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Aug 15, 2018
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Are you spending 50 Tokens? No

Has it been at least 6 months since your last switch? Yes

How much essence will this new character have? 3,163

New Character Name: Sandro

Is this character an OC or a Canon character? Canon Character (Heroes of might and magic VI

Starting Location? Erde Nona

Character Behavior
Sandro is a Manipulative Magus. Skilled at playing others to get what he wants, while not particularly vicious or sociopathic the Mad Nethermancer will not hesitate to cut those in his path down if they get in the way of what he wants.

To those less objectionable, some say that Sandro is charming. he is an intelligent man with a dry wit and a very content mood. He will often be quite the friend to those who can be friendly to him, and treasures certain relationships deeply. Nonetheless, all of his friendly demeanor nonetheless hides a man who will do anything to fix that which he believes is deeply broken with the world, and to create the universe he desires he will stop at no level of atrocity or destruction.

In combat, Sandro is a Magus. His powers tend to chiefly derive from using magic and he rarely plays fair even when he does indulge in close combat, choosing to stay out of harms way and allow minions or allies to do that heavy lifting while he supports them with magic from afar. while skilled in destructive magics, he tends to manipulate the battlefield and weaken his foes with creative spellwork before trying to finish them off with the power of the void.

Physical Description:

Sandro is roughly 5'10, being quite thin. His body is missing all flesh, leaving naught but a bare skeleton, clad in a dark cloak and glowing with eldritch azure energies. He is for all intents and purposes bone and eldritch energy. Sandro is no fool, however - beneath his cloak he still wears armor, encased in arcane jewelery, which can softly clank with his every step. He also wears armored boots and thick gloves, both to increase his ability to grip and walk and to allow him to walk around more unnoticed.

Character History:

My history is quite the long tale, and I'm afraid that such a summarized version of events will not be appropriate for telling it properly - but that's alright. I'm sure we'll be going over it in more detail together, my dear colleagues!

Well, at least the beginning should be quite easy to explain. I was born quite a long time ago - the second son of the Bull Duchy, located deep in the forests of Erde Nona. Since I was born, I was plagued with visions, dreams, what have you. They were insights given to me from beyond, allowing me to know things before they happened, learn things without being present. My father, well, he believed this was meant to lead me on the path to the faith, and sent me to the church for training as a priest.

Well, suffice to say, he was wrong, and soon after, I left, looking to find my own path. I met someone, a magician of great repute, and he showed me much of his philosophy and of magic as a whole. eventually, he led me to the city of Arcadia, and the schools there. At the time, I expected to learn absolutely everything of the world, free of the cloistered priesthood... only to find a group mostly concerned with preserving arcadian power. It was there that I learned of my sisters passing, and an errant word allowed me to meet a friend I held for a very long time...

But I am getting ahead of myself. I shall lay the story bare, in full, another time. After all, I had assumed that was what you were watching for!

Another time, my dear stalkers. And be sure to douse the light on your way out.


Undead Biology - 700
Need to breathe (200)
Space (300)
Hunger and Thirst (50)
Radioactive environments (50)
Need for sleep (50)
disease (50)
Giving up his biological body to be naught but bones, Sandro is a creature of death and thus, does not have to worry about such things as sleep, eating, drinking, or breathing. As his bones are still very corporeal, chemicals may still dissolve them, fire may still cause them to crack or sizzle, and sufficient cold may cause them to become brittle and snap with an errant movement.

It also allows him to live, potentially, forever.

Burst of Darkness - 450
Damage 3 (300)
-ranged modifier (+150)

The burst of darkness is a simple necromantic incantation that utilizes a dark mage's power to slam someone into next week with a simple sweep of their hand. dark wisps shoot out to a designated point the necromancer wills them to, roughly the size of a fingernail, before expanding, ripping apart material they strike.

Runic armor - 525
Protection 3 (300)
-ongoing modifier (300)
-Weakness: Light/holy power (-75)

Sandro is not only a wizard, but a talented runesmith, alchemist, and craftsman. All of these abilities went into the creation of his runic armor, allowing him free movement while in confining steel-plate, and protecting every part of his body without the need of a helmet.
The dark magic within, however, made it particularly vulnerable to holy power, and as a result the runic protection does not function well against holy magics, light-based energy attacks, or the bright blasts of a true laser.

Abilities for later (Pre-Approval)

Haste - 625
Speed 5 (1000)
-Self/other (+125)
-Activation 1 (-250)
-Finite (-250)

Sandro uses ancient time magic to briefly speed himself or another creature up utilizing the magics of the void to manipulate the relation of Gravity of the target relative to the planet. The specifics of this particular technique are only known to a few archmages, but the long incantation is well-known as part of an old wizard's joke about wasting time hurrying, with the Activation of the spell taking roughly 10 seconds at Sandro's current level. He may utilize the ability on himself or another, with the result being that they can "fast forward" for bursts of speed. The spell gradually wears off, causing the ability to wear out, and it takes sandro a lot of time to mentally prepare himself for another use of the ability, requiring him to meditate and refocus his mind on the specifics of the spell before utilizing it more than twice.

Curse of Weakness - 625
Debuff 5: Physical strength (500)
-ranged modifier (+250)
-Weakness modifier: cannot affect Non-living creatures (-125)

Sandro utilizes dark magic to affect an enemies muscle groups, causing advanced muscle fatigue and tearing with a mystic incantation that causes purple wisps of energy to form around an opponent. The result is an attack on the enemies physical capacities, making even some of the strongest in the land more frail. The power is affected by the enemies strength - while even the strongest paladin will find some of his strength sapped, a regular human might find it difficult to lift their own body weight, while a truly superhuman individual will still be able to move in some capacity, even if reduced.

This ability chiefly derives from affecting the mind and body of a living creature. therefore, beings that are undead in nature, mechanical beings, elemental beings, or otherwise non-biologically based creatures will be unaffected by this incantation.

Affinities: Persuasive

Total Essence Spent: 1675
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Arthur Morgan

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Aug 2, 2018
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Hey there! For "Burst of Darkness", the Indirect modifier is 100 per rank of Effect, so this modifier would be 300E when attached to Damage 3.

I'm also not certain that you would start out with 3,163E after a character switch, especially since your current character is below level 3. Here is the relevant passage from the rules:

To Change Characters after it's been 6 months: If you’re below Level 3, you simply redesign a new character as if you were joining fresh.

If you are Level 3 or higher, you can retain some of your Essence (Coin and all Coin-related purchases are always reset) as determined by this formula:
  • Your Current Essence is halved and added to your new starting Essence. If this process would reduce your Essence below 2000 it would simply reset.
Whatever number you wind up with is how much ‘extra’ Essence your new character will have when you design them.

With this taken into consideration, it seems like your starting Essence for this new character would be 2,000E. In that case, I can still approve the abilities you have here, but your actual starting abilities will need to be within the 2,000E range.