The Leshen


Money time
Level 1
Oct 6, 2018
Erde Nona
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Character Name: The Leshen

Character Source: Native OC

Starting Location: Kraw

Spent essence: 1475

Base fund: 1000

Physical Tendencies:
P: 40%
T: 40%
Q: 0%
S: 20%

Personality Tendencies:
A: 70%
C: 10%
D: 20%
S: 0%

Physical Description:

Character History:

The Leshen was born deep in the forests of Kraw, a strange fusion of animal, plant and spirit. From the first moment of its existence, the Leshen has had an innate hatred of those who fought against Kraw’s hunger. Young and weak, the Leshen was content to simply hibernate and gather strength for its eventual rampage, but this plan was abandoned when the Leshen discovered the Spriggans, a race of masked forest fae. Bonded by their mutual hatred of those who would defy the natural order, the Leshen and its (mostly weak) Spriggan allies lie in the heart of Kraw, waiting until they are strong enough to return the planet to utter primeval chaos.

Items: N/A


Leshen body
Adaptation - Rank 1 (300)
Non-biological anatomy
Modifiers: Weakness (-25; silver vulnerability)
Endurance - Rank 5 (500)
Modifiers: Weakness (-125; blocked by silver), Limited (-250; forest only.)
Total cost: 575
The Leshen’s body is equal parts plant, animal and spirit, providing extreme resilience. It's tie to Kraw also grants to a great capacity for consumption. However, silver severs the connection between spirit and body, causing extreme damage and weakness when used against the Leshen. The Leshen also loses its endurance while outside of the forest.

Root claws
Damage - Rank 3
Modifiers: Limited (-150; only on soil)
Total cost: 150
The Leshen’s fingers extend into foot long claws, which tear into flesh with ease. However, these can only sustain their sharpness while the Leshen is physically touching the soil of Kraw, otherwise they are simply reduced to long fingers.

Summon - 300
Modifiers: Chaotic (-50)
Total cost: 250
The most battle hardened of the Spriggans, Naga appears as a short woman with green-tinged blonde hair and skin. Her face is sharp featured with yellow, reptilian eyes, a mouth full of vicious teeth and pointed ears, but is permanently obscured beneath her rathian skull mask. Naga is tall for her race at five feet, has a pair of draconic wings sprouting from her back and wears a forest green tunic. Like many of her kind, Naga is temperamental and often does what she wants rather than what the Leshen tells her.

Spriggan body (For Naga)
Flight - Rank 1 (200)
Modifiers: Ongoing (100), Limited (-50; Only works while in the forest)
Endurance - Rank 2 (200)
Modifiers: Weakness (-50; silver vulnerability)
Total cost: 400
Spriggans, while more physical than spirit compared to the Leshen, are still innately magical creatures. Each one has a pair of wings, high stamina and a quick metabolism. However, much like the Leshen, Spriggans are very vulnerable to silver in all its forms and rely on the forest for their powers.

Rath blade (For Naga)
Damage - Rank 2 (200)
Modifiers: Removable (-100)
Total cost: 100
A shortsword created from the remains of a rathian, and Naga’s preferred weapon

Base: The Leshen's grove:

A clearing in the heart of Kraw, the grove provides the Leshen and its Spriggan companions a place to rest. At the centre of the grove is a large tree that is worshipped by the residents as a minor nature deity.

Size 3
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