Sabrina Spellman

Aug 1, 2018
Character Name: Sabrina Spellman

OC or a Canon character? Canon Character, based on the version from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic book and television series

Location? Erde Nona

Physical Tendencies:
Power: 35%
Toughness: 15%
Quickness: 15%
Skill: 35%

Personality Tendencies:
Aggression: 40%
Cunning: 30%
Diplomacy: 5%
Support: 25%

Physical Description:

Character History:

The following contains minimal spoilers for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina television series on Netflix.

Sabrina Spellman was just a normal, sixteen-year-old girl -- if being half-human, half-witch was normal. Under the care of her aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman, she prepared for the day when she'd finally sign the Book of the Beast and pledge herself to the Dark Lord and his Church of Night. As the day grew closer, though, her doubts about the Church were magnified, and on the night of the Dark Baptism, faced with the prospect of losing her friends and loving boyfriend forever, she got cold feet.

After much debate, the Church agreed to allow Sabrina to live a double life -- attending the Witch Academy on some days, and her normal school on others, without signing her soul away in the Book of the Beast. However, in a moment of great desperation, she ended up signing the Book in order to ascend to her full power and save Greendale.

Following her victory in that battle, she reluctantly left her normal life for good, but when she tried to return to the Spellman Mortuary found herself transported uncontrollably to a different place, far away from Zelda and Hilda, Ambrose and Harvey, Roz and Susie, with only her familiar Salem to accompany her...


"Salem (Familiar)"
Summoning - Rank 1 (300E)
Damage - Rank 1 (100E)
Communication - Rank 1 (100E)
Modifiers: None
Cost: 500 Essence

Sabrina is accompanied everywhere she goes by a black cat with green eyes named Salem. This is her familiar, a demon that is dedicated to serving her and assisting her in her adventures. Being a demon in the shape of the cat, Salem is generally more powerful than your average cat and when provoked, will fight with Sabrina and can cause some damage. Sabrina and Salem have the ability to speak telepathically with one another.

Move Object - Rank 1 (100E)
Modifiers: Ranged (+50E), Concentration (-50E)
Cost: 100 Essence

Sabrina, using her magical powers, has the ability to lift and move objects at will with her mind. She must be focusing on casting this spell in order for it to be effective -- if she's interrupted, she will drop the object.

Protection - Rank 1 (100E)
Modifiers: Self/Other (+25E); Concentration (-50E)
Cost: 75 Essence

Sabrina, using her magical powers, can cast a warding spell on herself or other allies. This creates a person-sized invisible forcefield that blocks any damage of equal or lower power. She must focus on casting this spell for it to work; when her concentration is broken, the spell dissipates.

Flight - Rank 1 (200E)
Damage - Rank 1 (100E)
Modifiers: Ongoing (+100E); Removable (-50E)
Cost: 350 Essence

Sabrina has a broomstick that is enchanted to fly. She often uses it to travel across long distances, and in a pinch, she has practiced to use it as a very basic melee weapon as well.

"Master Skill: Rituals/Arcana"
- Consumable Discount 1 (-5% consumable cost)
Cost: 300 Essence

Sabrina, during her time at the Witch Academy, became very good at basic spells that can help her manipulate the world around her, whether it's through light summoning or just convincing a shopkeeper that she really needs an item for a slightly less price.

Total Spent Essence: 1325 Essence