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Jul 28, 2018
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Character Name: Isabelle Zulenka
Character Source: OC

Location: Cevanti
Profession: Markov Warrant Officer
Spent Essence: 1,600
Base Fund: 0

Physical Tendencies:
Power(P): 25%
Toughness(T): 20%
Quickness(Q): 20%
Skill(S): 35%

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression(A): 15%
Cunning(C): 40%
Diplomacy(D): 25%
Support(S): 20%

History (Native of Earth):

Born in 2048 during a period of peace to Vad and Trixie Zulenka, the young Isabelle lost both of her parents within the first ten years of her life. At age 5 Vad finally succumbed to old age and passed in his sleep. Surviving him was his wife Trixie, a demon who had initially possessed his soul. With the help from an elderly Piper, she was able to keep her demonic form corporeal for another five years. Long enough to see her daughter off into the capable hands of Vad’s mother, a woman of legend, Luna Zulenka. Taken aback by the child’s appearance, Luna happily accepted responsibility for her granddaughter. Isabelle bore the resemblance of the ancient Skleros founder, a direct ancestor of Luna. Upon her mother’s death she had also inherited one of Trixie’s bright neon pink irises.

Luna trained and taught the young Isabelle everything she knew. She did her best to impart the Zulenka way, but she ended up teaching the budding warrior how to fight like a Skleros. The senior Saiyan took Isabelle to every volatile corner she had learned of in her nearly 100 years in existence to train. Isabelle had been born with the fiery temper of her father and the stubbornness to never quit. Despite getting beat down each time, she demanded that Luna stay in Super Saiyan 3 for their training. Ignoring the fact that Luna was a living god in that form, Isabelle wanted, no she needed to prove to herself and her dead parents that she could cut it. Luna had taken every opportunity to teach her granddaughter about the two families she belonged to, as well as her demon heritage. House Zulenka, House Skleros, and the Imperial Valkyrie bloodline coursed through her veins.

As much as they tried in her early twenties, Luna couldn’t get Isabelle to transform into a Super Saiyan. She fell back to teaching the young woman a technique that her late husband primarily used and, much to Luna’s amusement, Isabelle said she would prefer. Kaioken. Armed with the Kaioken ability the young warrior began to scratch the surface of her potential and the sparring matches between Isabelle and the Super Saiyan 3 Luna slowly grew beyond seconds into minutes.

In 2075 on her twenty-fifth birthday Luna deemed her a true master of Skleroi Martial Arts and gave her a set of traditional armor that her House warriors would wear. Being the person that she was, Luna was called away once more to Heaven to deal with an emerging crisis, leaving Isabelle alone on Earth. Deciding to take her new-found freedom and use it to leave the planet she boarded a ship to Vegeta, curious about her family and her Saiyan heritage.

On her way the ship was sucked into a wormhole and forced to make an emergency landing on Cevanti. Making her way to Markov despite the wild Zoids the young hybrid found work at the with the local police as a plain clothes warrant officer after serving a short 6 month sentence.


Close Quarters Sense

(Sense - Rank 1 - Ki Sense) 100E
Descriptor: An inherited ability from her father that allows Isabelle to track an opponent who has closed in for hand to hand combat with near flawless precision.
Cost: 100E

Kaioken x2
(Speed - Rank 2) 400E
(Flight - Rank 2) 400E
Modifier: Side Effect (-400E)
Descriptor: The base Kaioken multiplier, but nothing to be scoffed at. Upon shouting "Kaioken!" a brilliant crimson aura explodes around Isabelle as her speed and power are dramatically increased. This ability lasts for seconds at a time and is meant to be used in quick bursts. Kaioken takes a toll on the user's body and comes with a significant risk of death if the multiplied power isn't sustainable by the host body.
Cost: 400 Essence

Skleroi Martial Arts & Metal Binding
(Damage - Rank 5) 500E
(Agility - Rank 2) 400E
(Variable Creation - Rank 1) 200E
Descriptor: These martial arts are a highly refined version of the ancient Skleros Fighting Style that is taught to members of House Skleros. This was drilled rigorously into Isabelle's life and mind by Luna Zulenka, her grandmother. Anytime the woman fights or engages in hand to hand combat she is fighting with this style. In addition, she uses an ability inherited from her father, called Metal Binding, which allows her to manifest liquid metal on any portion of her body. However, because the ability is completely untrained she is only able to maintain the cohesion for a few seconds. Being the clever person that she is, Isabelle has incorporated Metal Binding into her fighting style. She uses it to amplify her strikes, kicks, and can even make slicing weapons for seconds at a time. Even though it's a far cry from the full ability, it's still a useful tool in her arsenal.
Cost: 1100E
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