Space Oddity

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Jul 26, 2018
A lonesome, broken vessel hurtled through the empty chasm of space.

All the airlocks wide open, the ship’s singular passenger crept through the lonesome, derelict halls, struggling against the force of the galaxy. Light from the surrounding planets peeked in as it soared past them.

From the cockpit, the surface of Erde Nona could be seen below. No amount of effort could shift the spaceship’s course as it passed the system’s tamest world, leaving behind all semblances of hospitable civilization and instead flew straight for the more unforgiving climates of Inverxe, or Mesa Roja.

In the end, though, these too would pass.

Days went by and the ship’s lone inhabitant clung on for dear life. The Crossroads began to shift into the rear-view mirror of the craft as spindly digits smashed random buttons.

Was it out of some desire to change course? Or try and bring the ship to a halt?

Whatever the purpose, it only succeeded in turning on the vessel’s FM radio.

I’m waitin’ for my spaceship to come back to me,
It’s coming back for me
I don’t really care if you believe it’s coming back for me, yeah
I been living in a lonesome galaxy
But in my dreams, I see them come ’n rescue me
Look up in the sky and there they’ll be
I bet you'll think of me then…

Stardust and asteroid residue shook the frame of the mostly-abandoned vessel. From the deep recesses of its cavernous hallways, low growls and frantic slurps echoed.

Ahead, the gaseous giant that illuminated the entire Crossroads—the system’s star—burned bright, its shape slowly overtaking the cockpit’s front windows.

Born from a rock, spinning in the ether,” the feminine singer’s voice philosophized to a listener that couldn’t have cared less, “I watch my life backwards and forwards and I feel free. Nothing is real. Love is everything. And I know nothing.

The radio droned on as the spaceship plunged into the fiery gases of the star.
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