surrounded them that involved with moss-covered walls and archways. The supernatural travelers keep moving forward to pass through this area. Something is off while coming through this place of old ruins. It's like they're not the only ones here.

The legendary Pokémon senses something that's disturbing him greatly. Aku sniffs the air with his nostrils and a familiar stench comes across him.

"Hmmmm, I smell foolish mortals," Aku states with a stern expression on his face.

"I agree too." Mewtwo acknowledges with the shogun of sorrow while it concentrates a small shadow ball forming in its hands.

Suddenly an ambush is upon them with smoke bombs airborne and impacting the ground quick, engulfing the two travelers in smoke. Human bandits put their red bandannas on to cover half of their identities and charge forth from their hiding spots to overrun the two. The gang of ambushers has weapons that consist of swords, axes, hatchets, flails, and daggers. Some archers got into their position from a good distance and draw their bows in the case for support on the battle. With this chaos happening, Aku grows in his form to appear intimidating against the attackers. Both of his legs become engulfed by the darkness that consumes them and made his lower half into a cone with little dark tendrils sprouting across the ground.

They shift their stance into combat ready to get this fight over so the bandits suffer excruciating pain. Aku's face lights up with an angry face that shows his jagged teeth. The shadow ball grows immensely in both Mewtwo's hands as it levitates high into the air to get a better advantage against the bandits and escape the smoke screen.


Level 1
Continuation from the thread Darkness, a clone and Santa's elf walk into a sled, read up for a complete understanding of Aku's and Mewtwo's adventures!
“That’s the last of it. Still made it in time, good.”

As Aku, the elf and I were sitting in the sled which was flying over the forests of Erde Nona once more, the elf went over his list and remarked on its completion while Aku leant back with a very satisfied smile and I idly studied the forest beneath us.

“I’ll stop near here, where we started out”, the elf said. “No idea what you’d be doing so deep in the forests, but I’m not judging.”

“I started my prior conquest in a forest too”, Aku said with a happy look in his eyes as he looked at the starlit sky. “Wiped out the dinos when I landed. Good times…”

“By the way”, the elf interrupted Aku’s reminiscing, “the bag of coal is surprisingly empty. Did you not hand out just one lump each to the naughty kids? Our list wasn’t even that long.”

“Ohhh, no. Some of the kids were so naughty that we had to give them more coal”, Aku said with a smug grin. “What’s the difference? A few extra kilograms here and there, that’s all…”

‘A few extra kilograms’... He had all but poured the coal over the kids’ heads, handing them enormous sacks after they listened to his spiel. And he gave them directions to stores they could sell all that coal to, so that they could use the money to buy their own presents. All to spread his name, training the youth for the future. A shrewd plan, but I had to admit it sounded effective.

I had been left with the nice kids on the list, which I’d worked through without any incidents. Save, of course, for the two kids who had asked for a Sentret and a Snubbull and were going to be gifted a Pokéball with the respective two Pokémon in them. I swapped those out for a pair of sweaters depicting Pokémon and released the Sentret and Snubbull into the plains instead. “Steer clear of the towns and cities”, I advised them, “you’ve seen how the elves of Saint Clause treat you already - you are treated as objects to satisfy the wishes of some children, shipped off to unknown owners without explanation. You’d end up as pets at best, or in some mad scientist’s laboratory at worst.” I’d have told them more, but we were on a tight schedule if we wanted to finish the list.

“Well”, the elf interrupted my thoughts, “I can land somewhere nearby if you want to get off, but then I have to bring the sleigh back home.”

Aku still held his hands behind his head and leant back in the sleigh, but at least he turned his eyes towards me as he asked: “See any human settlements, Mewtwo?”

“No”, I answered. “But… there’s something over in that direction. Looks like an excavation of sorts.” I raised a hand. “Elf. Stop the sleigh for a moment, I want to take a look.

“I told you, my name’s-” the elf protested but I didn’t hear him anymore, having left the sleigh already. I flew high up and examined the digsite from a better angle. Looked like some sort of ruin was being dug up… and there were humans weaseling around it. They had tents pitched near the treeline and tarps of various sizes covering up the digsite, probably to protect sensitive items. I flew back to the sleigh.

“Looks like an archeological digsite”, I told Aku. “Looks like something large.”


“Looks like a town, maybe a castle or temple. I estimate the ruins that have been uncovered to be upwards of two hundred meters across.”


