Death Game 2 Further Musings

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The Man in Red

malignant masked misanthrope
Jul 30, 2020
Further ramblings and musings which come to mind as I go about setting up the exact specifics of the rules for the next iteration of Death Game.

When it comes to the matter of the fights, encounters, life-or-death clusterfucks and special events of various and bloody kind, there are three big choices which have weighed on my mind, between keeping to quick and expedient madness or drawing back and slowing down a little to allow for a little more freedom and participation.

To such an end, here are the three things I ponder over currently:
  1. Option 1 -- The 'Standard' -- The same as for the first season. A notification about the fight/event/imminent murder goes up. I do my research, take a coffee break, decide my deciding, and then write up the scene, conclusion and results.
  2. Option 2 -- The 'Dungeon Master' -- A bit of a different take on things. A notification about the fight/event/bad laundry day goes up. All participants involved have some amount of time (probably quite short, in the neighborhood of 12 to 24 hours at most) to get a post of relatively short max length up, to cover the 'meat' of the overall scene. I will take that input and decide the outcome, then write up the conclusion and results.
  3. Option 3 -- The 'Judge' -- Even more of a departure, and functioning like a standard fight. The participants involved will have a relatively short time (longer than above, but likely still only a day or two) to get up between 1 and 3 posts (depending on how much they want to write and time limits and the 'intensity' of the fight) to cover virtually the entire content of the fight. Then I will take all that information, write up any last minute snippets or extra details (in the event of unexpected shenanigans or death) and the results.

Obviously the second and third options involve much more participation and place a (bigger) time crunch on participants, the third much moreso than the second, but they similarly allow for much more input from players and participants to directly sway things in their favor one way or another.

Do feel free to ask questions if you have any, as well as expand on any reasons for picking whatever or opinions you have about each choice, as I could always use more of that.

And as a final addendum: currently the plan for this is tentatively slated as starting in early-mid January of 2022, opening signups shortly thereafter, and the actual event starting around the beginning of February. Voice your predicted interest/availability/concerns with that timeframe if you have any! I can try and shuffle things around some as possible or see about any special allowances, if need be, to help accommodate people's participation.