Guts Character Switch

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Level 1
Mar 31, 2019
Are you spending 50 Tokens? Yes

Has it been at least 6 months since your last switch? Yes

How much essence will this new character have? 3941

New Character Name: Zauz

Is this character an OC or a Canon character? Canon Character

Starting Location? Mesa Roja

Character Behavior
A Gentle Giant, Zauz is a soft-spoken man who prefers to carefully consider his words and actions before he commits to them. Being so large has taught him to be cautious before he does anything, so he doesn't break something... or someone. Rarely does he allow anger to take him, and he even keeps a tight rein on his more positive emotions.

A peaceful fellow, he would rather talk than fight. If talking won't work, Zauz will try to escape the situation before resorting to violence. If all else fails, he'll use his size and strength to his advantage, attempting to disarm or otherwise disable a foe, rather than harm or kill them.

Physical Description:

One word describes Zauz better than any other: large. Standing at nearly seven and a half feet tall, with wide shoulders and a powerfully muscled frame, his size dwarfs nearly any other man. Sun-darkened skin contrasts with his close-cropped red hair, short beard, and green eyes. Spending most of his time at the forge, he typically wears a pair of light brown wool trousers, sturdy brown leather boots, and a thick leather blacksmith's apron, the brown nearly turned to black from his work.

Character History:

Jalani Dragmire, of the House of Gerudo, knew this would happen. Between her dark fingers, crimson life slipped away from her chest. Beside her, lay her husband, Bertram, eyes already glazed over with death. This was the price one paid for love–when that love was for a man.

At best, the Gerudo tolerated men. To love one was unthinkable. To marry one, a sin of the highest order. And so, there Jalani lie, her life taken by those she had once called "sisters". For twelve long months she had hidden her marriage. And the beautiful gift Bertram had given her: their little Ganondorf.

If The House knew of him, their child would be smothered in his cradle. But, again, Jalani had known this was coming. Shortly after giving birth to the boy, she'd had Godo, her sweet Bertram's brother, take him away. With luck, they'd be far from here by now. As her vision faded to black, she allowed herself a small smile in the face of death. Her boy would live.

Decades later, the man known as Zauz hammered away at the stubborn billet of iron on his anvil. His name, given to him by his uncle Godo, was not his true one. He had another, a last gift from his mother and father, but he rarely even thought of it anymore. Godo had raised him, and taught him the art of fire and metal. Zauz would use the name that man had given him.

Outside his smithy, the streets of Uruk bustled with activity. Zauz paid it no mind; his attention given completely to the work before him. Harmin Krel, the farrier, had put in an order for a dozen new horseshoes, and Zauz had a reputation for good, and quick, work to uphold.


Impressive Physique (2500)
Adaptation: Heat (100)
Adaptation: Cold (100)
Adaptation: Starvation and Thirst (50)
Adaptation: Chemical and Toxic (50)
Adaptation: Disease (50)
Agility Rank 1 (200)
Endurance Rank 5 (500)
Growth Rank 1 (200)
-Ongoing (100)
-Limited: Cannot change size (-50)
Move Object Rank 5 (500)
-Ongoing (500)
Protection Rank 1 (100)
-Ongoing (100)

The Gerudo are a hardy race, shaped and molded by the harsh environment of Mesa Roja, and Zauz's training as a blacksmith served reinforce those traits. Thick muscles, tall frame, and hardy disposition bely a surprisingly agile grace, and he's become inured to the rigors of desert living.

The Family Business (500)
Skill: Blacksmithing Rank 5 (250)
Skill: Business Acumen Rank 5 (250)

Trained by his uncle, Zauz is a competent blacksmith. From horseshoes to battle-axes, and everything in between, there's few things that he cannot coax out of metal. Of course, a good blacksmith also needs to know their own worth, and how to negotiate with clients.

Affinities: Immortal

Total Essence Spent: 3000
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