Omelette Robotnik

Jul 27, 2018
Mesa Roja
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Omelette Robotnik

Omelette is a Narcissistic Coward.

No one is as smart, funny, powerful, beautiful, or smart as she is. A specimen of such grace and perfection that it makes everyone else look like animals. Especially that over-hyped little glory-hog Miles. And not just because he’s a fox; because he’s an idiot.

Truly, Omelette is a flawless and pristine specimen. And, as the perfect princess she is, she absolutely refuses to sully her hands with the vulgarities of combat. She has robots and mechs to handle that for her, and if they can’t hack it… well, it’d be a system-wide tragedy to lose her gifted mind.

Omelette Robotnik was born on Govermorne a little over eight years ago. Her parents were frankly, morons, which made her own gifted intelligence all the more impressive. While other children were babbling in front of a television, or trying to name the colors of the rainbow, Omelette was creating her own programming language and crafting mechanical marvels.

Yet, at every turn, her own accomplishments were overshadowed by someone else’s. Born a year before she was, Miles Prower soon became her arch-rival. It seemed the blasted fox went out of his way to one-up her at every turn. She’d finish work on a small hovercraft only to find out he’d revealed a smaller, more compact model the week before. It was infuriating.

That’s why she pressured the other children to ostracize him. If the accolades of intelligence could not be her’s… well, Omelette would make sure that Tails paid for it. He might have all the adults wrapped around his little finger, but it was a simple task to turn his peers against him. Threats of violence, generally dismissed because of her age, worked where paying them off didn’t.

Finally, the time had come to leave Govermorne, and her life among the plebeian masses, behind. Though still young, her parents had eventually buckled to her incessant needling and agreed to send her off-world for higher-education. A surge of ecstasy rose within her breast. In a matter of weeks, she would leave that insufferable fox behind. No longer would her genius have to stand in the shadow of his mediocrity!

But, of course, Darkseid WOULD have to choose that time to begin his attack. In the end, Govermorne fell, and Omelette found herself on an escape shuttle, hurtling through space towards the refuge of another world. Somehow, she knew this was Tails’ fault too. And she’d make him pay for ruining her life yet again. One way or another.


Omelette is a young girl of pale complexion and short stature. Her superiority complex and aggressive posturing tends to come off as comical, since she’s only about four feet tall, and slim. Wild brown hair frames her child-like features, with her eyes hidden behind a pair of dark pince-nez glasses. She favors dresses in reds, blacks, and yellows, and wears a sturdy, and pristine, pair of white gloves.


Shrinking Rank 1 (200)
-Ongoing (100)
-Limited (Can’t change size) (-50)

On the shorter side, even for an eight-year-old girl, Omelette is still incredibly pleased that she’s taller than Tails.

Variable Creation Rank 1 (200)
-Ongoing (100)

A small pocket in Omelette’s dress contains a Quantum Item Shrinkifier (QIS). This is where she stores her tools, and any other smallish items that might strike her fancy.


Tails Doll.png
Summon (300)
Protection Rank 1 (100)
-Ongoing (100)
Shrinking Rank 2 (400)
-Ongoing (200)
-Limited (Can’t change size) (-100)

This totally accurate representation of Miles Prower is Omelette’s personal punching bag and companion. Like its namesake, it’s not really good for anything else.

Illusion Rank 1 (200)
-Ongoing (100)

Contained within Fails' body is a small, yet powerful, speaker and a database filled with appropriately epic music. Each piece was created by Omelette herself, via a synthetic music mixing program of her own design. On command, Fails is compelled to play the song of Omelette's choice, at the volume she chooses (though always within a comfortable range for human hearing).

Master Skills

Master Skill: Machining Rank 6
Master Skill: Robotics Rank 6
Master Skill: Programming Rank 6
Master Skill: Eggmobile Modules Rank 6

There’s an art to creating the most perfect machines in the Crossroads, and Omelette might as well be Rembrandt.

Master Skill: Mech Piloting Rank 6
Master Skill: Starship Piloting Rank 6
Master Skill: Eggmobile Rank 6
Master Skill: Neural Interfaces Rank 6

If she can build it, she can drive it. If someone else built it, it’s probably got the complexity of a tricycle.



A round, ball-like aerial vehicle of Omelette's own design. Sized to fit only a single, adult occupant (or two of child size), it's a silver and black masterpiece of engineering.

Flight Rank 1

Utilizing a negative-mass singularity encompassed by a positive-mass shell, this device allows perfect control of height and speed in any direction. Gyroscopic stabilizers keep it upright and allow for shifts in facing.

Protection Rank 1

Despite the lack of mass, this plating has a dense, crystalline structure that protects the rider from moderate damage.

Damage Rank 6

A large ball of steel connected by chain to the underside of the Eggmobile, the Wrecking Ball can unleash devastation on anything it is swung at. When not in use, it is stored within a pocket dimension where physics allow things to be much smaller than in reality. As per all QIS Eggmobile Modules, it can only be used if no other QIS Modules are currently in use.


Enterprising (-25% to Base-related Costs)
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