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Jul 31, 2018
Character Name: Elise

Character Source: OC

Physical Tendencies:

  • Power(P): 30%
  • Toughness(T): 30%
  • Quickness(Q): 10%
  • Skill(S): 30%
Personality Tendencies:

  • Aggression(A): 30%
  • Cunning(C): 30%
  • Diplomacy(D): 10%
  • Support(S): 30%
Physical Description:

Elise is an interesting young lady. Her dress is extremely punk-gothic, with torn leggings, platform boots, fishnets under halter-tops, fingerless sleeve gloves, occult tattoos, and all the black makeup she can muster. Over all of this billows a long, heavy black cloak with a crushed velvet finish.

She is somewhat short of stature, and stocky to boot, if not outright chubby. There is, however, a hunting, lithe gauntness to her facial features and hands. Her facial structure is somewhat african, and her dark freckles and medium-brown skintone affirm this. On the other hand, her braided auburn hair contradicts it, though she keeps the left half of her skull shaved for extra tattoo space.

If one were to catch her with her hood down (unlikely), they would note her pointed, bat-like ears and smoldering red irises. With her exaggerated canines, Elise's existence as a vampire is not very subtle.

Character History:

Most of Elise's life follows that of any other fairytale wizard. She was adopted at infancy by an older couple who had missed their chance to have children of their own. Hector and Paris Bourlianis knew that their daughter was blessed with powerful magic blood, and tried to groom her from day one for entry into the illustrious magical education systems of their homeworld of Erde Nona. Elise was a remarkable young lady, especially considering that some unknown trauma has caused her to be almost totally deaf since birth. Once she came of the ripe age of twelve, Elise was shipped of to the magocratic academies of Arkadia.

Her raw magical potential both concerned and astounded her initial instructors, and after about three years of tutelage, the board of instructors secretly decided to slow-track Elise while they decided what to do with her. Naturally, they did not tell young Elise, who began to feel impatient that her potential was being wasted. After several more years, Elise absconded from the magical academies to try and find her way in Erde Nona's more sinister arcane underground. She did excel, at first, but was still in over her head. Eventually, at the age of 20, Elise fell into the 'graces' of a vampire named Julios Restlin. The undead fiend convinced Elise to become his progeny in exchange for magical favor, but this (naturally) turned out simply to be a ploy to acquire her as a thrall.

In testament to Elise's prowess she found complex ritual arcana that allowed her to break Julios' control over her mind, and slay him for his treachery. This, of course, made the prospect of staying on Erde Nona very dangerous. Julios had possessed a wide network of vampiric spies and thugs, who were all now compelled to hunt and kill their master's killer.

So Elise smuggled and charmed her way aboard the first planetary transport she could find, and wound up on Mesa Roja. It's been five years since she was vampirized, and frankly, she can't recommend it. Mesa Roja has, however, provided her with steady (expendable) meals and test-subjects. She's not sure what her next move is, but her aspirant nature has her feeling restless for her next big step...


Adaptation: Breathing, Toxins, Disease (300)
— Limited: Sleep in Coffin Only (-50)

Senses 1: Hearing, Smell, Sight (300)
— Ongoing (+100)
— Weakness: Overwhelmed by Garlic (-25)

Endurance 1 (100)
— Side-effect: Damaged by natural moving water (-50)

Agility 1 (200)
— Finite: Diminishes without Feeding (-50)
— Limited: Invited Entry Only (-50)

Healing 2 (400)
— Ongoing (+200)
— Finite: Diminishes without Feeding (-100)
— Side-effect: Burns in Sunlight (-100)
— Weakness: Halted by Staked Heart (-50)

Total Cost: 1,125
Description: Being that she is a young vampire, Elise's unnatural form isn't quite as impressive as some more seasoned specimens. Still, it does give her some edges where it counts. Notably, however come the classic drawbacks of being repelled by garlic, bursting into flames under direct sun, dissolving in natural rivers, etc. Most importantly is the Feeding. Elise needs to eat about as frequently as any other living creature, i.e., at least about 8 oz. of fresh blood per day. Without it, her most potent abilities will vanish, leaving her vulnerable and desperate.

Damage 2 (200)
— Finite: Diminishes without Feeding (-100)

Move Object 2 (200)
— Finite: Diminishes without Feeding (-100)

Total Cost: 200
Description: Elise isn't quite as strong as her peers either, but it still makes her more than a match for hapless thugs in dark alleys. Though she is not a trained fighter, her jabs, punches and kicks fall like blows from a sledgehammer, and she can easily lift (or restrain) grown men for a lethal bite.

Like her body's other stronger abilities, this lethality starts fading if she goes even one day without a blood meal.

Damage 3 (300)
— Ranged (+150)
— Finite: Four per Rest (-150)
— Weakness: Magical Barriers (-75)
Total Cost: 225
Description: With a flick of her wrist and the hissing of the magical words 'Sahj Itary Ohs', Elise conjures a long, razor-sharp spear of crystalline energy that gleams red with heat. It coalesces above her head before a flick of her finger sends it hurtling at supersonic speeds towards her target with a terrific crack.

This magical javelin is strong enough to punch through basic armors and impale regular people, but will shatter against reinforced metal. Likewise, magical barriers and shields of any power cause the lance to disintegrate back into fizzling magestuff.

Regardless of whether it causes damage, the lance dissipates a moment after impact. Finally, Elise can only cast this lance four times before needing to refocus her magical reserves for four hours.

Protection 3 (300)
— Affects Multiple 1 (+150)
— Indiscriminate (-150)
— Weakness: Psychic/Soul Abilities (-75)
— Finite: Four per Rest (-150)
Total Cost: 150
Description: By throwing both hands forward and crying the words 'Ta-oo Rhoos', Elise can cause a 20 foot wide magical disc of crackling, glinting, folded space to instantly snap into reality. The circle of protective magic appears directly in front of Elise, but can reasonably protect anyone right next to her or behind her.

The barrier works both ways, however, and allies benefiting from the barrier cannot attack through it towards the abjured threat. Additionally, damaging effects that are psychic or damage the soul itself are not hindered by the gem-like barrier. Elise can cast the Ward four times before needing to refocus her magical energies for four hours.

Senses 3: Soul Pattern (300)
— Ongoing (+300)
— Triggered (+150)
— Indiscriminate (-150)
— Activation: 30 Seconds (-300)
— Weakness: Unliving (-75)
Total Cost: 225
Description: This niche spell was developed for tracking and analysis. Elise spends a full thirty seconds chanting incantations and tracing a magical circle on the ground, approximately five feet in diameter. Once the circle is ready, the next living (only living) thing that walks into the circle triggers the spell.

The creature that walked into the circle is momentarily shrouded in a burst of silvery-violet magic, which fades like ghostly fire. Until the magic is dispelled or removed, Elise will be able to track that creature's exact location any time they get within 300 feet of her. Furthermore, it gives Elise intimate insight into the target's tendencies, abilities and other statistics, as long as they remain within range of her detection (which she will dutifully record in her grimoire).

Rituals/Arcana 1
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