I snuck a peek at the elf rolling his eyes when he thought we weren’t looking at him and adjusted the trajectory of the sleigh to land near the digsite, but among the trees. “Can’t risk anyone seeing me, you know”, he pointed out.

“So, Aku. What is it you aim to do in this digsite?” I asked.


“Hold on! Our elf friend is trying to escape!” I interrupted him. Indeed, while Aku shouted his plans out for the entire forest to hear, the elf had taken back off and was now rapidly accelerating away from us.

“WHAT? AH! HOW DARE YOU!” Angrily, he fired a pair of laser beams from his eyes but they missed the elf, only singing the sleigh’s passenger compartment a little. I flew up and threw a Shadow Ball after the sleigh, but it was too slow. Then I reached out with Psychic… but it didn’t work! No, of course! I’d forgotten about my power loss upon my arrival to this world. While pushing back my frustration, I floated back down. The sleigh was much faster than I could fly. Pursuing the elf would be pointless.


“Leave him”, I said. “He would have tricked us sooner or later anyway. Besides, he left us the hats. And he’s left us somewhere you can continue your… conquest.”


Advisor? Before I could say anything, he continued.


Resigned, I followed. Perhaps these ruins would offer me an occasion to pull a fast one on him, just like the elf had. Though I could not deny that the idea of exploring an ancient ruin might prove profitable. So for now, I followed.


Level 1
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They continue through the dense forest in the direction to the excavation site while the morning dew was fresh. The sun has barely risen yet and from last night, Aku and Mewtwo weren't able to get enough sleep from helping. Though, that doesn't bother the two supernatural beings since they are used to days filled with activity to make a mortal wore out. The master of darkness continued to walk on two legs while his shapeshifting still wasn't working. Mewtwo levitated as it followed Aku toward their chosen destination.

While walking, Aku was thinking about how their entrance should be when they arrive. He thought about using his growth ability to make his presence grand and important as if he was a god. This will help get attention and make the mortals tremble by his powerful appearance. Of course, Mewtwo will be at his side and a powerful enforcer to show them that they mean business. Everything sounded perfect on paper but Aku wasn't worried about messing up since nothing will harm him.

On the other hand, if someone threatened Mewtwo there should be no issues too since Aku will defend him from how much loyalty the cloned legendary Pokémon was showing for the meantime. The shogun of sorrow broke their silence about their entrance plan.

"So, here's the plan Mewtwo, we won't attack anyone unless they are too stupid enough to understand we are stronger than them and if they keep attacking. I'll announce that they will bow down to me and know who is master of their world. If somebody steps out of line, you can make them an example of why not to disobey ME! At that point, they will do anything I or you want. Got it?" Aku explained his plan with a malicious smile across his face as he looked back at his follower after making the plan.

The artificial Pokémon had no comment about the plan and agreed with Aku just for now with a simple approving nod.

"Hehehehehehe!!!!" the master of evil tee-heed about their plan he just came up with

They were now one mile away from the ancient expedition site as they continue their travel. The sun has now just risen over the horizon and brightened for a new day. At this time, the expedition team was awakened and finished cooking breakfast over the campfire. They ready for another day that will unveil answers about the old vast empire that once ruled this planet or ancient artifacts. Now was the time for the archaeologists to start continuing their work on this bygone temple.

Before the team could even leave their campsite at the outside of the temple, a black intelligent living mass formed before them. Out of the mass of darkness, Aku rose with his growth ability making the mortals appear beneath his authority. This whole scene confused and filled them with fear from this mystical lord of darkness appearance. Aku looked down at them with his eyes wide open and sharp teeth showing as they clinch. The great eyebrows on top of his continued to burn with crackling and popping. This was a conversation stopper as they questioned if this was a possible haunted spirit that they awoke when they started investigating the temple. The shogun of sorrow introduces himself to the weak mortals with a hand gesture toward them.


The master of darkness raised his arms high in the air in an expressive way of his power of command and eyes closed from so much laughter that made him smile. Aku's ego was so big now which made Mewtwo roll its eyes as it arrived with Aku. The legendary biological Pokémon levitated twenty feet off the ground by Aku's side. The archeologists were shocked by the sight of the two powerful beings that were before them and were debating if to defend themselves. One of their spirits were already broken by the intimidation of these god-like looking beings.

