The Leshen

Money time
Level 1
Oct 6, 2018
Erde Nona
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Full name: Edwin Maven

Character type: Original Character

Location: Erde Nona

Physical Tendencies:

Power(P): 5%
Toughness(T): 0%
Quickness(Q): 90%
Skill(S): 5%

Personality Tendencies:

Aggression(A): 5%
Cunning(C): 50%
Diplomacy(D): 35%
Support(S): 10%

Physical Description:

Edwin stands at 6' tall

Character History:

Edwin was born into the large, prestigious Maven family, an elven family native to Erde Nona, known among their kind for both their greed and their business sense. Most of his life was spent in luxury, supported by the lucrative family business, Maven Industries. However, when Edwin was coming into adulthood, his father took his place as CEO and a series of poor decisions and simple bad luck sent the corporation, and the family, into shambles. Edwin and his family have since relocated back to Erde Nona, living in the elven city they originated from and running Maven’s adventuring goods, a single store that is all that remains of their formerly grand business. Ever since their fall, however, Edwin has been plotting his grand return to the world of money making, and he's determined to make it to the top.


Elven Agility

Agility 3 (600)
Endurance 5 (500)
Speed 3 (600)
--Ongoing (300)
Total cost: 2000

Up until recently, Edwin has lived the lazy life characteristic of the obnoxiously wealthy. Despite this, as an elf, he possesses speed and grace greatly exceeding that of the average human, even if it is considerably less so than most elves.