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Feb 17, 2019
User name: Ganondorf

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Character Name: Ganondorf Dragmire

Character Source: Canon - Legend of Zelda

Starting Location: Mesa Roja

Physical Tendencies:
  • Power(P): 30%
  • Toughness(T): 30%
  • Quickness(Q): 15%
  • Skill(S): 25%
Personality Tendencies:
  • Aggression(A): 30%
  • Cunning(C): 30%
  • Diplomacy(D): 30%
  • Support(S): 10%
Physical Description:

Art by S-Kinnaly on Tumblr (durr)

Character History:

In his heyday, Ganondorf was a powerful and charming, yet ruthless, ruler of the Gerudo. Since he was the only male Gerudo child born in a hundred years, he was highly exalted among his people. However, as destiny foretold, he was slain by the legendary hero Link. For years after, he followed his former kingdom's exodus to Mesa Roja as a ghost known by travelers as the Red Sand Spirit.

He was recently captured and brought back to life by a pair of sorceresses (whose names have been redacted for this purpose). Though he retains most of his memory, some of his skills are a bit rusty.

This is the third time I've tried entering this boy on the website @w@

Gerudo Bloodlines:

  • Adaptation - Incredible Heat Environments + Starvation and Thirst: 150E
  • Endurance - Rank 4: 400E
  • Growth - Rank 1: 100E
  • Modifier: - Ongoing: 100E
Description: Being a Gerudo, Ganondorf's genetics give him enhanced strength and desert survival techniques, plus a height advantage at 7'6".
Cost: 625e

Val-Kahn Warlock Arts
  • Damage - Rank 4: 400E
  • Agility - Rank 1: 200E
Description: Often anglicized as the "Falcon Punch" or "Vulcan Jab", the Val-Kahn Arts allow the user to engulf their hands and feet in flame with each punch and kick. The flame is harmless to the user, but adds an extra burning sting to those damaged.
Cost: 600E

Darkstar Cleaver
  • Damage - Rank 4: 400E
  • Modifier - Removable: -200E
Description: A much-larger-than-usual sword. Ganondorf rarely uses it except for hunting and looking cool.
Cost: 200E (but it was sooooo worth it)

How much Essence did you spend? 1525E

How much Essence do you have left? 475E

Were you referred by an existing member? no

im friggin sleepy mind all the holes
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