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Michael Afton

Professional Animatronics Designer
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Sep 11, 2018
Erde Nona
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I enjoy reading other people's work! What I enjoy more, however, is seeing people's work I already love improve tremendously. This is what I believe the power of critique and commentary can be for one's art.

Thus, I open this thread up to any who wish to have their threads or specific posts critiqued and commented upon to see how things could be improved and what is going strong! Each critique will be primarily sectional, with each section talking about a specific story-telling function. Generally, speaking, the formula will be as follows unless deemed inapplicable to the story:

1. Grammar. The general spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation will be analyzed for errors or inconsistencies. More subjective artistic elements such as word choice, diction, and other factors will also be posted in this section.

2. Characters. Each character that appears will be analyzed for good characterization, motivation, and consistency. Player Characters will receive the most analysis, whereas more minor characters will not unless otherwise required for the analysis.

3. Plot. The consistency of the events as well as the general logic of them will be analyzed. Depending on what gets used, consistency to previously established canon may be taken into account.

4. Writing. Separate from grammar, this is a far more subjective, artistic level of analysis. How the story is written, from the descriptions to the figurative language to specific stylistic elements, will be analyzed and taken into account.

5. Themes. More to the point, what are the underlying ideas of the post or thread? What does all the description, the characters, the plot have to talk about? Most everything one can look at relies on at least one theme of some sort, and it doesn't need to be a particularly earth-shattering revelation of one to do. What ideas are in play that connects everything together will be considered, but more importantly, how well everything ties into said ideas and how effectively they serve the ideas will also be analyzed.

You can either send the threads or post links to me via this thread or via my inbox! I look forward to reading your works!