Question Distinction between Abilities and Master Skills


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Sep 30, 2018
Erde Nona
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I figured that this may be a question not "smol" enough for the Discord thread, so here goes!

The long version: This obviously with me considering to make my eventual third character a Master Skills-only user, I'm wondering what such a character, or any Master Skills-owner really, would be able and allowed to do with their skills. This especially applies since the Rules page on Skills says: "Remember that skills don’t serve as a replacement for Abilities." I'll leave considerations of actual RP combat aside, whether that be a PvP fight or something like a fight against an Arbiter, since it's my understanding that that's entirely the realm of Abilities which Master Skills do not replace. My focus would be more on RP fluff, personal storylines and non-"serious"/non-graded combat.

For instance, we have the "Medical" Master Skill as an example, which (to my understanding) be acquired by a doctor to have them be proficient at handling medical tools, diagnosing a health issue and performing surgery. But could the Master Skill also be used by a mage character when the player wants them to be able to cast a healing spell, thus giving them "rapid healing" powers as opposed to realistic medical skills - with the understanding that the "Medical" Master Skill could not be used by the mage to heal themselves/someone else in a 'real' graded fight, where you obviously need the "Healing" effect, potentially with modifiers?

The same could apply to other examples:
-Could someone with a high "Athletics (Marathon)" skill have great stamina (Endurance) or be able to run very fast (Speed) without actually having Endurance or Speed abilities?
-Could someone with a "Sports (Fencing)" or Sports "(Martial Arts)" skill be able to fight and even kill someone without having a Damage ability?
-Could someone with Sports (Weightlifting) emulate a low-level Move Object ability?
-Could a Craft skill be used instead of a Variable Creation (+Ongoing) ability to form or even summon items, structures etc.?

All of the above with the underlying understanding that these Ability-like effects cannot be used in a fight/event, unless the character has Abilities with corresponding effects as well.

The short one: In regards to Master Skills, how much Ability-like utility can you gain from a Master Skill? Could a MS be used to gain Ability-like powers with the caveat that they cannot be used in a graded fight?

Mojo Jojo

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Jul 27, 2018
Long answer: Master Skills, even at very high ranks, represent things that normal people in real life could learn to do. So there are some instances of overlap which may occur (for example, the Poison Immunity Adaptation and a Poison Resistance Skill, or Variable Creation and MacGyver level of Crafting). However, as Skills represent these mundane knowledges and proficiencies, they can't be used to replicate supernatural effects (such as the fast-healing mentioned above). For these things, Abilities would be required.

Short answer: Not much, if any.