V S M Flashes from the past

Victor Wolfe

Level 4
Sep 10, 2018
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In the dream-like world of the Medium Victors subconscious began to ponder memories that had lead to this point in his life, the purest form of Victor's mind dreaming out the thoughts.
"So dear people who can hear my thoughts, many of you know me, be it as the dark and evil banisher of New Babylon, the much loved diplomatic lord of Nippur. Or Some mix of those two personas that I have come to be known for. Who is the real Victor Wolfe though? Well, That delves a little bit too far into Philosophy for me to really explain, and not even I am totally sure. Little of Collom A, and a lot of collum B? Who even knows anymore?" Victor mind went into a ponderous state as it attempted to figure out what was an act that he had been so well trained in, and what was actually a part of what made him who he was as an individual.

"Anyways whilst I attempt to figure out exactly who I am, I can show you how we got to this point through a collection of key events in this very messed up sociopaths life. Events that lead him so sharply down the road of amorality and evil based pragmatism and opportunity. But what one should we start with? Do we start from the beginning? Well, we could but let us save that sob story for another day and start where things really start to get interesting why don't we? Let us go back to when Victor arrived at the experimental facility, one with a simple but awful mission. To use every skill, ability and immoral practice they could use to create the greatest assassin that history had ever known. Did they succeed? Depends who you ask, even with a body count in the high hundreds some people would still talk about how if you had been around in the "good old days" that you would not even be able to lace up the boots of the finest assassins in the land... Well, they try to say that, usually it comes out more as "Why Whippersnapper back in my day you would have gargle Gargle, Slump" Hehe. Diplomatic immunity man, now those where the really good old days. Anyways this part of the story starts much like a child being brought to a home for the abandoned rejects of the world. Slaves for all over the vast colonial empires with any hint of the potential for the assassination art, crafty street urchins who with the right pushing would be able to become true masters. And those "lost souls" like I, those of us who from a very young age had to face the harshest of realities in life. That we would have to kill or be killed to survive, and that every day you got blood on your hands was just another day that someone failed to spill your own blood. Did that get to nihilistic? I feel we got a little too nihilistic? Do not worry for those ready to leave the audience this sordid tale of murder, lies, intrigue, lust and some super shiny knives will certainly end up with some high points, we just need to build up to those. "

The image of a young blond child, his hands in a block of wood at his back, ankles chained to his neck to prevent moving forward too quickly. The child's eyes look almost lifeless as he is escorted by a bespectacled older gentleman off of his horse and carriage. Clouds in the sky let out the slightest drizzle covering the cobblestone walkway towards a rather massive facility on the horizon, looking somewhat like an old Victorian hospital, but from the heavy security that they had passed and the layout of the training grounds in the distance the young Victor was almost certain that these facilities where far more revolutionary than appearances would give away.

Victor had been transferred from a lonely prison cell where for his crimes against human life he had been awaiting execution by beheading followed by burning, an extra precaution that was taken to make sure that his people would remain dead. Not that the second part really mattered, no one had ever heard of or observed one of Victors people losing something as important as their head and somehow still finding a way to survive. It was more of a political message than anything else. Victors crimes involved the murder of his two imperial employers and for such an act of rebellion many of the social elite in the local imperial circles had wanted to send a message to all of those native to the republic that their nation was long dead and any sign of defiance would lead to a swift and messy end.

Dr.Payne, however, had a very different idea. He had examined the crime scene and although messy, with multiple imprecise stabs being used to take down each of the victims, it was clear with the force and aggression from these vicious attacks that this child had somewhat of a taste for blood given the right circumstances. And despite a skinny frame due to malnourishment they were not totally incapable of becoming quite the skilled specimen. He was also of a race that was intriguing to the scientists at his institute, one with the potential to heal more extreme wounds than normal as they grew older. The legends of their people stated that the stronger the glow the stronger the healing. Something about eyes that glow so viciously that they can scare away the reaper of souls himself. From the moment the doctor sat across from the child the fiery glow hidden in those cold dead eyes sent a chill up his spine. It was the strongest glow that he had ever experienced whilst dealing with these people. It was believed to be something in their blood. The chance to have a young specimen with this gene strongly active was too enticing for the doctor and he offered the boy another chance at life, either he would become quite the capable assassin, or his body could be harvested for genetic material, either way, the murder of some farm owners was a tiny price to pay for the chance to gain such a potentially useful resource. As part of a multi-national program this was easier to organise than many would think and within three days Victor found himself where he was standing now, at the entrance to his new home.

