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Level 2
Oct 5, 2018
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User name: SpartanB242

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Character Name: Matsu B-242

Character Source: Halo (OC)

Starting Location: Mesa Roja

Physical Tendencies:
Physical Tendencies
Power(P): 15%
Toughness(T): 15%
Quickness(Q): 40%
Skill(S): 30%

Personality Tendencies:
Personality Tendencies
Aggression(A): 20%
Cunning(C): 40%
Diplomacy(D): 10%
Support(S): 30%

Physical Description:

Matsu B-242.png
Without helmet
Height: 7'1
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black Medium length (Wild)
Ethnicity: Asian

Character History:

Spartan-III Matsu B-242
During Beta company selection teams were formed shortly after there first night time jump. Spartan B-242 Matsu Kiyoshi while the initial leader for his tactical thinking and aggressive disposition was demoted to general team member. Those suspected with the potential of being Category Two were formed into teams first; Category Two being a match of personality, physique and intelligence matching those of Spartan-IIs. Tortoise Team was often forced to be kept away from other teams due to aggression for minor slights against their team.

B-242 was the teams general support, psychological crutch and overly aggressive protector. The only male member of Tortoise Team looked after his more agile companions by using his raw strength. Before Augmentation he would often be reprimanded for staging ambushes on rival teams. In the field he kept a cool professional tone and always jolly persona, trying to keep things light despite tactical or numerical disadvantages. While Tortoise team was seen to be stoic even by spartan standards, B-242 made up for his teams lack of displayed personality.

Tortoise Team was split up after the leader of the team B-108 assaulted, hospitalized, and nearly killed a rival team leader in the cafeteria. The splitting and disbandment of the team was seen as a positive, due to the increase of personal scores. B-242 fit well with his team and for the next year, was seen as fully integrated. Secretly B-242 with the help of an Alpha Company Spartan Cadre member (Tulip-A033) collected his team and hatched a plan to bring them back together.

Near the end of the program after augmentation at the aggregate age of 11 Tortoise Team assaulted their own teammates capturing them with stolen restraints. With the help of Cadre member Tulip-A033 they used stolen live ammunition to kidnap the Cadre members incharge of the exercise. After a long negotiation Tortoise Team would be reinstated but removed from the program and flagged for special training.

Tortoise Team was deployed on missions using augmented SPI armor often working behind enemy lines. They were also given a fifth team member in this time Tulip A-033 who fit into the teams dynamic with little difficulty. Spartan B-242 continued to keep the psychological health of his team, especially after learning the results of Pegasi Delta. B-242 was an aggressive soldier who had learned patience in the field. Second in command on the team and incharge of small unit tactics he would wait for the enemy to get lazy before striking in a heavily aggressive fashion.

Despite being deployed against the Insurrection Tortoise Team would be assigned to land on a snow based planet. There mission would to eliminate a local Insurrectionist leader tied to the trafficking of weapons. As Matsu B-242 entered the Long Range Stealth Orbital Insertion Pod he had no clue how wrong his deployment was about to go.


Spartan-III Senses
Sense Rank 1 (100 Essence)
Spartan-III have color sharpness, perfect vision, close to night vision. B242 is a veteran to the war with the insurrectionists as well as the covenant threat.

Spartan-III Physiology
Speed Rank 1 (200 Essence) + Ongoing (100 Essence)
Protection Rank 1 (100 Essence) + Ongoing (100 Essence)
Endurance Rank 5 (500 Essence)
Damage Rank 3 (300 Essence)
Move Object Rank 1 (100 Essence)
Spartan-III Physiology while weaker than their Spartan-II counterparts, still possess incredible physique, with carbide ceramic bones, increased muscle density as well as improved neural pathways.

How much Essence did you spend? 1500

How much Essence do you have left? 0


Level 2
Oct 5, 2018
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Timeline and ages

Spartan III's Selected from orphans often caused by the Covenant-Human war, though occasionally through the insurrectionists bare a much more violent grudge against the Covenant and Insurrectionists than their Spartan II counterparts.

