**DEAD12** [25] Kefka

Karl Jak

Level 1
Apr 24, 2019

Personality - Kefka is a maniacal tyrant. He’s playful and silly at times, severe and unmerciful at others. Kefka is a nihilistic sociopath who sees little value in most people. As his strength grows, so do his opinions of himself. He plays the fool, but is ever the strategist. He is fearless and unrelenting.

Possible Reactions - Kefka enjoys playing with his food. If he maintains a clear upper hand, things may be drawn out. If not, perhaps he can exact brutal punishment instead.

The Mad King is no coward, but he knows when to flee.

Relationships - Not anymore.

Combat Style - Kefka was a fighting general and court mage for many years. He’s led razings of cities and defeats of armies. A constant strategist, Kefka is always looking for his advantage, even as he acts with disinterest. Allies have worth as tools. Nothing more.

Eligible Abilities

Dancing Mad
Immune to Pain (200)
Agility II (400)
Speed (200)
Ongoing (100)

Maddened by judgmental fury, Kefka disregards his own safety and becomes wholly focused on spreading chaos and destruction against whoever drove him into his rage-state.

Extra - Kefka is cocky, sadistic, and haughty. He thinks he’s better than you and won’t hesitate to taunt you or crack a dark joke in a difficult situation.