The Beyond

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Level 1
Jul 26, 2018
Overview/Notable Features – The Beyond is simply ‘space’. It’s a vast expanse of vacuum that fills the physical space of the Crossroads. Feel free to leave the World you are on and venture into its local space or take your vessel deeper into the unknown.

Terrain/Climate – It’s outer space so use your imagination. The ‘local space’ around each planet may vary so take that into consideration. Space around Cevanti will be different than space around Opealon. In terms of climate, you should keep an eye out for the occasional solar flare or ion storms that crop up from time to time.

Wildlife – In the Crossroads, the Beyond can contain a variety of life. Some of these are space travelers or even small-scale nomadic societies. That doesn’t mean there aren’t interstellar monsters who lurk in the darkness. Sentient comet? Maybe. Stay on your toes.

Writing in the Beyond (Important): You may explore around planets and in ‘deep space’ as you so desire. As per the Introduction, there is an outer limit to the Beyond that you cannot traverse (ie – you can’t ‘exit’ the Crossroads). You are free to create your own reason, whether that’s physical duress, fuel, wormholes, or whatever nonsense you desire. Do not just write discovering a new World out there in the Beyond. They are out there, but the challenges to find them are great…

Travel in the Beyond – Travel in the Beyond requires a properly outfitted mobile Base or the proper Effects to survive and move in a vacuum. Remember that Travel to another World requires you to pay a 100 Coin Transportation Fee. So if you leave a World, write in the Beyond, and then want to land on another World, make sure you pay the Transportation Fee. As in the Rules, the fee can be whatever you want it to be (fuel, stardust, whatever).
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