Dec. 27th 2531 - Alpha company training begins
Tulip A-033 age 5 orphan selected. Considered “Cat 2” (Category 2) during selection

Nov. 2536 - Operation Prometheus kills all 300 spartans
Alpha Company sent on Operation Prometheus, Tulip A-033 acts as a coordinator witnesses the death of all 300 spartans of Alpha Company. Tulip A-033 still not received Augmentations, delayed by Lt. Ambrose

2537 - Selection for beta company begins
Tulip A-033 Received Augmentations, selected for head hunter training

2538 - Tulip A-033 Removed from Head Hunter program not seen fit for teammates,
Tulip A-033 Failed out of head hunters training, put back into standard rotation. Reassigned to Lt. Ambrose. Her first mission make contact and get candidates for Beta Company. On that roster are all the members of Tortoise Team

2539 - Beta Company training begins
Tulip A-033 is 13 by the start of training has received Augmentations
Matsu B-242 is 9 by the start of training
Rei B-108 is 8 by the start of training
Blake B-163 is 8 by the start of training
Wolf B-418 is 7 by the start of training
Tortoise Team is put into effect, Tulip A-033 is the cadre member selected to oversee the teams growth. She monitors 4 other teams alongside them. She grows unnaturally attached to Tortoise Team and any efforts to remove her from oversight are halted.

19th September 2540 - Matsu Removed from SL position
Rei Receives injury in field training in a wide flanking maneuver, SL (Squad Leader) Matsu B-242 ambushes cadre members at the outer gates of the facility. Tulip A-033 assists in this maneuver by going to their aid after the initial attack on the base. Lt. Ambrose investigates matters and finds it best for Tulip A-033 to be sent into the field for low-risk assignments due to her attachment to Tortoise team. Rei promoted to SL, Matsu is demoted the team is removed from field training until Rei recovers.

2nd Oct. 2540
Tulip A-033 Sent off on an assassination mission to a nearby sector.

1st Dec. 2540 - Tulip recalled from the field
Rei B-108 Assaults another Beta Company SL (He insulted Matsu B-242 due to his attachment to Tulip A-033) in the program hospitalizing him after a fight, the team is split apart. Tulip A-033 Recalled at request by Lt. Ambrose to monitor the effects of separation on Tortoise Team.

Jan. 2541 - Category 2 results back from analysis.
Lt. Ambrose considers keeping Tortoise team in the program as a whole after discovering both Blake and Wolf do not meet the criteria to be “Cat 2s.” Tulip fearing what happened to Alpha Company is going to happen to Beta company she starts administering stolen growth hormones in secret to tortoise team hurrying up the process stunting Wolfs potential.

Oct. 2541
Tortoise Team nearing puberty reported by Tulip A-033 with Wolf having early onset signs, augmentation is put into place. Some of the first to receive Augmentation due to early onset of puberty.
Tulip age: 15
Matsu Age: 11
Rei Age: 11
Blake Age: 11
Wolf Age : 10

4th February 2542
Tortoise Team is removed from the program after the kidnapping of Cadre members and a fellow team. Tortoise Team is moved off of the training facility on the Planet Onyx by the request of Lt. Ambrose. Official reasoning was due to in-suitability after there outburst. Lt. Ambrose discusses with Matsu his and Reis potential versus the rest of their team and the ultimate fate of Beta Company if they are to remain. Matsu and Rei agree to take Tortoise Team off of Onyx and put into the field.

5th February 2542
Tulip A-033 Assigned permanently to Tortoise Team.

Sometime between 2542-2545
Tortoise team participates in Operation Cartwell. Matsu and Rei co-lead the team, occasionally working with teams from Alpha Company (such as Noble Team). Tortoise Team introduced to the UNSC Passion of Water a recommissioned experimental Paris-class heavy frigate under ONI control. Participates in a number of missions and campaigns, mastering SPI armor and becoming highly requested by ONI personal.

3 July 2545 - Operation Torpedo
298 Beta Company Spartans killed during Operation Torpedo. Official word 300 Spartans killed at Pegasi Delta but accomplished their mission. Some footage was leaked to other members of Beta Company. Tortoise Team acquires both Footage of Operation Prometheus and Operation Torpedo, horrified at what happened to their old friends.

4 Aug. 2545 - Yellow Team
Yellow Team assigned to UNSC Passion of Water, Tortoise Team for the first time since Operation Cartwell meets fellow Beta Company Spartans, previously assuming all of Beta Company was dead. Tortoise Team now unsure if they should trust ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence). Yellow team Consists of 2 Spartan 2’s and 4 Beta Company Spartans.

Participated in multiple operations and missions during this time.

2547 - Battle of Skopje
UNSC Passion of Water sent to acquire Information from the headquarters of Skopje. Tortoise team sent in secret via pelican drop. Undetected they acquired multiple corporate executives as well as technology. Encountered light resistance, refused to assist local ODST in combat before returning to the UNSC Passion of Water.

