Red Hood

Red Hood

Level 1
Sep 11, 2018

Character Name: Red Hood

Character Source: Original

Profession: Monster Hunter / Messenger

Spent Essence: 1500
Base Fund: 0

Physical Tendencies (Total should be 100%, only multiples of 5% please)
Power: 50
Toughness: 10
Quickness: 20
Skill: 10

Personality Tendencies (Total should be 100%, only multiples of 5% please)
Aggression: 50
Cunning: 25
Diplomacy: 5
Support: 20

Items: None


Huntswoman's Axe
Effect - Damage 5 (500 Essence)
Modifiers: None
Total Cost: 500 Essence
Description: A two-handed axe of brutal provenance. Red Hood's axe is coupled with the startling strength granted to her by the Red Hood mantle, which allows her to cleave through trees in a single stroke and most monsters with little more effort. Even more surprisingly to those who would seek to disarm the Red Hood, she can summon her weapon back to her hand with a simple effort of will.

Red Blur
Effect - Agility 3 (600 Essence)
Modifiers: None
Total Cost: 600 Essence
Description: The first and most important augmentation that the Red Hood takes on is always a great increase to agility and reaction time. During combat, the Red Hood experiences a surge of adrenaline which will stay throughout their system and make time seem to slow down as they go about their bloody work.

The Traveler's Mantle
Effect - Endurance 1 (100 Essence)
Modifiers: None
Total Cost: 100
Description: The Mantle keeps its wearer in good shape; enabling them to carry on far longer than their physiques would ordinarily allow.

Master Skills:

Survival (Hunting) (300 Essence) - The Red Hood imparts knowledge of monster trails, tracking and wilderness pursuit to its wearer which border on the supernatural. The combined knowledge of hundreds of previous wearers of the Mantle are there for the Red Hood to call upon in times of duress and confusion, usually appearing as flashes of instinct or knowledge that she had no way of knowing until it was necessary. This knowledge also allows the Red Hood to scavenge more from their travails than most others.

Perk: Increased Loot Drops.