**DEAD15** [28] Ketkin Flynn (Unmade)

Karl Jak

Level 1
Apr 24, 2019
Appearance - a tall broad shouldered laborer, cut and lean with scars from various explosions or fights that he would describe as “minor incidents”. He usually wears comfortable leather adventuring gear and ALWAYS wears his gangly exoskeleton of strange runes, emitters, and metal braces. His auburn hair is spiked and wild but is cut to the same awkward flat top length any time he activates his suit. the hard light plates that make up his activated armor have not only color changing properties but can even display small groups of words and simple images.

Personality - Ketkin Flynn is a Grizzled Aquanaut. Long periods of time doing manual labor with nothing but the organic and mechanical sea life of his home world to accompany him have left Ket dry and antisocial. Though he is not unnecessarily aggressive or distrusting by any means, ket’s demeanor could often be equated to something between a predator eyeing up its prey and a mechanic eyeing up a broken car. He is always aware of his surroundings and constantly ponders on how to improve them. Despite his highly efficient and cold blooded blue collar disposition, the horrific vastness of the sea has given him a sense of reverence and humility lying at the core of his actions that is rarely openly expressed.

Possible reactions - ket is a strategist. He will never show his hand unnecessarily or rush in without a plan. He understands the value of the bold and the brazen and doesn’t mind using them to further his own goals but he’ll never truly trust anyone. He respects both brains and brawn but detests needless showboating and narcissism. He feels that his combat prowess will be next to nothing in comparison to the other contestants and intends to use the environment and any scavenged equipment to their fullest extent.

Relationships - there’s only one person ket would even consider trusting within the bounds of this competition, And even then only because of his exemplary work protecting kets moisture farming operation. Nico Cinder. He’s hot headed and hot blooded and he has EXTREMELY hot breath but they work well together.

Combat style - Ketkin will avoid a “fight” at any cost unless he is sure he has the advantage. He will attempt to gain high ground, set traps, or build contraptions and devices to aid him if possible. If forced into a face to face confrontation he’ll never make the first move. He will bob and weave, pray to the old gods that his chaotic flight abilities work for him rather than against him, and keep his eyes wide open for a counter attack.

Abilities -
  • The Runaway Balloon: something about the journey to the cross roads has given ket episodes of uncontrollable floatation. Whether it’s opportune or not ket’s body acts as if it’s underwater and can be pushed or pulled freely by friendly and/or hostile forces. (Flight I) (chaotic) (just super jumping

Extra - He doesn’t openly express much frankly, preferring to use gestures when applicable or even better just getting to work. When speaking is necessary he commands attention and inspires action with his gravely voice. His singular beloved last time is making terrible aquatic puns with %1000 seriousness while barking an order or offering some surprisingly sage advice and moving on without so much as a wink to acknowledge it.

Quotes -
“I don’t think this requires one of my ingenious plans, we know they’re coming.” Ket orders. “When we hear their engines we paint sand simple as that.”

“You’re no good to me belly up, flounder. Take this it’ll help.”

*ket stares at you blankly*

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