Jan. 2548
Tortoise Team is selected to test out experimental SPI Mark 2 armor to test in the field against Insurrection.

1st April - 30th June 2548 - Operation: Pirate King
Tortoise Team and Yellow Team sent on Operation: Pirate King, while UNSC Passion of Water Refits at Planet Reach. Kig Yar pirates have taken over near a settlement assumed to comprise completely of Insurrectionists. Kig Yar Pirates wiped out on 3rd April 2548. 4th of April 2548 UNSC/ONI Teams cleaned from planet by Tortoise and Yellow Team. 5th of April onwards observation of settlement until retrieval.

Tortoise Team is sent to track down theft of multiple Exoskeletons Mark 1, 2 and 3, suspect that the insurrection is trying to build their own super soldiers. Completes multiple campaigns and battles in this time.

January 4th 2551
Matsu B-242 age: 21 - MIA
Rei B-108 age: 20 - MIA
Tulip A-033: 25 - MIA
Blake B-163 age: 20 - MIA
Wolf B-418 age: 19 - MIA

Tortoise Team is about to be sent a remote outpost behind covenant lines believed to be a hub for unrecovered trafficked Mark IV Mjolnir armor. Tortoise team All declared MIA.

Part One - Prologue

January 4th 2551
2351 Onboard an experimental Paris-Class Heavy Frigate UNSC Passion of Water

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* As the alarm clock blared I felt a hand reach over me and click the button. “Time to wake up” Okie (also known as Wolf B-418) stated as she sat up grabbing her tablet. She stepped over me and stepped into her pants pulling them up covering her plain skivvies. As I looked down and grabbed my own set of pants pulling them up I noticed, Rei, Tulip and Blakes pairs were all missing. I was the last awake from our previous 52 hour day tracking shipments.

As I followed Okie out of the room I grabbed my tablet and pistol pocketing it. As my tablet slid into my hands, I started to hear more than the buzzing of the reactor. The ship was active with people, which only meant one thing. The mission we requested in December was finally approved by Captain Bramwell. As I walked down the hallway I checked my messages seeing the approval as well as more research done by Blake and Tulip.

Okie entered into the cafeteria with a familiar sliding sound as the burst of commotion exploded around me. Sergeant Harris was discussing his odd dreams in cryo sleep about a bridge officer. His comrades laughed and gave standard grunt responses. I listened into the conversations only to find more talk of family, love, sex and the occasional violence. Each step I listened in for the familiar voice of Rei, Blake, Okie or Tulip but they were silent.

I passed by the doors Okie had been through five seconds sooner and looked up to see the hell jumpers keeping a wide birthe from me. Okie was lucky standing only at six one she fit in with the orbital drop troopers, often mistaken as one. She had the attitude of someone who wasn’t a state sanctioned assassin, which helped us immensely. Her main speciality on the team was close combat her vicious combat style often gave us the upper hand. We suspect it was the relentless bullying that kept her embarrassed, made her seem relatively normal. I myself stood at seven one easily stood out in a crowd and found it hard getting along with the non-augmented.

“Already got your plate Sleepyhead.” I heard the sultry tone of Tulip from the starboard booth. The booth had a nice window seat, showing the beauty of the stars. As I walked the few steps required I heard the troops talk of a possible mission, which meant things were worse than I had thought. Over the past 3 years, in between fighting the alien scum who killed all I previously cared about and evacuating key personal, we had been tracking shipping manifests. These manifests contained ill gotten goods from glassed planets, gear for successful raids, gear from unsuccessful raids. But most importantly the bodies and armor of Sheila-065 and Daisy-023. Both Spartan 2s with experimental armor, while Daisy’s body was only out of the hands of the UNSC for a small time, she was easy to recover. Sheila’s body was also easy to recover and identify, but her armor was a bit of a mystery.

We have been tracking it from Miridem, where it was originally assumed it was destroyed, that wasn’t the case. In 2548 we got a blip during a raid that possible insurrectionists were looking to buy spartan armor. The place they messed up was a seller actually existed. Over the last 52 hours we were putting the final pieces of the puzzle together we started all those years ago. As I sat down Tulip raised her hand and fixed my hair as I looked across the table to the other members of the team. “Didn’t think you would sleep this late” She stated beckoning at the food. Tulip was six ten making her the second tallest member of the team, with me being the tallest. To us she was soft, kind, and gentle. To everyone else she was as close to a demon as you could make her, especially when it came to the kind of missions we were put on. Tulip was our main technician, as well as our medic incase anything went bad.

