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Overview/Notable Features (top)

Nos’Talgia is divided into four subzones, which also tend to govern themselves as sovereign city-states:

The first is Sweetzerland, a land made of candy— in fact, from the smallest pebble to the denizens wandering this zone’s urban areas, everything is made of some sugary sweet. Even buildings and other constructions are edible, most commonly made of cake or fudge, with frosting and other confectionery decorations serving as materials. It should be noted that the sentient natives of this area of Nos’Talgia are usually quite harmless and welcoming to outsiders, even if there is a very slight criminal presence in the form of petty thieves and occasionally bullies. The Candy People are also fiercely protective of their leader, Princess Bubblegum, who presides over much of Sweetzerland.

Another area of interest on Nos’Talgia is The Imagen Nation (I.N.), a place where your art comes to life. Paintings, chalk drawings, cartoons, and other two-dimensional creatures appear in living color within the bounds of the country, from whence they are then free to wander the universe at large. It is not uncommon for inhabitants to draw their own places of residence straight into existence, though seeing the vast array of artistic styles for the first time feels like one is stepping into an Impressionist painting. Bold colors, dramatic brushwork, and outlandish anatomy are a common sight. One of the more prominent figures of land is Scrooge McDuck, founder of the Wondertainment Toy Company.

8-Bitain is yet another subzone on the planet Nos’Talgia. Within the bounds of the metropolitan city, video game logic reigns supreme. A consistent soundtrack follows visitors all around Pixelton, changing into something foreboding when enemies are nearby. In addition, visitors will notice glowing “!” indicators above the heads of Pixelton residents in need of help. The inhabitants of Pixelton are well-disposed towards outsiders and will often invite them to one exciting competition or another, for instance the Sugar Rush Speedway.

Finally, the last subzone is the Uncanny Valley, a place of despair and nightmare. While at first glance appearing similar to the cartoony, sketch-like land of The Imagen Nation, visitors who remain for longer than a few minutes within the Uncanny Valley will soon discover that things aren’t always as they seem. While the place’s inhabitants are undoubtedly friendly when directly addressed, they will often cease speaking to visitors for no reason, staring off into space or going about their business as if the other person had never spoken to them. Alternatively, inhabitants will repeat a single strand of dialogue, regardless of when they were last spoken to, over and over again with no change.

No matter which area you are visiting, physics work differently on Nos’Talgia. A long fall will turn you into an accordion in the I.N., for example. The same fall could cause you to explode into balls of light, only to “respawn” close-by when you’re within 8-Bitain’s area of influence. Within the Uncanny Valley, injured persons slowly fade and grey out as they become more gravelly dirt, eventually collapsing into a shadowy, pulsing mass upon death. However, despite the sometimes outlandish effects, you are still injured and CAN die.

Terrain/Climate (top)

Within the bounds of Sweetzerland everything is made of candy or some other decadent treat! Cotton candy forests dot the landscape, with serene butterscotch rivers and lakes interspersed between the treacherous Rock Candy Mountains. Wide open spaces and a single mountain range distinguish this area, as well as beautiful woodlands with plenty of sunlight and shade. Click Here

The Imagen Nation is home to a variety of environments due to the ever-changing nature of the place. Snowy fields, blooming gardens, and sprawling cityscapes peppered with a mind-boggling array of architectural styles define this region. Everything is rendered by an artist’s hand, so realism isn’t always a huge factor. Be creative! Click Here

In 8-Bitain, the plants, animals, and ground textures appear not quite right and obviously rendered by a game developer, although the quality of these renderings varies. Many objects and denizens walk with jerky, blocky 8-bit movements, and it is not uncommon to see residents “glitch” through walls and other solid objects in sudden bursts of light and static, reappearing wherever they had intended to go. Click Here

The Uncanny Valley is nightmarish and terrifying, all gloomy weather and insistent fog. The landscape and plants appear perpetually doused in black ink, often melting into a messy blur before one’s very eyes. The air is also unusually quiet, devoid of any sounds of animal life; only occasionally will a lone traveller hear something, perhaps a slow, shuffling ‘thump’ behind them. One thing is for sure- those who enter this realm leave as a twisted facsimile of their former selves! Click Here

Wildlife (top)

The animals and plants of Sweetzerland are all made of some variety of confection or another. Expect to see candy floss grass, peppermint bark trees, and chocolate bar stones, among other landscape features made into sweets. Gummy and Confectionary critters wander the land, some of them capable of speech. The primary food source for all candy inhabitants of Sweetzerland is, you guessed it… candy!

Cartoonish-looking animals and talking plants with faces inhabit the I.N., often with whimsical colorings and nonsensical anatomy like what you’d find in Wonderland; for example, bicycle horn ducks.

8-Bitain is home to a host of classic video game species! Among them are Goombas, Koopas, Waddle Dees, Chao, Lumas, Piranha Plants, Pikmin, etcetera, although these may all be found on other Worlds, as well. Remember, just like all the inhabitants of 8-Bitain, animals in this area appear to “jump” from frame to frame in blocky movements.

If you’re looking for a fright, the wildlife that inhabits the Uncanny Valley is certainly spooky enough. There are aggressive creatures which mimic the shape of certain objects such as chests, cupboards, and pianos in order to lure prey in close. Horribly disfigured humanoids wander the shadowy terrain searching for ‘company’, though they are uncommon, and malevolent spirits beckon to travelers from the gloom. There are less terrifying animals, like deer and wolves.

Points of Interest (top)

The Imagen Nation
Uncanny Valley

Factions and NPCs (top)

--Scrooge McDuck
--Princess Bubblegum
--Fix-it Felix Jr.
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