Lord Frieza

Lord Frieza

Level 1
Sep 10, 2018
Character Name: Frieza
Character Source: Dragon Ball Franchise
Starting Location: Hurshii

Physical Tendencies:
Power(P): 35%
Toughness(T): 10%
Quickness(Q): 30%
Skill(S): 25%

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression (A): 35%
Cunning (C): 40%
Diplomacy (D): 15%
Support (S): 10%

Physical Description:

Character History:

Frieza is an emperor of a galactic empire that spans many worlds, conquering, enslaving, and reselling planets to the highest bidder. He rules by an iron fist where only the strong survive and flourish, while the meek and rebellious perish. A harbinger to many, the planet Namek was ill fated to experience his wraith when the changeling heard, pray tell, of seven magical orbs that could grant the impossible. Fortunately for Planet Namek, Lord Frieza's vessel arrived in the crossroads instead.


Changeling Biology
Protection - Rank 2 (200)
Modifier: Ongoing (200)
Endurance - Rank 1 (100)
Agility - Rank 3 (600)
Move Object - Rank 1 (100)
Damage - Rank 3 (300)
Description: The insurmountable power of Lord Frieza has been dwarfed since his arrival to the crossroads, however the superior genetics of his birth allow for a dense protective skin that may aid him in blocking against weaponry, a slightly enhanced stamina, an arsenal of formidable unarmed combat and agility.
Cost: 1500 Essence

How much Essence did you spend? 1500

How much Essence do you have left? 0