"Oh, shogun of sorrow, Aku, was your presence awaken by the disturbance of this once holy temple he discovered?" the leader of this expedition team spoke while looking up at Aku and Mewtwo with confidence and tried to keep his fear beneath him.

"NOT EVEN CLOSE FOOLISH HUMAN!!!!!!! I AM AKU AND MY PRESENCE IS MUUUUUCH GREATER THAN YOUR WORLD'S HISTORY. NO MORE QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED UNLESS BY ME! NOW GO FORTH AND BE THE FIRST TO PAVE THE ROAD OF THIS GREAT VAST FUTURE EMPIRE!!!!! " Aku commanded the humans for his doing and while pointing toward at them with his sharp index finger. A serious expression was on his face at the current moment.

A wide smile spread across his face as he made the team of archaeologists submit to him and go to work for him while Mewtwo monitored them. It was satisfying to the legendary artificial Pokémon to see these humans now being controlled under their orders.


Level 1
While Aku handled the PR, I turned my interest to the excavation efforts before me. I had no shame in admitting that, in his own way, he was far better at people interactions than me. Intimidation and domination was after all an interaction. And me? The only face-to-face experiences I’d had was with a mind-controlled nurse and a handful of Pokémon trainers. And even the latter ones I’d just done battle with, not tried to intimidate into submission.

Thus, I landed by the digsite and lifted one of the tarps out of the way. Let’s see here, what had they excavated? Mosaic tiles lining the walls of this… what was this, a room that had lost its roof? And this, the first thing that stuck out to me, looked like a skull. I tried to make sense of it, stepping back to take in the bigger picture displayed. Was that a warning sign or did the mosaic represent a death scene? And why was there such a large amount of red tiles on the left? Maybe the mosaic depicted a great fire?

“MEWTWO, MY LOYAL SUBORDINATE!” Aku shouted, pulling me out of my archeological thoughts. I floated up out of the pit.

“I am here”, I responded. “What is it?”


“Treasure, ancient tech and the like?” I repeated. “Do you already know what these humans were looking for?”

“I WAS ABOUT TO GET THERE. YOU SHOULD BE AROUND TO LISTEN!” Then he beckoned for me to come closer with narrowed eyes and his smile gone. I wondered what he wanted, but floated into whispering range, and he continued in a lowered tone of voice: “Hadn’t I told you to stand by in case they tried to act up? Make an example of one and such?”

“These are simple humans - scientists, even”, I spoke back, now speaking directly to Aku via telepathy. As he had to lower his voice I cut the scientists off from the conversation that way. “They are not going to rebel. I figured you didn’t need me anymore.”

Aku looked displeased despite my reasoning. “Remember your place and my orders next time, hmm?”

“Very well.” Given our positions I had little recourse but to give in, for now. An open confrontation wouldn’t have ended favorably for me no matter which way I turned it. And my agreement seemed to appease Aku in any case.

“GOOD”, he said after leaning back and returning to his usual commanding voice. “THEN LET US HEAR WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN UNCOVERED.”

The three archeologists started going on at great length about a groundbreaking discovery of an ancient temple, likely a place of worship for a long-lost civilization that could shed new light on the religious history of the inhabitants of Erde Nona from thousands to possibly tens of thousands of years back, until Aku cut them short with a well-placed eye beam that made one of them jump back to avoid having his feet burnt. After that they condensed their explanation into several key points:

One, this ancient temple was likely a place of religious practice. As such, offerings such as gold and gems were probably hidden away somewhere.

Two, it was definitely possible that weaponry of some kind was stashed down here too. If their estimates were correct the civilization that had built this temple had had a militarized religion whose high priests wielded highly destructive weapons in holy wars.

Three, they couldn’t tell how big the temple was yet as numerous entryways were blocked. It definitely went deeper than what they’d uncovered so far, but they had trouble getting there.

And four, there was a curious central theme of three elements: blue for water, red for fire and a yellow element that they believed to be lightning or energy of some kind.

“Wait”, I interrupted them when they came to that point. “You are certain of that? That the temple is devoted to that exact trinity of elements?”

“Well, not certain but everything points to it. The deeper parts of the temple are likely better preserved and have less weathered mosaics.”


“Nothing yet that I am certain of. I have a suspicion, but it’s near-baseless conjecture at this point. We should figure out how to get deeper into the temple.”
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