"Ahh good old Dr Payne, such a nice man, at first anyway. As you can see old Goldie was far from the first person to discover that I have a huge amount of untapped potential and skill that would only need some fine tuning to turn me into the greatest state agent that I can remember. Although Goldie was probably the best of them if I am totally honest, very handsome, let me do what I want, being emperor is nice and all but sometimes you just want to bow to a majestic golden god of a man before you use your daggers to rip off his armour and then... oh, lets not focus on that right now, can you tell that I have always been a little? What's the word? Jumpy? Well once you finish this story then perhaps you will understand why I am always paranoid of just what those around me may be attempting to pull off, being a pawn in someone else's game isn't fun, doing it multiple times is embarrassing for a man of my skill, I deserve at least a rook or bishop rank after all. Goldie knew that the emperor and these idiot scientists clearly didn't, no spoilers to the story but some of you very smart cookies may even have picked up on that foreshadowing. No matter, let us return to the story."

"I am sure that you will fit in just splendidly here my child, many of the children around here are rough around the edges, but all have their own stories. Just remember that just like with your time out in the world, this school will be a fight for survival. The empire expects a lot from you kid, I don't know what that old man on the throne is thinking anymore but he gave us quite the bonus sum to make sure that you are well educated. So isn't that good, you get way more than we usually give the orphans and street urchins."

Victor simply looked up, the doctor had only heard him utter a single word since they first met, that word being a meek "yes" to the doctors offer of a new chance at life. He was a quiet boy for sure, the events of the war, his parents and elder brothers deaths in said war, and the time serving as basically a slave on a plantation followed by the participation in two very grisly murders had done more than enough damage to dull the boy to the world around him. He gave a meek nod and continued to stare.

"Now now Victor, listen, we have a lot more riding on you than planned, we are going to need more than just that. I know that you can do it, my boy, if you need to talk about anything then my office will always be open so please do come, we really want you to not only grow to be a fine student but an exemplary one." The elder doctor gave the child a pat on the back as they approached the large double door to the facility, another two guards stationed, halberds at the ready as they saluted the doctor. Victor gave a weak but honest smile at the first sign of affection he had received in what felt like a lifetime.

As they stepped through the door Victor felt the piercing and curious gaze of many eyes, both adult and child, as well as human and not so human. Victor almost felt compelled to run away from the intense pressure being aimed his way, it was as if with their gaze someone was figuring out all the ways that they could have him dead before he took another step. The future assassin retreated behind the doctor's leg, causing some chuckling from one of the pairs of eyes gazing.

"Cedric!" The doctor yelled, causing a small raven-haired child with pointy ears to laugh and flee the clear expression of annoyance on the good doctors face. As soon as his gaze faded Victor felt like he had been released from some predators death stare. Taking a panicked breath the child dropped to his knees. Not even the imperials calling for his head had aimed such an intense stare at him, it almost felt like his heart was going stop dead in its tracks, and only beat when given permission.

"Do not worry about that boy son, he is a brilliant but rather belligerent student, I am sure that if you stay out of his way for a bit you will catch up in no time, just... Do stay out of his way, he has somewhat of a dislike for humans, and especially those not from famous assassin families. Anyways let us get you settled in. There is a room upstairs, you will be sharing with two other human children and I do hope that you try to get along, we do give monthly tasks based around teamwork for each of the rooms. So I am sure that your roommates will do there best to get you up to speed." With that, the doctor removed a key from his jacket and released the boy from his restraints his arms marked by the heavy wooden shackle and neck almost whiplashing forward as the chains keeping it held back released. With his new found freedom the kid followed the doctor up to the room where he would be spending the next few years of his life.

