**DEAD13** [26] Dr McNinja

Karl Jak

Level 1
Apr 24, 2019
Appearance -

Personality –
To be reductive, Doc is basically a PG-13, Hollywood-friendly Deadpool. Doc is, to put it mildly, a petulant man-child. His ultimate goal is to be a superhero, even if he acts like he’s too grown-up to idolize superheroes. He’s a bit of an oddball with a poor sense of priorities, taking seemingly random things very seriously while remaining irreverent towards others. He is very capable of being professional, though he’s clearly not comfortable with it.

Possible Reactions –
Doc is very easily bored by waiting, preferring to always be moving or doing something active. In fact, the man doesn’t seem to rest. Doc appreciates intelligence and proficiency, though he may initially seem to not care. He’s especially appreciative of someone who can keep up with his shenanigans. He becomes especially irreverent towards people of high authority, especially if he feels they do not deserve their position.

Relationships –
Doc has a somewhat hostile relationship with Dr. Caustic. He seems to perceive Caustic as the Joker to his Batman. Otherwise, he usually judges people based on their appearance, and how “rad” they look.

‘Combat’ Style –
Doc is likely to very limply sue for peace when confronted. He tries to be reasonable, but he’s usually itching to fight. When confronted with a low-threat enemy, Doc will likely toy with them, rambling about something unrelated and, in general, is the combat equivalent of a troll. When confronted with a large threat, Doc will likely start showing a more cowardly side. He will likely say something like, “Oh. That seems dangerous.” before attempting stealth. Though he remains irreverent, he’s not above asking for a timeout or otherwise trying to avoid the fight. But beware: Doc is most dangerous when you think he’s given up. Furthermore, his superhero moral code will not allow him to fully abandon a fight, especially if allies are involved.

Eligible Abilities –
He is a Ninja (sans Concealment)
Ninja Strength
Where the Hell Did He Go
I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts
Ninjas Don’t Look at Explosions
Nightshade Strike

Extra –
He’s not quite so Deadpool as you might think. He’s like a cross between Deadpool and Batman.

Quotes –
“I’m a ninja.”
“I’m also a doctor
“I AIN’T AFRAID OF NO ____” when using the skill.
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