Kassandra Reitz


Level 1
Sep 10, 2018
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Character Name: Kassandra Reitz
Character Source: OC

Profession: Private Security / Assassinations

Spent Essence: 2,050
Base Fund: 0

Physical Tendencies
Power(P): 10%
Toughness(T): 30%
Quickness(Q): 20%
Skill(S): 40%

Personality Tendencies (Total should be 100%, only multiples of 5% please)
Aggression(A): 10%
Cunning(C): 60%
Diplomacy(D): 20%
Support(S): 10%



Protection - rank 4 [100(4)]

Adaptation (Chemical or Toxic Environments) - rank 1 (50)
Adaptation (Disease) - rank 1 (50)
Total cost: 100

Adaptation (Nonbiological Anatomy) - rank 1 (300)

Adaptation (Incredible Cold Environments) - rank 1 (100)
Side effect (Aestivation - no self cooling) - rank 1 (-50)
Total Cost: 50
Kassandra, being a creature designed for resilience and power, has many biological capabilities well beyond human capabilities. Her skin is created of thick scales, giving her protection from the material, while her lymphatic system immunizes her from many natural poisons and diseases. Kassandra's chest is protected with two separate layers of bone, consisting of an outer structure of thin, dense plates redirecting cuts away from the lungs and an inner structure mostly composed of cartilage covering spaces between a floating ribcage. Lacking any major organs with the exception of her lungs, these organs are instead spread about in smaller multiples throughout the associated system. Many of her 'hearts' are located near the lungs and brain, though a chest wound (without piercing a lung) would be no more effective than a stab to her arm or leg in a similar manner.

Variable Creation - rank 1 [200(1)]

Damage - rank 2 [100(2)]
Modifier: Ranged - rank 2 [(50)2]
Total cost: 500
Using the materials around her, Kassandra manipulates what exists to form new objects at her whim - limited to objects smaller than 1 foot in any dimension. This can be used to make hand-held ranged weapons of various sorts, ranging from thrown objects to firearms.

Variable Creation - rank 2 [2(200)]
Ongoing [2(100)]
Affects Multiple x1 [2(50)]
Using her own magic Kassandra transforms non-living materials around her into new materials at will, such as turning dead wood to stone or marble to glass.

Master Skills:
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