"It was a pretty good room too, or was it just the company we had in it that made it feel like home for so long? Either way I had many a fun time in there, although my first time in my new accommodation did start to look like it may have turned out for the worst, but as usual in my very amazing life things have a way of working themselves out, so that they can become even more messed up and broken later, nothing in the life of Victor goes bad after all, its either good or collapsing. Anyways after that last little scene, the good doctor left me to get settled in and changed into the uniform, informing me that my roommates would soon be back. However, before I would get to meet them I had a rather unexpected guest to deal with. So no, New Babylon versus Law was far from the first time that someone unexpected had turned up to ruin my new home."

As Victor sat on the bunk bed of his new room, the only bed not having anything laying on it and thus what Victor assumed was his he scanned the room, the room was neat, almost too neat like its inhabitants had been told to clean it with an extra attention to detail due to them having a new roommate arriving. In the middle between the bunk bed and a single at the other side of the room was a small round table, some playing cards on it. Before the future emperor could truly take in his surroundings he heard a knock at the door, a light rapping of small knuckles.

Victor opened the door to find the elven boy from before standing with a grin on his face, and a knife in his hand. The blonde immediately felt like he had lost control of his body as if being under sleep paralysis. The knife pressed into his ribs and it was all the strength he could muster to shuffle back as the blade pushed more into his skin drawing blood through his white robes, to match their blood red trim.

"Good day commoner, so you are old Paynes latest pet, last one of those didn't turn out so well. Ended up causing quite the fuss. Now listen to me kid, this may seem cruel, but you have no idea what this world will throw at you, so much like a runt of the litter, It will be my pleasure to fail you from this course before you even step into your first class. Look at you squirming in your skin, doing all you can to not wet yourself bitch boy. With how little resistance you have to my intent, I could probably make you kill yourself, but no I will be quick about it. Save you the hurt and trouble that all of you humans seem to have before you crash out and disappear from the academy, like always!" The older elven child had Victor backed up against the wall. Unable to say anything as he was certain that his pitiful life was about to be brought short, tears started to spill from his eyes as he started to think that perhaps it was for the best, he could once again rejoin with his family in the afterlife and there would be no elves or imperials to push him around anymore. As Victor made peace with himself a sudden.

"Well well well, what do we have here Cedric baby? It looks like you are being a little to rough with my precious new junior, now when I said that you and any of your elven crew of knife-eared good for nothing tree banging reprobates could come to my room if they wanted a fight, I did not mean that you could attempt to kill my lovely new friend here. Now." A boy who appeared to be a good five inches taller, likely around thirteen years of age had wrapped a rather nasty looking garotte wire around the elven boy's neck.

"Now now Alexander me and my little bitch here where just playing a little game eck!" WIth that Alexander yanked hard on the wire cutting off the nasty scum of a knife ears oxygen supply and dragging him towards the door.

"And that is just hilarious my friend because I wanted to play a game with you to, mine is called to let us see how many shades the elf goes before he chokes to death, but since I got a new roommate to introduce to the order of things around here, I don't think you are even worth the time it would take to play that game, although if we think about the amount of food you elves waste on a daily basis it could be more viable just to finish you off now. But I don't want to fill out the lines I would get for killing you, so leave now and do not give me an opportunity to change my mind on that one." The elf was pretty much tossed out of the room as Alexander reached for a cloth to help the young Victor wipe away his tears.

"Sorry about that utter scoundrel, he has a real distaste for us humans, lousy knife ears not knowing who really rules these lands. I am Alexander, and kinda the defacto leader of this dorm, our last roommate was the son of some lord and he got cut up pretty bad by one of the elven kids, he complained to his father and we thought it would just be the two of us for the foreseeable future. Lucky that you came along, Old Payne gave me a quick rundown of your stuff. I know that things have been rough for you, but so long as you try and keep getting better. I and Phil, our roommate will be sure to have your back. This place can be rough, but with us around I am sure it will be fun, that is part of the fun about it, things will either be entertaining or maybe kill you, who knows!?"

