Jester Lavorre

Jester Lavorre

Level 3
Mar 28, 2020
Erde Nona
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Character Name: Jester Lavorre

Is this character an OC or a Canon character? Canon Character

Starting Location? Erde Nona

Character Behavior
- Jester is an erratic woman with the soul of a child. Often times what she’s going to do next is a mystery to her as much as it is anybody else; she operates predominantly on impulse and whim. …that can make her pretty tough to figure out.

Trickster - A Cleric of the Trickery Domain, Jester Lavorre worships a deity called The Traveler. The Traveler is a deity who encourages mischief and debauchery in his followers, but also urges them to spread joy. That is the give and take of his Clerics, and Jester embodies those aspects of her faith dutifully. As far as spreading joy goes, she is attentive to her allies but distractable. She will probably heal her allies when they’re hurt. If she remembers. …probably.

Physical Description:


Character History:

Jester was born to a famous courtesan named the Ruby of the Sea. As a child the young Tiefling had to remain hidden from sight more often than not due to the fact that having a child would harm her mother’s otherwise sterling reputation, and tarnish her mythic status as one of the most exclusive and luxurious courtesans in the business. Despite remaining secluded for most of her youth, Jester was loved.

…and she found moments to slip away. Despite her mother’s trepidation with Jester’s wild streak, the young girl would slip out when possible, and it was during one of these excursions that she met the deity who would change her life: The Traveler.

As she grew older, the Traveler encouraged Jester to venture out and explore, and have adventures of her own.

Eventually Jester left the care of her mother altogether, and began to forge her own path on Erde Nona. Her first order of business? Dante’s Abyss.


Pass Without a Trace
Concealment (Sight) - Rank 3 (300)
Concealment (Hearing) - Rank 3 (300)
+Affects Multiple (150)
-Finite (150)

Total Essence Cost: 600 Essence

Using the power instilled within her as a Cleric of the Trickery Domain, Jester can cast a spell called Pass Without a Trace that enhances the stealth of herself and nearby party members. This allows both her and friendly targets to move quietly, and become more difficult to see, but it only lasts for about a minute. …long enough to dash across a courtyard stealthily, but not long enough to perform an elaborate heist.

Seasoned Tiefling Cleric
Agility - Rank 3 (600)
Protection - Rank 5 (500)
Move Object - Rank 3 (300)
Endurance - Rank 4 (400)
Adaptation - Incredible Cold Environment (100)
Modifiers: None

Total Essence Cost: 1900

Jester is a Cleric, a seasoned adventurer, and a Tiefling on top of that. She’s quick, durable, and can absorb a punch pretty efficiently though she starts to show wear and tear overtime. In addition to that she wears leather armor that gives her a boost to her overall durability. Aside from that, she is stronger than most and boasts a raw carrying capacity that makes the average bodybuilder do a double-take. Lastly, she is used to traveling long distances (her patron deity is The Traveler after all) and is very endurant.

Jester is also a Tiefling, however, where most Tieflings are elementally attuned to fire, she is elementally attuned to ice and has an above average resistance to cold environments.

Healing - Rank 5 (1000)
+Self/Other (125)

Total Essence Cost: 1125

One of Jester’s abilities as a Cleric, perhaps the most sought after of them all, is her ability to heal. Through a variety of spells, Jester can cast different levels of healing upon either herself or an ally.

Master Skills:

Investigation - Rank 5 (250)

Jester is a skilled investigator with a keen eye. She likes to act the part of a detective. She has also spent a fair amount of time with actual investigators, and picked up a trick or two along the way.

Knowledge (Religion) - Rank 5 (250)

Although she doesn’t act like a lady of the cloth, Jester is a cleric who worships a rather unorthodox deity, The Traveler. Because of her religious background, and also her well educated upbringing, Jester has a rather wide and somewhat deep pool of knowledge on a variety of religions.

Medical - Rank 5 (250)

On many of her journeys Jester has served as the party’s de facto healer. Although it is an ongoing education, and she is no heart surgeon, Jester has a sufficient understanding of the medical practice. No Hippocratic oaths for this cleric, though.

Social (Persuasion) - Rank 5 (250)

Jester can be, like, totally persuasive. Her manner of speaking is unorthodox and off-putting, but her mannerisms are charming and folks tend to like her, making Jester a deft user of the persuasive arts.

Craft (Forgery) - Rank 5 (250)

It is shocking how often in her travels Jester has needed to forge a document or a signature. Although one can argue that it is never required to forge a document, sometimes it sure feels necessary. Jester is well practiced in mimicking another’s penmanship.

Rituals/Arcana - Rank 3 (150)

Jester is an amateur at the magical arts. She’s no wizard, or sorcerer, or whatever, but she can recognize a spell when she sees it and even perform some minor spells and cantrips of her own. It isn’t one of her favorite areas of study, however.

Total Essence Spent: 5025

Total Accumulated Essence: 6198

Remaining Essence: 1173

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