I gave a small laugh “I didn’t think I would sleep this late, but I needed those 4 hours.”

“Next time take naps when I say to take naps” Rei looked up from her morning tea. She was six six with a cold demeanor that made our drill sergeants question their effectiveness. Besides being my assistant Team Leader, she was our main ranged fighter.

“Yes, mom” I replied as I took a rebellious bite from my apple.

Rei stared at me for a few moments and then cracked a smile “Finally getting the role I always wanted out of you, now maybe you will actually listen to me when I tell you to rest or eat.”

Blake giggled. She also six six with black wavy hair and was the closest thing to a demolitions expert and intelligence analysis we had. She was quiet and bitter about the world, but with us she was the first person to remind us of our humanity and to do the right thing. “You know she's right, she is the closest thing you have to a mom.”

I grew blush and looked away from the table only to see some ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) having a laugh for never seeing a Spartan such as myself blush. After Tulip joined the team, it was made clear we always had bad blood with the ODST. Sometimes I wondered if they even considered us human. Before I could turn back I felt a finger go into my cheek, then a second one. “Eat” Okie and Rei said in unison as I started to focus on my tray.

“You know you slept in too” Tulip said to Okie who was sitting next to rei.

“Only following orders” Okie said with a smile.

“Oh really” Tulip said with a raised eyebrow towards Rei.

“Yes really.” Rei responded, Tulip stared at her through her silence until Rei gave up “Blake and I needed to finish the last bits of research before the mission. What about you Tulip, you were out of bed before all of us”

“I was also in bed before all of you. I was finishing up the touch ups on our armor since our last scrap. Matsu’s power reactor was acting up so I had to do an emergency repair“ Tulip ate delicately from her plate as she went into jargon none of us understood.

“Will it still work?” Rei asked cutting through her main point.

“As long as it doesn’t take a hard hit, which it shouldn't” Tulip started and then her face came up with a startled look “Oh right, you ordered her to stay in bed? Isn’t that some sort of violation”

Blake laughed again as Rei kept her serious tone “If we had to follow proper protocol and regulation, yes. But Matsu won’t sleep or eat without supervision, plus if someone isn’t still in bed, he wakes up.”

“He is such a child sometimes still, even after all these years.” Tulip teased “I think I spoiled you when you first came in, helping you get to sleep.”

“I’m right here” I replied looking at them, before I could continue I got cut off.

“Eat” Rei and Okie said in unison.

“If you start talking you won’t eat anything for the rest of the day” Okie cut even deeper, she wasn’t wrong. I did make it a habit to run on the bare minimums unless told otherwise and before a long mission, that never went well.

As they discussed my habits and their habits, I took this opportunity to follow orders. I flipped through my tablet familiarizing myself with the mission before the briefing. We were headed to a small satellite base near Talitsa against the United Rebel Front. We were to capture Governor Jacob Jiles, the current leader of the insurrectionists. He had evaded forces so far, but we were certain he was the seller, possibly trying to raise capital for more troops or a ship. If capture was not available, we were to eliminate all personal and secure the armor. Either way once we were done Governor Jiles would no longer be a concern to the UNSC while we could focus on more pressing matters, like the covenant.

After we got done eating, we suited up in our SPI (Semi-Powered Infiltration) mark 2 armor. Tulips upgrades had done the trick and I was able to turn on my various systems without power fluctuations. The briefing didn’t add anything more complicated, except that our infiltration would be via experimental drop pods while still in slip space. We weren’t happy about it, that was how beta company inserted before they were left to die on Pegasi Delta.

Before entering the pods with our gear all set snug inside the pod itself Rei spoke up “On me” We all looked and came up to her. As we did we all put our helmets together, while we couldn’t see each other eyes it was clear, that's where we were looking. “I love you all, lets come back as a family like always” Rei said soft spoken.

“Love you too mom” I replied which garnered a laugh out of all of them. “Seriously though, let’s not let this be the last one”

“I love you all too” Tulip said with a swooning tone that was slightly sarcastic, despite us knowing her true intentions.

“I think my pod is too big” Okie spoke up as she had turned around and was looking at it. We all stared at her before she looked at all of us and then jumped. “I mean I love you girls too, and matsu, but i'm pretty sure my pod is too big.”

That gave us all a laugh as we started to climb in. “Guess I’m last, I love you all too” Blake said over our radios, loud enough for the captain could hear. “Also your pod is perfect, the extra room is needed to contain your viciousness.” Blake got to have the last laugh as the doors sealed around us ready to launch us to our new mission.
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