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Level 1
Sep 7, 2018
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Character Name: Dober-05-Alpha

Character Source: Warhammer 40k

Starting Location: Inverxe

Physical Tendencies:
Power: 30
Toughness: 20
Quickness: 10
Skill: 40

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression: 25%
Cunning: 45%
Diplomacy: 20%
Support: 10%

Physical Description:
But with black robes and standing at 8 feet tall.

Character History:

After 13-jzall returned from spending multiple years in [redact], he was either assumed a miracle of the omnissiah or the work of heresy by almost all of mars. Producing multiple STC fragments and the closest the cult mechanicus has gotten to a perfect STC in over 5000 years managed to get the protection of the fabricator general and secure him a spot in priesthood. A full control over his emotions and not the false freedom he had before lead to great revelations. Assassination was attempted against him on 5 different occasions, although this did nothing but make him more paranoid and secretive. Fleeing for his life, he managed to somehow appear on the forge worlds of Stygies VIII and Lucius at the same time, slowing the attempts and first and completely stopping them later. While on both forge worlds, he worked to learn ways to both destroy and recreate the technologies of xenos in the most efficient ways possible. It would not be uncommon to see the adept now known as Dober-05-Alpha bringing wraithbone shards, t'au vehicles and ramshackle ork constructs to the artificial sun to see which could hold up the most and if they could, how much would they be improved. All failed, the wraithbone charred, the t'au tanks melted and while it took much longer than most metals would be held under the generator's gaze, the war machines of the orks failed and were cast aside. While living subjects were originally going to happen, the archmagos of mars Belisarius Cawl called him to work on the primaris project. He assisted to the best of his abilities but was later dispatched to cadia with a weapon and an order, to make time. The room was found with one more body than was meant to be in there, and a bloody phase taser pulling in and dispersing any remaining blood or bodily fluids they might have.

Volkite Blaster:
Damage - rank 5 (500)
Modifiers: Ranged (250)
Total cost: 750
Description: A bulky weapon most commonly used in the great crusade, these relics of the past are most effective against enemy machines but can hurt and kill anything softer with ease. On a tech priest such as Dober-05-Alpha, these weapons are physically attached to him and removing it would be as hard as removing a limb.

Phosphor Serpenta:
Damage - rank 3 - (300)
Modifiers: ranged (150), removable (-50)
Sense: rank 1 (100)
Modifiers: ranged (50), limited (-50) (must hit with projectile)
Total cost: 500
Description: Ancient pistols with the secrets of their creation lost to time, the phosphor serpenta is a simple pistol with 8 shots before it must be reloaded. Anyone struck by the burning orb sent out by this will be marked as a high priority target. If there is any way for the light to be seen, guided volleys will inevitably come after them with a higher accuracy than would be expected of the attacker. It fires burning white spheres that will melt into the foe's body.

Body of iron:
Starvation and Thirst (50)
Need for Sleep (50)
Chemical or Toxic Environments (50)
Disease (50)
Radioactive elements (50)
Total Cost: 250
Description: As with all other tech priests, Dober-05-Alpha's body has been remade to no longer be affected by the needs of the unblessed. His armour and refractor field remain weak as of now but will be functional before long.
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