Describe your relationship with your character like you're dating.


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Aug 15, 2018
Mesa Roja
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Did this on OV, and it got some really interesting responses, so I figured I may as well do it here, too.
So, to try to explain this better than I did on OV:

All of us have a certain relationship with the character we're writing. a way of talking to them, of hearing them, and of working with them as they skip off and do what they'd like with their writer's assistance. A way of handling the characters we've written.
In this thread, we're going to try to break it down into something fun to read and easy to understand for fellow monkey brains, by explaining that character-writer relationship in the same fashion we'd discuss a dating relationship.
What this thread is is a way of describing your relationship with the character you write on a personal level, and maybe a way to find out more about it than you really thought.

What this thread is NOT, to avoid the confusion the OV got, is summing up a date with your character like a normal date. I'm looking to hear about your relationship you currently have with the character, not a couple sentences on how an actual date would go between the two of ya. Let's be honest, most of our characters are about as emotionally available as a sea cucumber with commitment issues anyways.

So that would of course make me the first one up:
For such a simple fit, it really was quite the ride.
We first met way back when, when he hit on me when we were much, much younger. I was having some little relationships with a few cool kids, but nothing major, nothing truly deep. we were kids. Ridley had also not really matured at the time, so when he pinned me to a tree and told me, 'you should be mine', I was very flattered, but didn't take it seriously. I didn't think this was the sort of thing that could turn into a real relationship back then - assumed he was just kind of a loud jerk that happened to look cool at the time. It was a pretty big mistake, honestly.

Surprisingly though, we managed to become friends anyways, and he stayed around as I went from relationship to relationship. He never stopped hitting on me, though, even though I'd always have an excuse. "They don't allow that sort of thing where I'm staying", or "I'm already happily in a relationship."

Funnily enough, more than one person asked me why we weren't already dating a few times since we started hanging out, and I honestly never had a great answer.

It wasn't until my darkest moment that his patience paid off. I'd recently had to move overseas, and it almost killed me - Kerrigan, I think we were already working out a break for ourselves, and I'm not sure if we could have patched things up honestly, but Weiss...

Weiss I miss dearly and still tear up thinking about. She was amazing, she was my rock, but she wasn't ready to move yet and I had to, had to get out of that town. When she's ready I know damn well I'd come back to her in a heartbeat, but that separation still aches in a way that I find difficult to explain. I immediately tried to rebound with Kane, but after a decent first date he ended up ghosting me, and that immediately fell flat.

For a while I just resigned myself to being depressed and single, finding different ways to spend my time, even thought I knew that at the end of the day I wanted something new and real.

And that's when Ridley, after I'd just sent a text to Kane letting him know it was over, pinned me against the wall, got right in my face, and asked:

"You're not seeing anyone else, this place would be good for us, and you want it, so why aren't you going for it?"

And I think that's where our relationship really started. And it's going to be something long-term, I can already tell.

Ridley isn't a good man, mind you. He's aggressive, he's angry, he's impulsive, he does things because he wants to, not because they're good ideas, and he has a passionate opinion on everything. That passion is endearing and enticing though, and draws me like a moth to a flame. When Ridley cares about something, negative or positive, he really cares about that thing. This much I knew going on, though. What I didn't know was how smart he was, how shrewd he could be. Most importantly, and something I lacked from Kerrigan...

He's not made of stone. He's violent, unpredictable, cocky and self-serving, but there's other emotions there. He has people he likes. people he really likes. Things he enjoys that aren't violence and murder. He has a primal aspect to him that seems to let him justify doing as he wishes, and it leads to him being a spoiled brat, but it's rather fun spoiling him.

That's not to say it's all sunshine and roses. Of all the characters I've ever done, he's one of the few where I don't always really wanna go where he's taking me. Where the insanity and rage gets to be a little much and I question if we really have to do all of this. But he keeps motivating me to sink into that void, into that abyss, and I find myself satisfied whenever I take his hand and come along.