September Book Club!

Mickey Mouse

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Jul 28, 2018
Mesa Roja
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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the second edition of the new XROADS BOOK CLUB, sponsored by PepsiCo.

Your friendly neighborhood Mickey Mouse has gathered up some stories to read around the campfire this month and we're dropping 'em below. The following threads are yours for the reading and the reviewing. But before we get into it, there's some ground rules:
  1. If you're reviewing a thread, please read the whole thread! There are a lot of reasons for this -- you might get a better idea of the whole arc, someone's writing may grow from start to finish, etc. Just as a basic rule, try to read the whole goshdarn shebang if you're gonna give comments.
  2. Please make sure to keep your comments constructive! This doesn't necessarily always mean positives (though please do give positive notes when you have them!) but just make sure that you aren't giving people notes like "your grammar sucks." What's a place in particular you can give kind advice on? Also -- keep in mind that in this month's case especially, some people did not nominate their own threads, so there's no reason to come in and rip someone apart.
  3. In general, when giving critiques, the most important thing for me to hear from someone is how something makes them feel. If your review is just a paragraph about what emotions the character's journey dredged up in you, that is so helpful to me as a writer. Was it what I intended? How did it differ from what I thought I was doing?
  4. Lastly, just a numbers note: try and make sure your reviews are at least a full paragraph of six to ten sentences (or more!). Ostensibly you're getting a 20 token reward if you do all of the threads, so try and put some thought into your feedback. Book Club, at its core, is about helping us all come together as a community and work together to create a world, improve ourselves, and enjoy others' work. Keep that in mind as you approach it.
That being said, your threads are:

"Dark Archaeology" - written by Arthur Morgan (WC: 14,968)

"Gilly and Pajamas: Fury Road" - written by Gilgamesh & Android XVII (WC: 10,127)

"A Pawn’s First Advance" - written by Roy Mustang (WC: 11,385)

You can review one, two, or all three of these threads, and your Token reward at the end of the month will match accordingly. For this month and this month only, reviewing all three threads will earn you a custom trinket with a budget of 500 coin that you get to create yourself! If you’d like to submit a thread of your own for book club, you may do so in your review post. Submissions must come with the necessary token cost, which you can pay in The Prize Board. If you’d like to submit a thread you weren’t involved in, this is free, but you may only submit one, so pick your faves! Please try and remember for the most part I'm looking for completed threads, so that people can give thoughts on your whole story!

Happy reading!