Man with No Name

Sep 10, 2018
User name: Man with No Name

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Character Name: Man with No Name

Character Source: Man with No Name movie Trilogy

Starting Location: Kraw

Physical Tendencies:
Power- 40

Toughness- 10

Quickness- 20

Skill- 30

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression- 30

Cunning- 40

Diplomacy- 20

Support- 10

Physical Description:

Character History:

Legend says that not much is known about the mysterious man with no name. Some would say that he is merely a myth and others would claim they've seen him calling him by the nickname of “Joe”, “Monco”, or “Blonde”. They say he's a Bounty Hunter but in more respect a traveling do-gooder bent on bringing his own sense of hard Justice, traveling from town to town taking job after job or doing what can be done for those in need. Like so with not much known of him some speak of rumors that no name originally hailed from Illinois leaving the life of a ranch hand but however, it may be the truth in the rumor may never be truly answered. It has also been stated by legend that for those who dwell in the underworld of crime with a large bounty on their heads pray that they never come to meeting the Hunter face to face or if they're lucky their fate lands them behind bars but for those of the foolish and unlucky may end their life with a bullet or rope.


Colt 1851 Navy- An old custom made single action revolver with the image of a rattlesnake on the handle. The Bounty Hunter can fire the small but powerful handgun causing .36 caliber bullet to hit targets.

Damage 3 (300)
--Ranged (+150)
--Finite: 40 bullets (-150)
--Removable (-150)

How much Essence did you spend? 150

How much Essence do you have left? 1,350