"And that ladies and gentlemen are how I met one of the greatest gentlemen I ever had the pleasure of living with, a true blood brother, Alexander Lefae. He was everything the broken and repressed me wanted to be, cocky, a little arrogant, but with an aura that simply drew people to him. And the determination to see through any of his plans to the end no matter what the outcome, for many years he was my hero... I just wish he could have shared more with me. But whilst we spent time together I felt, revitalised, things felt new and he taught me that I had done nothing actually wrong, My willingness to break to the taboo of murder just showed that I was a Wolf amongst the sheep, and that is why the institute was so great. Their staff of scientists and ex-assassins knew that this killing intent and ability to do what many would say no sane human should be easily capable of could be a tool, harnessed and used to its utterly devastating full potential. This helped me regain my confidence, I was not wrong to kill those farmers, society was just too weak to accept that I needed to do what I did to survive. He spoke to me of how if I listened to training and studied hard I would be able to use my skills much like I had on that fateful day, to do what the weakling that made up the rest of the "modern" society would call barbarism, or evil, the things that would need to be done to make sure that our society did not collapse into chaos. Because if we the controlled and state-sponsored assassins where not out there killing enemies of the state, the death toll for their actions could be even higher. Now that I think about it listening to Alexander was like listening to a recruitment ad most of the time with how zealously he believed in his cause. In all my life I had only met two people this utterly convinced of their vision, and with the charisma and power that if given the chance they would make their dreams a reality, and I followed both of these men and would have to hell and back... What do you mean that inconsistent? Maybe that graveyard place had a get out of the underverse free card? I wasn't going to jump into hell after our Lord as the first option, that would be crazy. " The personification of Victor's dream-like state seemed to take another few moments to ponder to itself.

"Or am I the crazy one? I don't know it all seemed to work out pretty well, still got made a Lord after all. Anyways the point of this part of the story is that for the first time in my life I had comrades who had my back and I had theirs. Things were going great and our chemistry as a team developed nicely, we suffered our fair share of losses but a game of cards and some trash talking about how we were always cheated never defeated would quickly mend any tension over mistakes within the group. I had very much planned for this to be the rest of my life if I am honest, working away as a pretty damn good assassin as part of a trio that would take on the world together, however, why that can never be is a story for another day dear children. After all I feel that the truth behind the events that would almost unintentionally allow these old men of science and magic to live out their dreams and create the greatest natural assassin the land ever saw, whilst also dooming the entire project to fall is one that I best save until closer to my stories about my adult life. After all what more natural a jumping point? Next, I think I will have to tell you about the time that I finally got my back on dear sweet little Cedric. Or perhaps I will go into the most important lesson us assassins ever learned in my homeworld, the art of how to use killing intent, a power with so many uses you would think I am making them up on the spot, Now those of you who have followed my career for a long time may be asking Victor? Why have you never used such an awesome and clearly dangerous power before? Well, you see that is kind of the problem, it is such an amazing power that I seem to have trouble regaining the ability to use it no matter what world I visit. In my home world I stopped using it for a few years due to it making fights no fun when people would literally rather fall on their own sword than swing at you, but since then it has been somewhat of a struggle to regain access to the most sacred of assassins techniques. " The mind essence that made up Victor's thoughts could almost be heard chuckling.

"Now I know what many of you may be thinking, Isn't losing access to one of your most powerful techniques a severe handicap you poor thing you? Well one, stop that, I am a very wealthy thing, and two, not really because I was always able to think on my feet even with fighting others with stronger killing instinct than I and thus where able to block out my attempts to use it on them, in my last world I was an almost untouchable speed demon with the nasty habit of placing daggers in the most uncomfortable of places, or just simply blinding an opponent to get a shot at them. What a cheap shot? No, I think you will find day one of assassins training the first and most important lesson is that there are not cheap shots, be it to the groin or sneaking in some brass knuckles to lay the beat down into a knife-ear real nice before your teacher could properly separate you, cheating is totally fine, cheating and losing or cheating and getting caught and thus loosing is utterly disgraceful and embarrassing. The only other thing more embarrassing than getting caught cheating to beat a stronger opponent in a fight for an assassin is to leave accidental witnesses, the most shameful of blunders and something that if the client had requested a quiet mission could lead to no payment and a week of lashing and solitary confinement, it was a harsh life but one of the joys of my life was always the chance to make sure that a witness would happen to see our good friend Cedric as he knifed someone on a silent mission. That tended to show the rest of the school who the real bitch boy was.

"But I think my friends that is all I am willing to share right now, perhaps I will share more in the near future, or perhaps a certain former knife ear will get their act together and I wont need the sudden power boosts as much"
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