Noctis Lucis Caelum

Noctis Lucis Caelum

The King of Kings
Level 1
Dec 11, 2018
Erde Nona
User name: Noctis Lucis Caelum

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Character Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum

Character Source: Canon: Final Fantasy XV

Starting Location: Erde Nona

Physical Tendencies:
  • Power: 20%
  • Toughness: 20%
  • Quickness: 25%
  • Skill: 35%
    • While not the most physically imposing figure, Noctis is far from a weakling. He's quick on his feet, and a consummate fighter, using the potent Armiger Arsenal in tandem with his magic to keep opponents off-balance with a dizzying variety of weapons.
Personality Tendencies:
  • Aggression: 35%
  • Cunning: 20%
  • Diplomacy: 25%
  • Support: 20%
    • Though time and the weight of kingly duty have tempered in Noctis an appreciation for the power of good diplomacy, he very much favours direct solutions to his problems, especially such that he can solve them himself. Accompanied almost all his life by his three best friends and Crownsguard protectors, he knows well the value of cooperation and the security brought by knowledge that one has allies to rely on.
Physical Description:

Character History:

The last king of Lucis has, as far as he knows, completed his quest to reclaim his lost throne and put a final end to the threat of daemons in his home world of Eos. The ritual to invoke the power of the fabled Crystal and expel the daemons was performed at the cost of his life - or so he was led to believe and prepare himself for - but when his last breath left him and his eyes drifted shut, they didn't stay shut for long.

He has no idea how it happened. Perhaps it was the result of one final sick gambit by his ancestor and nemesis, Ardyn; perhaps the Crystal gave some last vestige of its power to protect him from his own fate; perhaps the Chosen King truly did carry the grace of the gods with him wherever he went. All he knows is that it's been perhaps a week since he woke up on the far-flung world of Erde Nona, with no idea how he got there, or how he may return home to the dear friends and newly reclaimed kingdom that await him.


  • Agile Conditioning (400E): Years of training, and an adventure with the fate of his entire world in the balance, have crafted Noctis into a fighter nearly in his prime, and his physical conditioning reflects it. He relies far more on his agility and martial skill than raw strength, a fighting style that serves him well.
    • + Agility 1 (200E)
    • + Speed 1 (200E)
  • Sword of the Father (200E): A sword inherited by Noctis from his father, the late and beloved Regis Lucis Caelum. Before Noctis arrived in Erde Nona and found himself shorn of most of his power, this sword was the thirteenth and final part of the fearsome Armiger Arsenal - a collection of the weapons of Lucis' greatest past rulers, whose power is gathered by each successive King as a mark of their fitness to sit the throne of Lucis. By the latent magic of his royal lineage, Noctis may summon and dismiss this sword at will, calling it into a waiting hand.
    • + Damage 2 (200E)
  • Blade Warp (500E): Probably the most prominent magic of the line of Lucis is the blade warp, a limited form of teleportation. Noctis can invoke this to teleport instantaneously to the location of a nearby Armiger weapon, such that he's taking it in hand as he reappears. He is adept at using this technique offensively, hurling a weapon at a distant opponent and warping immediately into range to strike at them, though attacking at such deceptive speed means he cannot accurately aim a more telling blow this way.
    • + Teleport 2 (600E)
    • - Limited: only to location of Armiger weapon (-100E)
  • Phase (100E): A relative magic of the blade warp, phasing allows Noctis to render his body intangible for an instant. Short-lived as it is, it's ill-suited to passing through large obstacles, but Noctis uses it ably to protect himself in battle, causing opponents' attacks to pass harmlessly through the space he occupied just a split-second ago. However, it's of little use against continuous attacks like sustained gunfire, or wide-area attacks like explosions, and it can't be used repeatedly in a short span of time.
    • + Protection 2 (200E)
    • - Finite (-100E)
    • - Weakness (-100E)
  • Cellphone (50E): Noctis' touch-screen cellphone is an expensive model befitting a royal, manufactured in his home city of Insomnia. It has all of the telecom capabilities one might expect.
    • + Communication 1 (100E)
    • - Removable (-50E)
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