V M Spiral of Decay


Level 1
Oct 7, 2018
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Father…Why have you forsaken me, Father?

The flames of the battlefield surrounded us, engulfing what remained of your once majestic realm. They burned beautifully, using what our great deeds and noble sacrifices had managed to build as fuel. But as intense and blistering as the heat attempting to consume us was, it could not match the fire that was burning within my soul. Even as I laid impaled, my life rapidly ebbing away and drenching the barren soil underneath with blood, the calamity that raged in my heart would not let me enter my uneasy and eternal rest.

With what little strength I was still able to muster, I raised my head one final time. Within my stinging and unfocused gaze, I beheld your gallant frame. You stood there, your back unwaveringly turned towards me, your ears deaf to my curses and pleas. Without realising it, I had raised my stained gauntlet, my bloodied hand wanting to touch you. To hurt you. To turn you around and see the beautiful visage that I so adored and despised. You were so close — yet as my fingertips brushed against nothing but air, you may as well have stood at the very edge of the world.

Is this what you wanted, Father? Your perfect kingdom, matching the heavens themselves, reduced to mere ash and cinder? Your valiant knights, their armour shining more brightly than the sun itself, fallen or scattered to the winds? Your faithful subjects, ever in awe of your godlike image, hiding in fear of what tomorrow may bring?

They called me treacherous — but it was I who had been a victim of treachery! Did I not possess your likeness, one that I had to keep concealed from the rest of the world? Was it not your blood, the blood of dragons, that ran through my veins as well? Had I not spent every waking moment of my existence serving you, upholding your ideals?

And yet, even after rallying the people against you in your absence, even after fighting you until everything we fought for was brought to ruin and rendered meaningless, even as I drew my last breath, you still denied the natural order of things. You denied me my rightful place in the world! You took everything from me!

Tell me, Father! Why would you not give me the crown? Why would you not acknowledge me?! Why would you not even turn to look at me?! Why would you not hold me?!

Father…Why did you forsake me, Father?